100 Year Old Door Repair - Full Video

Thanks to my employer, PacWest Construction & Maintenance, for entrusting me with this project.
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Factual Fox
You must be constantly exhausted, working at that speed all day.
Phil Barone
looks awesome
Fantastic job, great attention to detail. I liked your minimalist approach to repairing! Does this door see daily use? I ask because that spaghetti of wires under the door seemed to make it hard to open, so I didn't know if they used it often.
Jim Wellman
Came for 7:21 to 9:07. Thanks a bunch for the detailed view into the repair steps.
Snow G
so awesome
Alan Rahlf
Nice job, keep the videos coming!
Green Brain Seaside
oh, wow, didn't expected 100 y o wooden door would survive this well being the external door, under all the sun and rain...
brianohbrian burns
Nice work dude.. how much time did you end up putting into it?
cheeky af monkey
I hope you don't get paid by the hour!
cheeky af monkey
you need a Superman outfit.
cheeky af monkey
13:54 that's the money shot!
Why's the knob in the middle? Who does that?
Zulkefli Jamil
adam ali
Where are you located
Fegyverneki Gábor
Hello can I have your email address?I want to write a private letter.Thank you.
Joseph Bongiorno
This was a great video
Lew Rodd
As a Brit it does make me laugh how most Americans seem to be obsessed with the age of things, 100 year old door?                 Americans think 100 years is a long time and Europeans think 100 miles is a long way.
What's the point to this over just buying a new door?
rudy fierro
what a crazy world where some people have the money to have their wood door professionally restored while others cant even afford to eat regularly. seems fair.