How to Resurface a Driveway

Learn how to repair and resurface an asphalt driveway from home improvement expert Ron Hazelton.

*The Dupot Re-Surfacer Ron uses in this video is no longer availalbe. You can use this product in its place MACMAT-AR 5-Gal. Asphalt Re-Surfacer, Model # X9510.

For more projects, visit Ron Hazelton's website:
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Ryan H
Any guy that resurfaces a driveway in khakis is a total badass in my book.
Its 4 30 in the morning. I dont know why I watched this. I dont even have a drive way
My Quickjab209
Damm he did that whole driveway without getting dirty now he can go to church
Gon zo
old timer didnt get a drop of tar on his nice khakies.
Martin The Panda
Beige pants might not have been the best selection for this job.
That's some most interesting man in the world shit right there. Asphalt a driveway in kakis like a boss.
"Why is that guy putting chocolate all over his driveway?"
I would have done it exactly like this (only in formal wear).
Bryan Wilson
Why didn’t you use the power washer in the first place.
Would have saved 3 steps.
Clorox bleach. A bottle more useful than you think
EeVon Ling
Hahah, like everyone else here, I came for the driveway tutorial, stayed for his incredible ability to keep his khakis spotless
Andrew Stacy
I need this soundtrack for when I seal my driveway
That poor woman's lower back is going to be screwed.
cv pec
Smart Man! let the woman lug those 60 lb containers. I tried that w/ my wife but..... she no like! Dam, I hate when that happens.
JOJO ps4
I'm 11 I guess I will be a handy man if I'm watching this for fun
mariali santander
.. thank you, great instructional video..Ron would be great to have a video now, after 4 + yrs to see how the repair has been hold
algores ajoke
nice job.     I am doing mine as soon as it warms up
Tam T
Thank you, I can turn this in to a business.
The Escobar Show
Doesn’t want to contract a professional? Then contracts himself lol and he’s a professional lol 😂
Great job , the whole time I was worried about your pants getting destroyed .
Harpreet Singh
Best video I've seen... All questioned answered! Thank you
R Moo
It’s totally exhausting, I need a Starbucks coffee extra large. I can’t imagine going through that process.... I need the lady for extra help🤪
J.E. Walker
This is the best reseal I've seen on Youtube! I agree with Ryan H & Cricket, I was waiting for him to change into some work clothes but he didn't & did it in his khakis. Surely skilled, he puts everyone else I've seen to shame, & not just because of the khakis but his technique & final product. It''s also thicker than the others. Great video!
Danielle Scharback
That method is pure common sense when it comes to sealing a laneway great video
Jason Delaplain
He's wearing a business casual khaki outfit, and I look like I mud-wrestled when I DIY.
Jody Williams
Dang, love the pants!
Best sealcoating video I've seen to date. Thanks and great job Mr. Hazelton!
Art Guess
She did the heavy messy hard part lol!
Sean Demaree
Ron, you're a great guy, I love your stuff. I would've sprayed a long term weed killer in the cracks before applying the filler.
Juan Sanchez
How does this project look 5 years later?
Matt H
I’ve used that patch and it’s awesome. I also wore khakis and didn’t get anything in them along with tall rubber boots. Quite the fashion statement.
Raja Rangpuri
You did a good job, man!
I've been watching your instructions for many years and you haven't led me wrong yet. I'm ready to do mine now, thanks for sharing!!!
tom pequignot
Where can we purchase Dupont products?????
Vladimir Poutine
Loved the closeup hand stroke at the beginning of this video.
Did he make a casual joke about putting Jizz on his driveway at 4:20 ?
Thanks. I’m always a little nervous about doing things myself especially when it comes to my home. This is a great motivator!!!
Dash Jeffreys
Very helpful...too many videos put too much thought into it. Ron's the man!
I would love to see it in one year from the date he did it!!
Trevor Bourgeois
Use Flex Seal it does this job too.🤣🤣🤣
Scott Logue
