A-Pak Paving Resurfaces Our Asphalt Driveway

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I recently watched you're video about the installation and sealcoating of you're asphalt driveway. Just thought I'd reach out to you with some friendly input. I've been in the asphalt pavement business for over 10 years so I've got a bit of knowledge. Firstly the reason the asphalt is so coarse is because it appears to be a material referred to as 3TS. A lot of contractors will use this mix because it saves them money. Normally for a new driveway installation or a dig out and repave you would start with a compacted and finely graded stone base and then you would use an asphalt binder for the initial base on top of the stone. The binder is an asphalt comprised of larger stones and ends up being extremely coarse, this layer should be applied at a minimum of 2". After the binder is laid and compacted with a roller then the final layer of extremely fine asphalt should be applied on top of it at 1 1/2 to 2" and then rolled again. Instead of doing this a lot of contractors opt to install 3TS asphalt which is a mix of large and small stone which they do for 2 reasons. First instead of having to do 2 steps they can do one step using the same material for the whole job and second because instead of giving you a 4" driveway they can normally cheat the homeowner and lay down 2-3" of blacktop and line their pockets. As for the sealcoating of the driveway the best tip I can give you is to squeegee the sealcoat on in a giant U shape to ensure even coverage and to make sure you let sealer flow over the sides of the driveway because the first spots to usually give out are the unsealed edges. Hope this helps!

- Kevin Lombardo


A-Pak Paving, based out of Haymarket, VA resurfaced the asphalt driveway of our home located in Sterling, VA on April 18, 2015. The crew seemed well organized, the equipment in good condition and the work was performed fairly quickly and efficiently. I was especially impressed by the crew's attention to detail, their machinery operating skills and their manual labor strength and endurance on this hot and humid day. They were also careful not to damage our siding and the plantings along our driveway. We are very pleased with the results! That said, this being our first experience with asphalt paving, what do you think of the job done by A-Pak Paving?
Asphalt driveway repairs
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Northern Aviation
I'm not sure what my life has become to be watching this
Alexander Hammond
this was so satisfying😂
68Camaro RS/SS
I hope you didn’t pay top dollar for this hack of a driveway
LJT Gaming
why is this in my recommended lol
They need to learn to lift with their legs not their back. Train-of-thought...
for a moment i thought that guy was going to compact the whole thing with those boot things lol
MakingAmerica GreatAgain
That drive was fine beforehand
Richard Coles
how'd you like your assfelt (sorry I couldn't resist) 😀
Bad how many inches, should be 3 Min...No tampered tar edge just bashed crumble...
Marc Phelan
And spray it every evening at this time 😂😂 it might grow
Zoltar zoltar
let me guess, these guys came knocking on your door
John Lovell
Damn. Everything they just did was the hard way. How about a wacker? Instead of tamp shoes. An how about using the skid steer for the work instead of pick axes
this video is a joke ?!
Worker's security : 0 !!!
Technic : 0
hiro abu
I've been a heavy equipment operator for 22 years and worked in asphalt for the last 7 of them. Kevin in the description is mostly on target. They did pretty nice job. It is nice to have 2 layers if you can, but you can get away with one in a small private driveway like yours. It is not going to see a lot of truck traffic, you aren't going to park a tank on it. It is fine. You can't tell how long they waited between the 2 layers at the end. If it wasn't at least a few hours, you really didn't get 2 layers. It's going to cool together as one layer which is not what you want but it's fine for a private driveway. I would have liked to see them put some tack down on the part they didn't tare out so the new stuff sticks to it a little better. The size of the roller was fine for the job, I would have like to have heard his vibrators coming on for at least one pass all the way across for better compaction.
They have a bobcat and pull it up by hand
Love the moon walker - still, GOOD JOB Men
Very low quality...poor compaction..a ripoff job..
Woof Dog
Hey  Randall  you fly Ace's High ? CJ's ?
Ty Beers
If andrew camarata did this he'd use a chainsaw 😂
I like how they have the skinniest dude on the crew doing the flat shoe tamp down part...
Sam G
The description: your*
Gabriel Ruvalcaba
Cold mix?
If so .poor job
Non licensed contractor owned company..
Ben Trainer
why was this in my recommended why am i watching a driveway getting paved
Noah Hedrick
Talk about satisfying 😂😂
Der B.
At first I thought that cannot be good, but it ends in perfection 😎👍
SsrHallOfFame |SYNERGY|
Why am I watching this idk
Good job guys,come to Boston with that machine big dough
Rob Baez
So how does this form together, is it just all the pebbles compressed together?
Great job. Yet, I am surprised there isn't a better way to pat down asphalt than having a skinny guy with big shoes jump around on it.
jake stremmel
no tack or did i miss that part
im trying to figure out what message is youtube sending me could it be my future?
d b
why didn't they put tack down. ?? that asphalt will come up on its own. AND I LOVE ALL THE PPE THEY GOT ON.
Waste of equipment I guess you must be rich
yo daddy
No tac? Unprofessional
Ready for some new cracks in the surface, the underlayer is not stable
Thầy Hoà Giải Bùa Ngải
chua du trinh do lam dau may chu
lam day nen bi trot ra hoai
The Prophecy Cat
Gday, genuine question here from Australia... Why do you asphalt your driveways in America?

