Cleaning your Water Softener Part 1

How to clean the nozzle and venturi on a water softener. Subscribe:
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don't use vaseline. It will eat your "O" rings.
Les Kern
Thanks for this SO MUCH. I had done it once before but forgot where to start. You saved me a service call.
Jeffrey Byboth
This helped a ton.  I took it apart and had to watch the video again to remember how to put it back together.  Thanks so much for putting this together
You're the man, Lonnie!!! Thanks!
Randy Grabowski
WOW! Nice job on creating this video, very helpful! What other household maintenance videos do you have? I like your style...
Thank you, this was VERY helpful! I was about to call a plumber now I see I can do it my self.
thank you, this helped me a lot!
Scott Gartner
Extremely well explained, thank you.
Thanks, this was really helpful. I have a whirlpool and they are very similar and I couldn't find any instructions on how to do this on that brand. You saved the day!
gary emes
have not touched the softener since install 14 years ago. noticed not effective. this is a great place to start
Thanks for sharing! Getting a new full unit doesn't make sense, so, fix-it videos like these are great. I watched all three. :-)
Thank you so much for sharing this information. The whole machine is cleaned out and it REALLY needed it! Now if we could just figure out the "error 1" message...... :-(
Great video, thanks for posting. (the only thing I would skip is the vaseline on the o-ring). Nice job.
Excellent video. Great job drawing attention to the incredibly small screens and flow plugs, and the sequence of assembly. Thank you.
Sylvain V
Thank you so much for this video. Very helpful.
Scott Lee
Thanks for the video! Very helpful!
Thank you!
Steve Burford
Really good job on the vid!  You explained just what you needed to without a lot of other comments.  Great job!!  Got right to the point and told me exactly what I needed to know.....THANKS!!
Thanks for the help!!
Joe W
Thanks for taking the time to put together this video tutorial. You made an easy job even easier. Well done!
Chris Rivers
Very helpful! Thanks!!
Thanks for the awesome video. It helped a lot!
mark roge
Thanks for the vid, learned a lot
David Waterston
This is great! Very helpful
Mel S
Lonnie, thank you for your two part videos. This saved me from buying a new unit. I followed the instructions in both of your videos. I cleaned everything and when I was done, my softener was working again. It only took me about an hour to do the cleaning. Thank you so much!
nancy jarvis
Your Video was very helpful you explained it so clearly ,thanks thank you !! Nancy
Mary Lee
Thank you for the clarity of this video, it is very helpful
James Nordseth
I always jam some rags around that venturi mechanism, never fails I'll drop something in the tank!
C Dubya
Thank you for this. I've never even considered cleaning my softener and after watching this, I repeated your step in 5 minutes. Fantastic!!
Val Robinson
I have lost the very last screen. Will it cause problems to do without i . Your video was very helpful
REALLY helpful my manual has too small of print. Thanks!
Jonn n
very helpful. Thank you
LOL “ I’ll probably call it a ventura”
Nancy Chugon
John L
Great video.. Thank you.. Almost went out and got a new system tonight..
Cori Corgi
Thanks for the time you took to make this video. I do have a question though. I have a similar model Ultrasoft 420, but I notice that the manual says that the lower flow plug is p/n 1148801 and is 0.3 gpm where the upper flow plug that goes into the disk is p/n 7084601 is 0.15 gpm. That would seem to indicate that the flow plug that goes in first has the larger hole and the one in the disk is the smaller which is contrary to what is says in the video.

I also have a GE model GXSF39E which looks almost identical to the Kenmore. It has the lower flow plug at 0.3 gpm and the upper in the disk at only 0.10 gpm.
Janice Johnson
Awesome video! Thank you so very much!
I think I can do this....thanx
Chris Schlachter
Great, easy to follow video! I followed this video and part 2 to fix my flooded tank (I did part 2 first since it was the easiest looking, but to no avail. However, removal of the float revealed a large accumulation of mushy salt sitting atop the foam). Cleaning the Venturi and the surrounding parts prevented the water from remaining in the tank after the recharge. I had recharged 3 previous times after trying different fixes and each time it left the water remaining at about level 4. This video did the trick. I also shopvac'd the remaining water out as well as the cheaper salt that I had purchased, just to be safe. Refilled with the Morton System Saver 2 that I had used for years prior to switching about a month ago. One successful recharge down, keeping fingers crossed that everything continues to perform as it should. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
Mike Iwinski
Fantastic video. Thanks so much for doing this. I have a whirlpool but it's an identical design. Your attention to detail made the process much easier. I just have to figure out how to clean the resin tank...
Good video. I just cleaned mine for the 2nd time in 15 years and I suppose should clean it more often. Wanted to check for videos to make sure I'm doing it right
Tell tale sign for me is the brine starts overflowing and I get excess water out of the overflow drain.
This has been an excellent softener for our needs over the years
Great resource, slow enough to understand, meticulous detail, much appreciated. 
Annie Slagboom
Sally Bailey
How do I adjust the flow rate I can seem to get it to adjust?
Xiaohong Huang
My Kenmore UltraSoft 400 is not softening , do I need to clean the nozzle and venturi?
Ed Menendez
Thank you for your demonstration
Excellent video and explanation. Hopefully this will resolve my water softener problem after I perform the cleaning procedure you laid out here.

