Clearing Error (1H) On Culligan Gold Series 9 Water Softener Service/Lubricate/Repair/Fix

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Culligan Seal Pack Part #01016267
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Last update 01/18/19
Clearing Error (1H) On Culligan Gold Series 9 Water Softener Service/Lubricate/Repair/Fix
culligan water softener repair Clearing Error (1H) On Culligan Gold Series 9 Water Softener Service/Lubricate/Repair/Fix
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I’m going to rebuild this thing again. It hangs up every year,. I will NEVER buy a Culligan water softener again. These things are junk!. Culligan does not stand behind it.
As a matter of fact I had a Culligan serviceman tell me he could put a new valve assembly in it and it will only last about a year. Since mine is getting old it probably could use a resin recharge anyway.
So - it’s try again - thanks for your video.. but I’m going to Home Depot and get a GE for $400.00.
I’m done with Culligan!
David Edgerly
Richard, you're a wealth of info.. I just bought a house and found my way to one of your videos while looking for water filtration for my house.. Many Thanks Richard...
Crux Of The Biscuit
Just finished repairing my unit. I nicked the shaft of the larger valve with my needle nose pliers trying to get it out. It was really stuck in there. Ended up putting vise grips on the end of it and pulling really hard. So I bought a new re build kit from Culligan for $110. It's fine though, saved disassembling the old black valve and 3 of the O rings were trashed too when I finally pulled it out. 20 years old and never serviced. Re-build kit came with both valve assemblies. I lubricated them a bit and they slid right in. I cleaned the out the hole for the larger valve before installing new one as it was pretty crusty with rust deposits and dirt etc. I could not have done all this without your video. Very generous of your time and the detail and quality of video is outstanding. Thank You!
Cali 64
Thanks Richard for awesome video! I purchased the seal pack from Culligan $250 what a ripoff! They wanted $150 for a service call to come out plus parts, with your video I was able to easily replace the internal parts myself unit is 11 years old thanks for saving me at least $150!
Danial Rooyani
Thank you Richard, this was extremely well described and helpful!
Metal Upyourass
Great video. Thank you for posting. I pulled mine apart, lubed all the gaskets, cleaned out some gunk and it runs great.
Ken Fen
Thank you, Richard. You just saved me a fair amount of cash!
Lucas Duarte
Thank you so much bud!! you save me a least 145 + taxes !! Great video and explanation.
Carmen Alcala
I had to stop when I was removing the larger seal with several O rings because the metal portion I was pulling on to remove it extended forwards towards myself and I do not know what that means? Should it slide out or before that how many times you turn it or counterclockwise before you pull it out( you mention in your video friction) ? Thanks C
Ga Kag
That was an amazing video with all details great job thank you I will be watching and subscribing to all your channels have s wonderful day
Hirmiz Youkhana
One of the best How to videos I have seen.
Very clear.
Thank you
This and That with Chris
Thanks for this great video I'm experiencing the same problem. Unfortunately the dealer Culligan Saskatoon is trying to scam me so I'm forced to repair it myself. This video is well done and very informative! Thanks
Jan Ames
Thank you so much for this video, excellent views & explanations of how the parts fit together. I have it bookmarked for when I have to do it again, as my unit has seemed to do this every 2 years. big $$$ savings to be able to do it myself.
Stephen Burry
Thanks, Richard, for the excellent video. It was very helpful in repairing our softener. I had an extra problem when pulling the main valve out. One of the "O" rings moved out into a port and caused the valve to jam about half way out. Your explanation of rebuilding the valve reminded me that the sections screw together. I was able to use a curved needle nose plier to grab the next section and unscrew it. I removed a section at a time until I got to the section that had the pinched "O" ring. After pushing the valve back in a little, I was able to pull the "O" ring out and remove the final sections. Watching your video was indispensable. Thanks again.
James P
Really great video - THANKS! Unfortunately, when I pulled the lower sealed unit, the ss shaft came out without the rest of the insides and the o-rings. Only the cap portion and one large o-ring came out with the shaft. I guess I need the seal kit from Culligan, but do you have any tips on how I can get the insides out to replace everything? Thanks again.
Jesus Mata
Thanks for the info Richard I had been looking for a video like this one a few days. It was very helpful . We have a different system but on the inside it's the same as yours on ours it E1. I followed your instructions and it was fixed pretty quick. I sure do thank you.
Captain America
Nicely done Richard.
My unit is running good.
Robert Yack
Great job on your video. I have the same issue. I'm having a very hard time finding the Seal Kit!
The French Horse Whisperer
Great video. I think you just saved me many $$$$.
Fantastic video.I was able to fix my unit after watching this video. Thank you so much
John Bradshaw
Thanks Richard fixed my problem. Saved me a couple hundred dollars on a service call. Thanks a bunch.
Damien Iniguez
Thanks man, saved me a ton of money too! I had E1 on gold medalist and worked perfectly.