We usually have cement and or paving only.
Somewhere out there there's a dad admiring his new driveway on a Sunday in a pair of sketchers.
Haven't seen footwork like that since Michael Jackson !!! 5:18
Lord do i not miss this work.... and thank god we used as many machines as possible to save our backs lol...

And Kevin Lombardo is right - they skipped several steps.
Good job,greetings from Poland
High Light
I bet that right edge has crumbled by now.
adam ixa
i need to reevaluate my life decision
Hunter Covington
How’s that driveway holding up? lol
Don Riedel
I wasn't there, but it looks like cold mix.
Always use tack!
Way too much coarse aggregate in that mix.
Im only 21 but i was laughing when i seen them removing it by hand when they have a bobcat lmao
gasdorfic muncher
rip off ...the driveway and customer
loldeg99 omgf
5:08 Some have had some fun at work..
"Her names Bessy"
ericb studios
Somebody give that one guy a sandwich!
Mojave Red
No tack coat and cold mix? Turn the vibe on the roller also.
Levi Armstrong
My head hurts from watching the lack of efficiency
Is it normal to have asphalt driveways in the US?

Here they are normally concrete.
Daan Demeyer
Let's work in construction wearing puma's make a video and put it online.
Christopher Smith
Mist it once a day? Lol no tack? Lol

Let me guess... it was left over from another job lol
Why does it look like they all from prison!?
Jai Deacon
Great lifting technique 👌🏽
Ron McCaffrey
the machine could have lifted all the old mix
there some band of cowboys, ripped off, it will ravel in 6 months,
That seems like money well wasted for that house size and type the drive way was fine
RIP to their backs.
They don't use their legs when lifting.
Nikes on a construction site!? 🤔
Kasia Filc
this parking only looks good but quality is zero.I think they put 1 inch asphalt
Mike Croaro
Why didn't they peel the entire top layer of ashphalt off (i.e. 1:25) ? It seemed to come up easily.
man's went full Minecraft pick axe mode
Thor The Northern
You are building the first step of a highway....! Will there be a pedestrian crossing? The lighting.. is that paid by you or the council?
Will the red stop light shine into tour bedroom?
One way to get excellent work: film the crew! Well done and a great idea!
Northern farmer
Wow is all i can say... poor job!
One way to get excellent work: film the crew! Well done and a great idea!
One way to get excellent work: film the crew! Well done and a great idea!
they didn't skimp on man power or machinery, that is for sure.
whats my name?
Satisfaction to watch, hell in real life. I worked with driveways by us with Billy.
Mysterious Squirrel
What a bunch of cowboys. No edging retainers. No bonding to substrate. Flip flops... You should be able to drive a car onto tarmac after just a few hours, not five days but I guess, this was to give the cheque enough time to clear. I'll give this a year at best.
road 82
luiz philipe amorim de azevedo
Uau!!! Que trabalho perfeito! Aqui no nosso país nem o governo faria melhor! Parabéns!
Amir Smart
Ten times to you this
Beenso Gurenso
3/10... lol not good :)

Our driveway was paved on March 2017
soulless one
that asphalt looks like crap
Marc Phelan
And don't drive on it for 5 days :))
Cyber MacGyver
That's the most relaxed crew I've ever seen
...and i watch a lot of random vids on ytube 👀
Brian Walter
Seems like a well oiled team. very professional. A pleasure to see that much dedication at work.
Pavel Král Kafeman
What is the task of the skinny man at 5:10?
New Zealand Earthmover
pretty coarse material, we only lay 25-30mm of asphalt for a residential driveway
Anderson & Son's Asphalt
Really enjoyed watching this video. Well done
Jon MacArthur
I should really be studying.
JayJay Jellybean
And that folks is how you don't do asphalt.
julian de la o
It takes a lot of baby steps to become a master at laying asphalt
Anthony Alexander
wow Amazing Video was such pleasure watching. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. cheers
jack of all trades
Tamping down the hand work by the garage with his feet...he weighed what a wopping buck 25. A plate tamper would of packed it better and won't crumble but hey that's just me
This kills me to watch.

I work in highway maintenance on a main trunk road through Scotland doing all types of roadworks and especially resurfacing.. can't believe how bad they did this.
jorge flores
good job guys real men work keeps u young
Isnt there usually a 400lb guy on the heavy roller for added compaction
tiyang Jogja
Why not paving consentrat sement? Low budget and eassy repair..
The skinniest guy wears the compaction boots lol
Hi Honey
Very cool, and thanks for the info on the description.
The Gold Sniping
If these workers were hispanics its would have been done half the time
Smug Smugly
More schools should get their students involved in projects like this.
chuluunagombo uranbadrakh
who else came from lagvning av asfalt