Fix your squeaky floors with talcum powder!

Are your floor boards squeaking and driving you crazy? Tim McCool, technical advisor for The Master's Craft shows us a quick fix for a board to board squeak using talcum (baby) powder.
fix your floors
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Fallrockbros YouTube
Didn't work for me sadly, got so excited :(
KEV 777
how long will it last after applying the talcum powder before squeaks start to re-occur
Your floor is bouncy , looks like a water damage
Philly Phil
This doesn’t work. It will make a mess.
doesn't work
maria Isabella sturges
Nope that not work,sorry.
Alexandru-Dan Pop
worked for me... at least for now
Hornet Gaming
what worked for me is i mopped immediately after wiping excess.. causing the powder in the cracks to 'cake' up and become a glue-like substance. I also tried wood filler but that did not work for my small cracks, may work for bigger ones though.
Vadym Volodko
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