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Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Part 2 Part 3 He makes $250,000 a year doing this stuff
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Kyle Kaos
My only concern besides using the counter top which I get. Doesn’t scratch is the two same size boards at the door way.. other that that good job as of what he had done
L Smith
It's hurting my eyes to watch you kneel without knee pads!
Marc Favell
The truth is you shouldn't put floating floor underneath cabinets to begin with!!
Julie Anderson
A view of the after picture would have been nice. Great video, thank you, I just picked some out that looks exactly the same
I'm hoping not putting new flooring under all cabinets & appliances, & save some time & use molding etc....the way one usually sees & does installs for movement.....
obviously easier than the wood laminate crap....that stuff shows every wave and flaw in your sub floor...and never stays locked... the vinyl stuff is more forgiving and will move with the sub floor
Best knee pads you can find are skateboarding knee pads.
Louis Holland
I use Gel kneeling pads he probably want foam pads for wood floor's. The home owner should have over flow pan hooked up to washing machine.
Using the countertops, no rubber mallot, no tapping block, not enough expansion gap space.... rookie mistakes

I read comments of people talking about underlayment... its vinyl not laminate, it doesnt require underlayment
Somos 6
Cork padding IS the underpayment, and it is a far superior (and expensive) at that.

Now, people should be aware of vinyl flooring releasing harmful fumes and gases, so stay away from the made in China stuff. Go for some made in the U.S with the approval of FHA even if they’re a bit more money.

