How to put resin in a water softener

After cleaning and regenerating your softener and you still have no soft water you might want to watch this video. If your system is over 8 years old this is probably why it isn't working. Subscribe:
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The Gauch
Thank you Lonnie! Did it today and worked out great. I had the confidence to do it because of your video.

You are a Stand Up Guy
Jesse Florez
Best video ever step by step.thank you so much..
anh dung Vu
Joe Herth
Great instructional video. I’m planning on replacing my resin tomorrow and feel very comfortable in doing so after watching your video. Thanks so much. Kudos to the camera man, very well done. And funny too. Thanks again.
Awesome with sharing this info! Thank you!
C Dubya
excellent video...I love how you just talk about each individual step, You've inspired me to refurbish my own unit instead of buying a new one.
Great video. Your step by step guide was perfect. I was able to replace the resin in my tank. Thanks
Just finished this project with the help of your video. Saved me 600 bucks. Thanks for sharing!
"Tank" U, Mr. Johnson! :-) Your three videos inspired me to "get 'er done!" Loved the action @2:40. U could have redone that, but, you were man enough to leave it. Ha! Thumbs up.
Mike Bronson
Mr Johnson, thanks so much for this video. I am not at all mechanically minded but your video at least gave me the confidence to try. I can't believe I actually got it done. There is no way I would have tried it, let alone been successful at it, without this video. You are gifted at explaining things. You don't go into too much or too little detail and you explain why you are doing what you do. I wonder how much money people saved by watching this video. Thank you again! Blessings to you!

And I agree with StuckInMyGarage. That was not only awesome it caused me to make sure the water was off and a faucet was open!
haqparast 323
Thank You very much for your detailed instructions. I was having low water pressure and saw your video on resin replacement. Your video helped me a lot. May God Bless you
This was an awesome video! I learned quite a lot. Thanks mate!
Great video. Very detail steps. Thanks a million buddy.
Larry Letcher
Great video. Thanks for all the details.
Found. done. installed .worked great!
Jodo LaForce
Thank you so much!!
DontTrackMe Bro
You are a very good teacher. Thanks for making this video.
Selvan M Vee
Thanks for the Video. Do you need gravel at the bottom of the resin tank?
Stacey Stanforth
Thank you! The owners manual is to vague. We loved your detail. Your son cracked us up to! Cutie patutie
Stephan Anagnostaras
U da man Lonnie! Thanks
Wile E. Coyote
Thank you. The video is well done and will help me with exactly the same Sears water softener. I am going to try a wet/dry vacuum to remove the resin. If that doesn’t work, I’ll use your method
The Melter
Lonnie, thank you for taking the time to make the video. I followed the video to add the Kenmore Softener Treatment to the brinewell on my Kenmore. The little tid bits in the video about tiny parts falling out accidentally was extremely useful. Very thorough and helpful instructions.
Anthony Campagna
Use a wet/dry shop like I did and save a ton of time
Frank & Laurie Kranitsky
I have the same softener. I know they make a few different types of resin. What specific type of resin did you get?
Dave Thomasson
Very nice work on both the video presentation and the technical stuff. Big help brother!
Clown Whisper
Great video thank you for your efforts
Most people don't know to turn their water on slowly whenever they've empty the line. It can be very violent on plumbing to turn it on rapidly!
This is basically an identical units what I have and I'm having issues with it. It seems to be using salt slower the normal but I could be mistaken the water is not softening!
This was in the house when I bought it it looked brand new but looks can be deceiving. I replaced all the internal o-ring's right before it stopped working right so how can this be? There's really nothing you can do that I can think of that would cause it to still function but not softened water just by replacing these o-ring.