Thank you very much.
How often do you recommend doing this?
Cyan Romber
you sir, are a god
Lorraine Urquhart
Thank you very much for your video it is a great help Paul
Briana Gray
Awesome video....step by it done! Thank you
Thank you for the video it was very helpful. I think that there may be an error in it. I have a Whirlpool WHES44 softener that has the identical valve. When you replaced the flow plugs you said that the one with the larger hole should be placed in the blue plastic ring, and the flow plug with the smaller hole should be placed in the lower housing. The correct way to reinstall these is the opposite. The flow plug with the smaller diameter hole (flow rate 0.15 gpm) should be place in the blue ring. The flow plug with the larger hole (0.3 gpm, marked HVDC on the flow plug) should go in the lower housing. I confirmed this with the itemized Valve Part List, and also by calling the service reps at Whirlpool. I realize your softener is not a Whirlpool, but the complete valve and the maintenance procedure is identical.

I had followed your instructions and my softener was not softening the water. Once again, thank you for your video. You might want to check this info and then update that little piece if you agree.
John Batton
I recently changed the resin in my kenmore 400 water softener and when it charged overnight, I found my water softner salt tank completely overflowing. I believe I correctly cleaned the venturi and float assembly, but this was the first time I did this, I was careful about each step but could have missed a minor detail. The venturi hose gasket may have been slightly crooked when I tightened the hose, but the hose seemed snug and I thought I had the gasket seated as best as I could. When I disassembled the unit, the brine tank was full of water, there also was a lot of crusted salt in the bottom of the salt tank.

I've looked through the owners manual and it did not give me a clear understanding of the issue.

I will check the venturi again, and the float assembly again, but other than that, I think the motor and timer are working, I also do not appear to have a bad switch as the motor is not continuously on.

Any advice here is most appreciated!
Prashant Shah
It is good video and help me how to clean.
bobby hall
How come your camera sounds like the alien in Predator. Lol!
Shane Bissell
Great video - thanks.  I have an Ultrasoft 150, looks mechanically all the same except for the electronics.  My brine tank is not draining.  I have cleaned the nozzle/venture and the brine valve.  Checked the drain line and all clear.  If I pull the brine valve out and start a regen, I can observe water coming out of brine valve.  I progress to step two to start a drain cycle and I can observe water getting 'sucked' or vacuumed down into the top of the brine valve (I am holding the rubber stopper seal up so it doesn't seal against the valve) but it seems really really slow, although I am not familiar with how fast the vacuum flow normally is.  I have not yet disassembled the rotor/valve yet to inspect.  Can this also be a root cause of pulling vacuum to drain the brine tank?  Thanks! 
Bob Sblendorio
Nice job!!
Great video buddy
Great vid Lonnie. Hey, maybe you can help me with a problem. I have the 370 and get an error message 1. The board just displays over and over serv and recharge. Makes no noise or attempts to do anything. I'm thinking a motor but not sure. Any ideas?
Teeguzi TT
Great help, thanks.
Thank you for taking your time explaining and repeating if you thought it important. Made this task so much easier to tackle myself. My Kenmore was a different model but basically the same parts. Especially helpful was describing the floats having numbers on one side and which one goes which way. (Hard to see on the video, so tiny.) Also helpful, mentioning the different diameters of the holes in the floats because when I put them in the soapy water the one float disengaged from the plastic part it was seated in!
Tracy P
I have a whirlpool WHES33, but the cleaning process will be the same. I wasn't sure if this venturi would be under pressure, so this video was very helpful in answering my concerns. Thanks.
Dijonne Stricklen
Really very helpful.
Kevin Singh
How to fix the leak of water from the pipe that goes in the Kenmore water softener 350 series ? I leak stops when I bypass the flow.
Robert Oldendorf
I bought my softener in 1986. I think this is why it is not getting the full salt exchange it needs.
I've got a leak at the inlet on my Ultrasoft and I've tried replacing the little black clips, but that doesn't seem to work. Now I can't get them off without breaking them. Do you know any tricks to getting the little clips off?
sesha chary
very nice. thank you. regards.
Tooth DK
Thank you for your video! I purchased a used water neutralizer and cannot figure out what the hose to the venturi valve is supposed to be attached to. When I just attempted a backwash, water shot out of the valve nozzle! Would you please tell me what it's supposed to connect to? Perhaps I can just cap it?
Carlos Evans
good work
Kristopher Smith
The part where you took off the cab I have water in there how do I go about that
good video but a you need a sediment filter in the front end of your system Easier said that done however thanks Greg