Also, you got to have a gap all around for flooring shifting. If you want to keep your baseboards intact you can just add quarter rounds.
peter jenne
Duluth Trading has work pants with pockets at the knee that you can slide their knee pads into....
Decorating 2 Excellence
Awesome vid guys✌🏻
Jeff Gooderham
Hay try worming your cuts around things with a heat gun makes it cut much easier
Tom Pagan
Handy Andy at 1:37! Happy Thanksgiving brother!
Just got done eating turkey and about to have some pumpkin pie!
Dan Cagle
cheap foam Walmart, one-strap knee pads work. Loop the strap and Velcro--won't come off. Yes, they can flip down, but just flip back up. I'm wearing mine with painter's shorts now and the long shorts slip over the pads and keep them in place better.
Bob Sieburg
use your pump jack for cabinets on your 2x4 lever. One man all the way.
Shawn Hamrick
I just followed you on Instagram. Its nice getting to see little bits of jobs like these, then getting to see them in more detail on YouTube.
Oh man that’s a miserable job. Not envious of this one.
You went the extra steps by removing that flooring from under the cabinets, adding shims, and removing the dishwasher. I doubt the homeowner knows how much extra time and effort it took to do that. Most would just cut the flooring under the toe kick, and run the new flooring far enogh under the dishwasher, so that the faceplate hides it. Good job.
damn good luck
10:25 🤣🤣🤣 "How the heck did that happen? It never happens like that."
Sarah Jaggar
What color is that flooring? It is very nice and would be perfect for my place.
Thanks for the video!
Welbeloved Akulas
5 days? FYL knee pad Suzie!🤣🙌
Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for this video. I will be installing this in one of the rentals. Question: what settings do you set for your GoPro? When I film with mine, my videos do not look as good as yours. Thanks in advance.
johnny garcia
It doesn't get gayer
Carol Mary
Thank you for including the link to the flooring. I think you just helped me find what I've been looking for.
Thomas Komos
Now I know why you charge alot because that some technical demo and hard work
Christopher Wilburn
Dude! Get some ProKnees! You are killing me.
Jim H
I’ve done a few of these and they appear simple but it’s a lot of work getting up and down all the time doing floors then you have to do the base too. I hope you paint the base first and then just touch it up where it’s nailed.
Drew Baby drew
Could've had a bit of bum crack @9:59. Disappointing
Deanna Woody
You're very skill with your hand
Luis Olortegui
That may look ok to you. Haha.. Ur slow af boy.
Jamie Laughridge
Another fine job sir.
youngn woodburning
@5:48 .."omg, he's working on the countertop" ... the first video I saw you stream to a faster pace voice to mimic troll comments was hilarious. Other than the great DIY content, those moments are some of the best parts of the vids. Keep up the great work handyman. God bless
bobby jones
"shims everywhere" We know, it's 2019.
Raymond Hogue lll
Should of called .. would of helped u out
Really I'm GOD level
moh abz
Such a Christmasy montage song
Robert Drlicka
Curious why no vapor barrier was installed 1st? Thanks.
James Russell
I like that retro disco dance background music. A rare find!
Peter H
Great job buddy. The floor looks fantastic. 👍👍👍
Jake Vasey
Love watching your videos keep up the good work
Jr Pz
If you got the rite tools.
Everything will be easy and faster.
Joseph Spry
Do yourself a favor and buy ceramic tile planks that look like wood. Floating tongue and grove floors suck and damage too easily.
Dylan Wiesner
Love the RedWings! Keep it up handyman!
Thanks for the videos, i appreciate you
Chris Webb
Just did a small kitchen last week. You earn your money doing flooring
Hands down, THE best LVP flooring install video I’ve seen. Thank you!
I did an entire house last week....
I was within a quarter inch on the far wall...
Ryan Pitkin
Hey Handyman, you talked about some hearing protection you were going to try out in a video a couple months ago. I can't find the video. Could you tell me the brand and if they were any good?
Paul Baird
The first guy on here knows what he is doing
Jack Pacleb
love the hammering sound effects. great vid by the way. appreciate you sharing. ignore the haters.
Louis Holland
I also tested Polyurethane and stain over one piece of traffic Master at basement door way. Anyone ever tried it.
Wesley Warren
You just had to huh.... Lol
Jerry Doll
Good way to slice your leg open. @ 12:26. More confident than I would be.
Dio ooo
Where's you rubber hammer?
When I was working on flooring, I kept a couple of small pieces of blue foam camp pad around to kneel on. It was a pain to keep moving around but it was better than destroying my knees.
ephram brown
Pro knees, best knee pads made.
What do you mean by "left hand corner"?
Joseph Stokes
Good show old boy! We definitely owe you a beer! Best of luck!
Robert Bogan
Working with furniture in the way is such a pain. Also since you dont like knee pads try looking for pants with a double layer over the knee. Its the very minimum of padding.
John O
When you get tired of random a 4 plank repeat on a large floor looks really good.
mike byrd
The truth about Vinyl flooring... Watch all the videos and draw your own conclusions to the & there is no easy way to do anything. You have to work it. Entertaining videos. Thanks for sharing
Carl McCoy
I use sheet metal snips for a lot of cuts. If you are going to do these fairly often, either rent or buy a laminate cutter, one that the blade is forced straight down, not the ones like paper cutters. Worth it. Also there is a tool for cutting ceramic tile right even with the toe kick board, for tile that has been laid under the cabinets (check HF cheap) it would probably work for a situation like this and be a good option.
I hope the property owner dried that concrete slab out for you. The vapor barrier under the slab means all the moisture must go up. If you have not trimmed it out yet, lift up a couple pieces of flooring to see if it is dry.
Bob Sieburg
I agree. I never do stair stagger. I also hate the look. For really great tips for installing flooring. Look up So that's how you do that. Joe L. He taught me some tricks that made me go so much faster. Look up cheater board Joe teaches.
Pancho Villa
Vinyl plank does not need underlayment or vapor barrier . you use that on laminate floor. The best stuff is at surplus warehouse. They carry aqualogic and matrix. Lifetime warranty. If that would have happened they would have backed it up 100%. Stay away from home depot and lowes floor. Go to surplus warehouse.
Jeff Brady
try pro knee pads 2 straps i have used for years no blisters on back of knee
Wear tactical BDU pants with knee pad inserts option. I used formed knee pad inserts on my deployment and they worked great. It was a tip offered by a seasoned Infantryman.
Setup one pair of pants at first; if it works for you, set up another few pairs. You don’t want the hassle of having to remove/insert repeatedly. I even washed them with the inserts.
Plus you get the added benefit of having a few cargo pockets for carrying common items, like gloves, box cutter (with locking blade), small tape measure etc.
What's the name of product
The way you whistled while explaining where to start the flooring @ 3:52 reminded me so much of my dad. every time he explained something like that to me he would use that whistle. 🤣
Liberty Never Sleeps
Metal hammer directly on the flooring ????
Don't you click/lock the ends as well?
When I did my LVP, I click/lock both the sides and ends so it won't separate.
z bowyer
I've been thinking about using this flooring for my walk out basement.
Composite shims everywhere.
Just say plastic shims,thats what they are.
John & Kelli Parks
You are hired❣
Mary Dorr
Nice job! Looks great
Thomas Desmond
What I suggest is that you go to a someone you does alterations and have them see in some rubberized padding to a pair of work pants. That is what I did. Love them no issues with the back of you knees.
Great job as usual! I love all the comments about things you addressed in the video. Most don't realize that it's a rental so...
creeper boy
Why didnt start at the front door so that why you only go back wards once
For those commenting about the 1/4" expansion gap needed for LVP flooring, the gaps main purpose is for repairs to a piece of flooring if it gets damaged. The space you leave along the walls allows for a specialized vinyl plank spreader to spread the planks on either side of a damaged piece to replace it. And yes, it also allows for expansion room though with vinyl it is minimal compared to wood products such as laminate flooring which wick moisture and then dry out over and over with changes in humidity or vapor intrusion. 🙂
Lisa Hill
I'm no expert. I just love to learn how things work and come together. Cool bath. Fancy
You gotta get some Blaklader or HeROCK pants with the integral kneepad sleeves (with the kneepads). The best thing for laying floors.... EVER.
Wayne Satter
A tile cutter works also, floor looks good
David Flores
I choose engage 200 xl vinyl flooring hope it holds up. Building new home now and that was my choice including bathrooms
Nice job! I like to use my cut off as row starters to keep that random look and less waste. Better get yourself some kunys.
feel like I'm at a holiday disco
Duke Makedo
I like kneepads or kneeling pads, but I have yet to find something that I REALLY like. Straps usually bite the backs of my knees.
NintendopePokemonFreak Ruben
gosh i thought it was just flooring. i do a little a bit of research on flooring and just when i think sounds advice sounds good. now i hear rookie mistakes. dont do this and that because thats a bad idea. fml
Jim Wood
Thanks mate. Very good vid. Taught me a lot.
Wayne Satter
I like random also looks way better
Kristina Casazza
Loved the cha-ching while you walked through the hall 😂
Scott Miller
3:27 Handyman eating sandwich from bag.
I heard redback makes some great kneepads!
Dillon DeRoche
5 days HAHAHA. This is a two day maximum.
had to give a thumbs down for the deceptive title

Whats the truth??
Tony Myers
Sould have a rubber hammer and block
David Porris
A real professional would know when you get to a door jamb you shave off the little lip of the locking system and glue the pieces together. Plus you would use 2 pieces instead of trying to fit in a full piece
Hangry Zombit
get some roller derby knee guards, you'll look pro, and they are super comfy!
Joseph Spry
Wtf.. no underlayment?
Really helpful. Thanks.
No more washer and dryer for you. I'd also remove the dishwasher.