Cheap Dent Repair Trick

I wrecked my truck, estimated repair was $1,200. I got it 95% fixed for $28 and done 45 minutes. #PateyTwins #FlyingCowboys #BestTugs Mark Patey, Mike Patey
Dent repair
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Chris h
Its only a dent. Didnt lose nearly as much value as when you drove that zero mile truck off the lot.
Just Plane Silly
I've watched you long enough to know you can just fabricate new truck with some carbon fiber, and throw it on a Best Tugs chassis.
Geddon Me ansome
Try a glue pull kit , it worked for me , only £30 off E Bay.
Chris Zinner
Frugality will make a person the long run.
Thanks for sharing!
peter olsen
Someone’s got to do the first dent, might as well be you.
JH Random
I have the same flag decals in the same fender locations on my 97 Mountaineer. They've been there for over 2 years now. Love your videos and wish I had your life! Keep it up!
Keith Soderlund
Hey Mike, just looked at your brothers vid. Hey I love you both. You mentioned you grew up with nothing. I have the story. You should be proud. People have been thru what you and your bro has been thru. To see you trying to influence is the best thing. You two are 2 times the power. Much respect, Keith
Thomas Eldib
You’re gonna need some dent repair now! RIP Draco
I completely understand where you're coming from, respect to you for showing this humble moment. God bless.
Robert Powers
I knew you would do this right. Amazing.
Eddie Force
Thank you so much for the tip. I have a dent on my truck that I’m going to try that on.
Mike Fellows
Felt your pain .... feel your joy :o) Great job !!!
adam0U812 Davies
That was very cool , will put that in my memory 👍
Shawn McCrary
Skunkworks Aviation and Auto-body Repair.
David Weir
looks good.  My buddies and I used to do something similar to that when we got hail damage growing up in central New Mexico.  We used the hot sun and dry ice.
The fun part of the canned-air treatment is the bittergen they add to keep teenagers from huffing it. Makes everything you touch taste bitter.
Dorset Living
Great to see stuff being repaired DIY in today’s throw away society. Id have done the same. Best wishes from the UK.
Murray Sissons
Chrome kicker panel overlays look great, and can hide that too
Wow, fascinating how that dent popped out!
Geoff Bryant
A man after my own heart. Well done buddy.
Fantastic video, lot of guys out there supporting family's and tight on funds can use these videos to save a lot of cash .
Vigilance Rifles
That was cool. If I hadn't seen it I wouldn't have believed it. Good Job.
Pat Kelly
I wish I had half the energy you've got.
Don Wallace
I'm want in 12 solars
good job gettin' after it
Stan S
Can you use a can of starting fluid?
Martin Rice
Great job Mark! Looking forward to reading the EAA article…
5:24 That smile! Great job!
Søren Hansen
Thank you, have heard about it but never seen this done before. Very nice :-)
wide awake
I feel for you. That really does hurt. Unfortunately I too have been there.
Patrick Murphy
Thanks for the tip!
There is a LOT of personal satisfaction that goes with being able to fix small things. Youtube is FULL of such videos. Youtube helped me fix my washing machine and I've also learned when to fix something and when to call a repairman and when to simply REPLACE something.
Jose Rodriguez
I used this idea on my truck
Paul Stafford
Awesome job! I too have only ever had ONE 0 mile vehicle...hehehe
Lacquer thinner on a cloth will erase a lot of paint transfer marks, as will Goo Gone, etc. When heating the metal, try using an infrared thermometer to keep from heating the paint over 175 F, or you run the risk of blistering the paint.

