How To Replace Damaged Vinyl Plank From The Existing Floor

Watch the video and find out how easy replace damaged plank from floating plank floor.
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Won’t the replaced panel stick up if you take out of the glue strip?
Jeannie 52
We just had an Allure laminate floating floor installed in our kitchen with baseboards and quarter round baseboards installed over the flooring.  The person who installed the flooring messed up when he replaced two of the planks that are under the baseboards.  We understand what your video is demonstrating however, could you explain how we can replace planks that have ends under the baseboards?  We took out the quarter round very carefully but the ends of the floor planks are under the main baseboard and we don't want to mess up the baseboards or anymore floor planks.  We're very worried about making more problems for ourselves.  The person who installed the floor will not be returning so we would appreciate your input.  Thank you.