Great job, very professional, enjoyed watching and a big help. Would have liked to have known cost of job.Thanks for posting.
gurbeer athwal
Ayyyyyy, his van has connecticut liscence plates. Represent
3:34 so its like a cake :D
Real men, like myself, do this in a white tuxedo.
Kakis?!? What is this amateur hour?
Ray Ray
Wow, what a job. I need to be 25 years younger, to do that job...
Netto Nenet
is that asphalt or just chemical cement?
Thank you! very helpful :)
Matt O
you were a pro all along and were never actually considering having someone else do the job.
Daily Drives and Drivel
Dude. You just friggin rock...THANK YOU!
Adan Arceo
Great job sr, I want to finish my driveway the same way, thanks for the tips. 👍👍👍
now I feel like making brownies
Jason Chen
awesome~ thanks for sharing~
When I saw him seal am a believer lol
Truls Gabrielsen
what the hell. I searched for "draining lake" and 20 videos later im here. oh youtube
6:46 Dangit Not Another Beiber Fan!
That was very helpful. Thanks!
jonathan milland
He almost got it on his pants
billy lo
Not a drop on his clothing- impressive
Xavier Lee
Looks amazing!!
James Byerly
Does this resurface material stay cool in the summer Ron?
Brad H
Beautiful job! Thank you for sharing this!
Great job and demonstration!
KEvn ROjs
He remains me mike from breaking bad
Mad Max
Needs a second coat
mr zed
I've been doing this for years. It never holds up. It always falls apart year after year
A DeCuire
The guy, the khakis, the camera work, the music is COMPLETELY adorable. I need that sound track when i'm working in my garden.
I’m just here for the soundtrack
R Yeckley
I’m on the fence here, a lot of soft compounds used and the sealer was applied thick. I can’t imagine this project turning out a rock hard surface. Otherwise I’m eager to do my driveway the same way
Brigette Lally
Dang my hero!!
How long did this take to do? He makes it seem like he did it one day.
Cleanest man in driveway sealing ever.
Sabisch TruePain
man, your hair is a grease pit...
David S
About how long did it take for you to complete this project? Thanks.
Mike Cummins
i would have just started out by treating with bleach and then just pressure wash . seems like too many steps to me.
cattleNhay (aka Eggman)
yeah, a follow up video would be else are we supposed to know if its worth it.
Forged Metal
Her back is gonna be torn up!
Trailing Arm
I cannot believe this guy did so much without getting a spot on those beige pants. Alternatively, he went through 15 pairs and a couple of marriages.
Did you do the sealer the same day you sealed the cracks/sunken areas??
Some notion of price per metre squared would have been useful.
Dicky Ball
Ron, how do you stay so clean?
Alexander Romeo
Tila Keller just got friendzoned at 5:40.
job well done>you're a brave man to tackle this big job>dd
I wonder how long it lasts, it'd be good to see a follow up video to see how it held up with the winter and Chicago cold. I'd hate to do this every freakin' spring.
boby asha
Ron Hazelton, youre supposed to make high quality videos!
Stephen A
The crack fillers just don't work very well. I follow his exact same methods and within 2 years everything is back to how it was....
Frisbee Freer
I can't believe Ron did all that and didn't get the least bit dirty!!!!! LOL
sue zaple
Awesome thanks i have to do this to my asphalt
thank you!!!
Orion Antares
What do you use as filler if you have even larger broken sections that need to be filled in to level off before sealing?
johny ubankta
Great video sir ur production was excellent
Kris Tr
can't find this product anywhere
A. McKenny
This was excellent. Thank you.
Jonathan Pasch
I bet I know why you didn't show any close up shots.😉
Rick Garvin
He may have waterproofed his pants in another video !!!
Mr Pink
*Hello Tila* 😍
Gypsy Paz
no professional in his right mind would ever do such a fantastic job on your driveway.
awesome..miss seeing you on T.V.
googoo gjoob
not every man can find a 2" putty knife which measures 4 inches.
2:57 "I like to angle the razorblade towards my arm"
Rick 1982
Looks like he's playing with his poop.