Good job and thanks for the video. I have a dent to tackle this afternoon and will follow your lead.
Nicely done Mark.
Leave the small mark, it’s wabi sabi and will be a beautiful part of this vehicles history with you.
Gerrit Dykgraaf
Thanks for sharing Mike!!
Would never had thought to tackle a dent job that way!! LoL
Fly Low,,, Fly Safe,,,
I hear you on the truck. I make pretty damn good $$, have a house and family. I save and invest like crazy. I see all my friends and acquaintances buying new trucks, but I refuse. I have paid cash for every vehicle for the past 10 years. I just bought a 2002 F150 extended cab with under 90k miles for 5 grand. Gets me to work and back.
Michael Coles
That was a pretty awesome fix!
Tim Reicker
Great Tip, Thamks a lot for taking the time to post it !!
Stephen Lambrecht
Ouch, Cheapo!
That was a pretty clever fix you pulled off. I love watching your vids. Sorry to say you are almost the last of the Cowboys I've subscribed to. Can't wait to see what comes after Turbulence.
Keep up the good work!
Keith Soderlund
Hey Mark, late comment. Love both you and your brothers vids. You guys both do great at what you do. I have much respect with how you and your brother wants to give back and influence. I really think the good Lord knows that. Proved with Draco. My precious grandpa said to me "life is a voyage in witch we choose neither vessel nor weather, but much can be done in the guidance of the helm and the management of the sails. God was with Mike. Remember life is precious. In the end what matters is Who you are and Not what you have.
Much Respect,
Keith from MN
Ps N6529M first solo 1983
Wow, every girl needs a clever guy like you around. 😊
David Rhodes
Think this would work on an older dent?
Tim Whitrow
Awesome Mark, very clever! Love your work.
James Laursen
Thanks! I just tried it and it worked perfectly.
Leanne Elks
My daughter says she’s really pleased for and loved your video x
Top Side
I have a bridge for sale. Going real cheap. 🤔
Brian Woodward
Its like getting the first ding on a new surfboard. You know its gonna happen, now you don't have to stress as much about the next one. Nice work fixing it! I'll have to use that trick, my F150 has a dent in the rear passenger door.
Andy Smitty
Oh I know the feeling, bought my first zero mile truck a couple of years ago, 3 weeks in, same sort of thing, fixed it same way! It works! Nice job!
Think the heat gun/compressed air trick would work on the leading edge of a Cessna 150 wing? Asking for a friend....
Mike Fede
Get that extra 5% with pdr !
Alex Von Bosse
Thanks Mark for sharing your wisdom! Glad you were able to fix the dent. You taught me something new!
Really nice tip.
Thank you!
Don Wallace
My uncle new someone that could fix that
Leo Sullivan
Mark, you are an awesome inspiration. Keep up the great work.
Mace H
I always wondered how they did paintless dent removal, now I know. Awesome, thanks for sharing!
Barbara Sullivan
Thanks for the great video, I have sm. dents on the front my new refrigerator door. Due to reckless renters, (3 kids), Will try this and suction tool too.
David Carroll
There is pretty good color match paint online too for cheap :)
I'm with you. I've never had a new truck. I bought my wife a new car, she dented it in 2 weeks. Heart crushing
shyam jha
Love it! Good job Mark.
Great tips man. Awesome.
Matt Insley
Damn Mark,
I have got to try this one. Someone dented my wife's Accord and we have just taken the hit and lived with it for a few months. The expense is minimal so worth a try for sure. Just don't burn the paint with the heat gun and I am way ahead just for trying.

Thanks! great content as usual.
Farmer Fpv
I know how you feel Mark! I still have my first truck that I paid out right at 19 years old with 0 miles. It's a 1998 and only has 68k miles on it now. Yes I baby the hell out of it. It may not be worth much, but it is to me, lol.
renzo badalamenti
Job well done! Thanks for the tutorial. Renzo Italy.
Rock sliders would probably have prevented this
John Hudrlik
Wow! That worked way better than I expected. I got rear ended at a red light when my truck was new. Still have it 240k miles later.
Great tip, I'll remember that one. Thanks
Kevin Savas
Nice job. Hart breaking to scratch the new truck
Robert Mcgee
Great job!
You an your brother are some smart folks I'll tell ya
Phil Lully
That's a very useful technique to know thanks for the tip... I like that fix approach heat, then freeze it to pop it out ! Kool.. THX.
Al Marasco
Great video glad to see your humble, grew up the same way big family no money now I have kids a wife and airplane hard work pays off
Isaac Miller
Love this video! I like your conservative "DIY" spirit too... By the way, I also came across your speech at UVU and it was very inspirational! I shared with many friends... Thanks!
Pat Murphy
I hope that trick will work on my motorcycle gas tank🙏
Great. Thank you
I think you and your brother are awesome guys and the information you share with all of us is great. I learn something every time while being entertained. Great video
Default Name
Mark shared the same trick with his brother Mike....after he wrecked Draco at the Reno STOL drags this month. Despite losing a wing, it buffed right out.
Dustin Gould
Paintless dent repair can probably fix the metal to flawless without normal body shop welding and filling
Agent Bertram
You did a good job there sir. AND you saved a few quid into the bargain!
James Lipman
Are you and your brother actual wizards?
This is epic! Haha, I love it. Saving a dollar is saving a dollar.
Its Mark
PD Tech
Cool trick! 😎👍
BYRON Johnson
Mark Oda
That may prove to be helpful someday. Thanks for sharing.
Acro Stars
Just getting a door ding in a new rig is painful.
Nick Xidis
Going to try it on my door dent, thanks!
Lisa Garcia
To remove scratches buy a magic sponge worked great
Ivan Kondaurov
Mark u were born to fly not drive 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Came out really good! nicely done!
GreggC _
vvazz0 lol
Great trick! Does it work on small, deep dents? Some asshat dented the door of my new taxi whilst it was parked in a car park. The fact that it’s fairly deep tells me it was likely not an accident.
Oh come on MARK you BUILT the DRACO you can fix the darn truck or was that the other guy that looks like you. ;)
Cory Robin
Fantastic!!! 💥💥💥💥💥👍🤠
nick hawel
Awesome job
Tubby Greyed
You did good..