Jack Ridge
Glen Koster
Thank you! this video probably saved me a couple hundred dollar service call. As it was, my valve was just filled with rust which I flushed out. I just greased all the o rings, reassembled and everything seems to be working again.
Steve R
Who are the 16 morons that gave this a thumbs down?!
Matt Will
This is by far the best DIY video I have ever seen. It worked like a charm and saved me a ton of $$$$. The detailed explanation, lighting, video quality, etc. were all spot on. Thanks for taking the time.
Hiten Shroff
hi Richard,
thank you for your video, I followed your instructions to clean the parts and put them back in. I had a E1 error on the medallion Culligan, after cleaning the regeneration cycle completed without any errors.
Simo Indusatex
hi Richard? thanks for your video. Also do you have test the counter of water used inside the culligan? Thanks.
Alisha Waggs
Thank you!!! Your video instructions are were so detailed and spot on!! My softener's motor was stuck in the 3 o' clock position and running cycles in the day time. I was able to get it back to home position and regenerating like normal. Saved me $$$.
Paulj tee
YOU ARE DA MAN!!!! Thanks for your very detailed video. My softener is in regen mode now!! So nice to hear after not working for over two months. I tried fixing it before but put it together wrong, and saw my error after watching your video. Thanks so very much!!!
Stan Lanman
Great video. My seal pack is stuck in the 3 o’clock position and the motor will not move it at all. I have repaired and lubricated it in the past but was able get the seal pack in the home position then. Am I likely to destroy anything other than the seal pack from just pulling harder. I applied some leverage to the seal pack and still could get only a little movement.
What an excellent video. You make a great instructor. I learned a lot from you and I really appreciate you making this video.
Great video. You gave me the courage to tear into my medalist 45 which is nearly identical. Thanks.
Justin Crowley
I was pulling out the metal piston that is inside the “plunger” and a part of the plunger broke and now I can’t remove the plunger
Any thoughts?
Na-son F
Richard - THANK YOU for a great video, early last year i had the error 1H, i performed your teardown, the O-rings were looking okay, so all i did was re-lubed and reinstall, no issues for many months, until now. So i figure the O-rings have reached their end of life, so the hunt is on for new O-rings. For those companies that do not print in fractions, but in decimals, here are the O-ring sizes:
3/8 x 1/2 x 1/16 = = 0.375 x 0.5 x 0.0625
1/2 x 5/8 x 1/16 = = 0.5 x 0.625 x 0.0625
1/8 x 1/4 x 1/16 = = 0.125 x 0.25 x 0.0625
13/16 x 1-1/16 x 1/8 = = 0.8125 x 1.0625 x 0.125

Again thank you for a great presentation
Keith Charpentier
Thank you for this video. Very informative and easy to follow. When I removed the Seal Pack my o-rings were stretched and loose. I went to several hardware stores, but couldn't find 1 7/32" o-rings as mentioned in the video. I used 1 6/32" o-rings and the softner is working!

When I went to put it back together my actuator was not in the home position. I figured out I could plug in the softner and when it rotated into the home position I unplugged the softner to stop the motor.
steve balaka
Thank you so much my softener started working after following this video step by step.......I did find the grease at a car parts place !!!
Ebrahim Tirgardoun
did you take eductor assembly off
Samuel Rosario
Thanks that was a big help and great step by step info!!!
Philip Jackson
Very helpful.  Does anyone have a part number for the inner seals?  They're about 1" outer diameter maybe 0.62" inner and 0.15" thick.  I think that these get stiff with age which contributes to the valve binding up.
Ok so my water softener did this and I fixed it using your video. Thank you very much. This was back in August. Here it is in January and the problem came back. In your experience does it come back often? I don't want to have to call culligan and pay for them to come out and then pay for them to fix it. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you.
Keith Andrews
Thank You!!!!!
Kristen Hamil
Richard this video is so helpful... but my cam load is still not in the home position.. how did u move that back to where it belongs?
Ebrahim Tirgardoun
mine would not draw ,i cleaned everything but still no draw and water coming out from brine draw line instead of suction
Keith Halpin
Richard- I own a medallist series and mine displays E3 error. Any idea what this means?
Scott Retriever
Richard - Awesome video! Well done with overlay notes and detailed instructions. My system stopped working when Anchorage had our recent 7.0 earthquake. Fortunately we didn’t have too much damage and this was one more thing I could fix myself (WITH your help of course). Thanks from Alaska.
Felicia Olson
About every 2 to three years our culligan softener (looks exactly like yours) stops providing softened water. We call culligan and they do some sort of button pushing progression, the device makes the water swish around (some sort of backwash I expect ), and then they charge me a couple of hundred dollars and I'm good for another three years. I've tried to watch him, but he stands right in front of it. No parts removed or lubed, just as I say, a series of button pushes. What do you make of it
Sam Camp
Worked like a charm.