I think my resin is bad My unit is 10 years + old Is it possible to do that or ?
Thanks Again
Viking Staff
Good video except flow plugs mixed up. Per Kenmore manual, flow plug with largest hole goes in nozzle and venturi housing (base of venturi). Other plug fits in blue plastic nozzle and venturi.
Khuyen Nguyen
thanks very much
Darrell Vybiral
Vaseline is a petroleum product and will make o-rings swell. Use silicone you can buy from a swimming pool company that is made for lubrication of rubber.
Kristopher Smith
It's almost to the top of it I kind of thought it would dissolve being water but it is visible with the salt my salt line was at 7 and it wasn't regen or nothing and I listened and cleaned out everything like you had said I did exactly what you did in the videos and when I try to drain it it grew higher
R Potter
Thanks very much.No more paying $200. dollars to get a guy from town to do such a simple thing. Thanks again and have a great day. / rod
as long as you had the lid up you should have pulled your green drain hose out to check for obstructions,i have had small pieces of 'something' get jammed in the small orifice where the hose attaches. Only takes a couple seconds to pull off and check,also bloww into the drain hose to make sure it's clear.
Sun Lite
Great video. My Kenmore WS controller would not function or recharge. Only model # showed when plugged in. Price of new controller with service call about $300. Almost cost of new. Removed dual connection from recharge motor and using emory cloth cleaned the terminals. Installed power supply and the controller woke up.
I have a similar model but my issue is with the black actuator on top of the unit which is cracked.... I’m hoping t will be just as easy as what you showed us in this video Thank you for sharing
Cj Orlowski
No more Salt Bridges ,
A lady friend asked me if I know how to clean these. I said no, but will watch youtube and learn. I haven't cleaned one before but with our video I have an idea of what to do.
Thanks. I think hers was a Sears or Culligan and they look similar to the in your video.
Mike Arsenault
All OK, except I recommend NOT putting Vaseline on the O ring. Petroleum products tend to stretch the O ring. I recommend using a silicone based lubrcant. Also, with this model, it is not necessary to bypass the unit to clean the nozzle. It is un-pressurized in the SERVICE position. If water comes out of the nozzle in the SERVICE position, there is a mechanical problem with the unit.
I have the same sys. It filled up with water and is leaking out the overflow. Its not draining anfter cleaning cycle. Will this fix it? Any ideas?
I had to put my softener on bypass because something in the softner cause the water pressure to the rest of the house to be very low. I'm not sure what I can do to fix this problem, would you know?
I forget where does he show how to drain the softener
kenny play
I have a draining problem. It is relatively new machine. I took apart the Venturi, and looks like gasket might be the issue? There are lots of dents on gasket. All the rest is very clean. Can this stop it from draining? Thanks
Thank You for this video - You just saved me $500.00 for a new water softner ! My water softner overflowed. Watched your 3 videos, followed your easy instructions, and softner regenerating now with no issues. THANKS !
Abhijeet Pal
Very nicely done
Jo Bbaa
never , ever use petroleum based lubricants on O-rings. They will begin to dissolve the rubber. I only use magic lube , which is made for O-rings. It is a lubricant and sealant combination.. Other than that mis -information, this was a very good detailed video.
Thank you
Do u know what is the reason of the water softener the salt is using but without soft water coming out?
I have the same softener and we cleaned the venturi my softener still does not work. The water flow indicater shows zero water flow. Do you have any ideas as to what is wrong. My softener is also a Kenmore. Ultra Soft 200. Any ideas on how we can fix? I can't stand this hard hard water any longer. Help please
twoweeled soto
Lonnie.  Does salt ever lose it's potency if it's been sitting in water?  But the Morton pellet is still intact, but it's been sitting in water for a couple of weeks?
twoweeled soto
Both videos are excellent.  Unfortunately, both videos didn't solve my problem.  I cleaned the venturi, as well as the tube thingy on the second video.  My tank is still full.  I've cycled to the second stage, and it didn't drain.  In the past, I've even replaced a micro switch because it wasn't cycling.  I cycled through all stages, and appears the micro switch is still good.  The tube is more full than the tank?  I don't know what else to do.  I'm close to pulling out the 45.
Jan Short
Good video but needs shortened too slow. I could not get the top of the screen lid off without a tool.
my filter on venturi clogs with rust from water. is there anyway to add a filter.