Vinyl Plank Flooring Fix

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In July 2013 we removed a wall and installed nearly 2800 sq ft of a floating vinyl plank snap lock flooring in our lower level. We chose Lumber Liquidators Simplicity flooring and have been very happy with it. This video talks to how I'm decreasing the expansion joints so the planks don't slide apart and unclick (probably caused by my not following the directions :)

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Sukhwinder Singh
Guy talks way too much and gave too much of a backstory ... then figured out he installed vinyl with padding. =_=
Allen Klocke
installed laminate in living room down the hallway into the kitchen now I need to go in opposition direction, one way the tongue is facing east wall, going to west wall i I have the Grove facing wall,what now?
Poopy Pants
I followed the directions to a tee and am still having the same problem.
Joseph Bruno
The updated install published on the website state 1/2" expansion gap. The padding looks like bellawood underlayment which was not recommended for vinyl planking as it is too cushiony. They recommended the tranquility LVT underlayment. I've yet to install this as I need to put new plywood sheathing in to level the subfloor. I anticipate if I can get a level subfloor with plywood then I can forego the underlay.
Foreverlove Green
what about having this product in bathrooms and closets???
umberto smith
Problem revealed...not enough expansion gap around the stone fixture...second problem at 3:13...look carefully the longer the board and joints the better. Is that a minimum joint spacing? It looks like it's barely six inches...I think 8-10 inches minimum is best but sometimes you can't do that.

Ideally you figure a pattern first and lay it than cut to fit, that's where one section can cause the entire floor to go out of whack.
Skip the first 2:15 minutes of the video to get to the issue.
Bill & Ann Neiman
We had the floating water resistance vinyl plank floor put in and we are having lots of areas that are rising up. Pretty big I call the air bubbles because you can step on them and they go up and down. Does anyone know why this is happening and what to do about it.
Drew Limelight
There is an easier way to repair the joints. takes about 10 - 15 min. and you don't have to remove the base or qtr rnd or take apart the floor
Hi, I am considering doing a vinyl plank floor for my basement. I am a little concerned about the click together planks for the reasons you stated in the video.  If you did this again, would you use the stick-down product?
Joseph Bruno
The Vinyl Plank isn't Supposed to Go Over Pad .. That's Meant for Hard Laminate Only .. That's why your Getting Separation .. I Install this product All The time and if you read Instructions it does not or should  Go Over a Barrier Pad or Plastic .. DIY Sometime Causes Problems ~ Hire a Professional and Get It Done Right ~ All The Moldings should Have Come Off and U would Avoid the 1/4 Round ~ Lessons Learned ~ Hire a Pro ~
Kerry Smith
The problem is the soft underlayment, which is not recommended for vinyl plank flooring.