Frances Orozco
Excellen video and instruction, great job! Unfortunately, when I tried to take out the lower plunger assembly, it broke on me. I bought a new kit ($115) and installed it. This resolved the initial problem of it getting stuck but now it still won't produce soft water. I think that pieces of o-rings or plastic got stuck inside the valve. Any idea on how to disassemble the valve?
Gerald Johnson
Very good instructions. Made the fix very straight forward for me.
Dave Nystrom
We just had the whole assembly replaced today. The parts are now stainless steel and was 75 bucks for the job plus the service call. Ours was froze tight. If you find any broken pieces with either plunger, thats it. only Culligan has them.
You did a Super job on the video!
Scott Haywood
Great work Richard. Thanks
steve fernandez
Richard, Thank just saved me over $400 from those crooks at Culligan. Excellent DIY video...Worked like a charm...trying to wrap my brain around how Culligan could have the audacity to charge $400 for labor on top of the $100 for the parts for what I was able to do with a screwdriver, some lubrication and about 45 mins of time...I truly feel for those folks, especially the elderly, who are preyed upon by industries like Culligan.
Very detail for 1 hour clip .Thanks
Lex Beltran
Culligan told me to unplug my system, but it still is running. Will anything be damaged? Culligan will be coming tomorrow to check it out. Great video!
Re: 19:21 lower plunger warning. Also, attempting to rotate a very stuck plunger clockwise will crack the first (or outer) plastic cover at the threads. The shaft comes out but leaves the remaining parts of the plunger in the body. Crap.
Ray Desouza
Awesome video. Helped a lot! Thanks
Debbie Cunning
Hello Richard, I am trying to repair my Culligan Gold Series 9. When I tried to bypass the water softner, I discover the bypass value is not functioning. I obtained the correct replacement part from Culligan and shut off the water to the house. The trouble is the old plunger is stuck in place. How do I remove it?
Hey Richard. I followed the steps in the video and it worked great. The only problem is now I seem to have developed a slow leak somewhere and it's pooling at the bottom of my resin tank. Its not coming from the brine tank. It seems to be coming from somewhere behind the culligan cover that's around the resin tank. Any thoughts?
Craig Martin
I had leaking. got the parts from Culligan. replaced them and it's not leaking any more. thank you so much, this video was great.
Bill Gearheart
on the bottom plunger the steel rod comes out therefori can not pull the bottom plunger out any ideals video is excellent
Mrs Z
This video is very detailed and well done. My water softener stopped working just outside of the warranty. I didn't want to spend a fortune to have someone come out. It also is frustrating to have to schedule the service and wait for them to show up when you should be at work. So, I watched this video and initially thought that looks complex. However, I am cheap and work full time. It is an expensive repair and they really only come out when I am suppose to be at work. So, I started the video and followed these instructions step by step. The issue with my softener was that the piston had seized inside the gaskets. I took it apart and applied the grease. It still moved really hard, but it moved. I reassembled the unit and watched it cycle ! It is actually pretty easy. (Notes: I put a eyeglass polishing cloth on the shaft before I pulled with the needle nose plyers to prevent scratching. Also, I used another tool to create a lever to get enough pulling force. I did actually create a small bend in the thin section of the shaft. I had to straighten this, but fortunately I did not break it. Be careful pulling.)
Andy Tarpley
Richard, I may have missed it, but what size are the O-Rings on the outside of the segmented black plastic assembly? Mine are stretched out and causing a problem as I try to reinstall it into its hole. Thank you.
Larry Peschges
I suggest not turning the pack with pliers before removing it. Mine snapped at the treads immediately, so it's $250 for a new pack. If it doesn't come out with pulling alone, there is an easily removed cover at the back you can remove and push the pack out. Careful here too as the pack has those 4 legs at the back that are also easily broken.
Stafford Davis
Thanks. You are in point.I did make two mistakes. 1. Did not make sure top plunger was not in cam groove. 2. I cracked threads in lower plunger assembly cap putting it back together. I think the assembly was brittle anyway due to my water. I went culligan and bought the entire assembly for $190 with tax. They were very helpful and reinforced everything you said. They said a service call would have run approx. $500!
Jeff Ohlsen
DO NOT USE Super Lube Synthetic Grease! It will cause the o-rings and rubber grommets to swell, causing a worse problem than the original problem. The o-rings swelled so much that I ended up breaking the seal-pack while attempting to remove it. Even on the video, I could see that one of the o-rings had already started to swell. The Culligan User Manual specifically says to use a Silicon Grease because the petroleum based grease will cause problems with the o-rings. I found out the hard way that the Synthetic grease causes the same problem. I talked to a Culligan repairman that informed me that a DOW 111 silicon grease should be used.
Jay Anderson
Great Video! I had 1H and it was stoping at the 3 oclock position. I was able to follow video all the way through, turned it on and it started cycling just like yours at the end. So, I figured i would let it finish off the regen and I would run it through another cycle in the morning since it was late. I went out this morning and it was still cycling. I unplugged it and the water kept cycling so I turned off the valve and scratching my head now. Any advice?