It was leaking that's why I replaced all the upper o rings and it was successful it's got blinking but it also stopped working right. I'm kind of perplexed as to what could be the problem I'm tempted just to buy a new softener but I wouldn't mind saving that money instead. Can you think of anything that I could have possibly done by replacing those o-ring that would cause it not to function properly. In my mind the only thing I could have done was cause more leaks. The motor is operating properly I replaced the position sensor the roller actuator if you know what I mean motor works fine turns everything fine it cycles fine it doesn't make sense it really seems like the tank is fouled. but why wouldn't have been fouled right before I did the repair? Doesn't make a lot of sense dose it?
Very helpful video, I'm building mine just like it, I had a little more work to do, My resin beads started coming apart, it clogged the water flow, I have 60 psi on my deep well, and after the pressure bled down in the buildings, the flow dropped by 80% while the pressure stayed up. The screen on top of the resin tank was completely stopped up, water wouldn't run through it, again, thanks for the help, My total rebuild cost about $300 including 1 cubic ft. of resin.
Wagner Paz
Nice and simple 👏👍
Diane Ingham
Thank you very much your the only one on here that shows this... wish I would have saw this earlier today wondered why we couldnt get the water softner to line up to pipes didnt know to take the motor off etc... wow hope I didnt damage my softner today trying to dump it over with motor on it .
Steven Wagg
Can you take the top of the main valve off, without taking the entire tube out. Maybe wiggle from side to side after clips have been removed? I don’t need to replace the resin, I only need to replace the brine tank.
B Baker
Congratulations on producing an absolutely excellent instructional video.
Thanks very much! Change my resin this afternoon but when I push back the by-pass valve, water was leaking from the head even if my three O ring are installed properly. Don't understand. Maybe I let the water coming too fast in the softener ??? Have some idea ?
tomo bomo
Hi. I Was refill my resin. How long I have to wait for soft water in faucets?
Hotwire, Donald Su
This is a good video thx
hector ramon
Very informative video. I had a plumber come out to do the same to my water softener and charged almost $400. Only question is can the water be left on with the bypass in place? Work away from home and was thinking I could bring it with me and do a complete rebuild of my water softener.
Steve Cox
A fantastic video ! Thanks
Jawed Abbasi
Very nice detailed and helpful video.
paint slinger
Great video! We couldn't have done this project without you. We have a Whirlpool WHES48, very similar to your Kenmore. We were told it would cost $800 to replace the resin or buy a new Whirlpool for $997. I called Whirlpool and they sent the resin for free but said to watch YouTube for instructions on how to replace the resin. I wish we had paid closer attention to your video on how to depressurize the system so we could get the clips off. We ended up breaking the first clip but thankfully had a replacement. The only difference we had with our system was the tank was full of resin. We washed the resin into a pillowcase so the water would drain out and then put the resin into several trash bags. We also used a plastic soda bottle to add the resin to the tank. (Both ideas came from another YouTube video.)
Melanie Hankins
Excellent video! I moved into a new house and the water softener is using salt, but my water isn't soft at all. I've used several test strips, and also compared it to my sprinkler system water (not run through the softener) - they were the same level of hardness. I can't find any dates on the softener, but the owners manual it came with was revised in 2012, so it's not older than 7 years. Could it be out of resin already? It's a Kenmore 625.38300. Thank you!
Nick Selva
Excellent video, everyone of my fingers up. I am a Electronics/Mechanical engineer, and really admire, appreciate the way you explained and showed every step of the procedure so clearly, so anyone l could do it. Thank you and continue and continue , since you have the ability to explain and may be to teach. Again, thank you very much. This is one of the best I have seen in Youtube.
Dylan Langley
Is there no gravel in the smaller system? Just the ion exchange resin
Great video. I am trying to find Purolite Resin in California. No luck yet, may have to order it and then I am going to follow your video step by step. You and your camera guy are great!
J Pal
At 8:27 minutes into the video there is a very small amount of old resin shown. There should be about as much as what comes in the new bag. Since resin does not dissolve in water, it is probably making into the pipes or down the drain when recharging. This can cause the pipes to back up.

The filters at the bottom and top of the feed tube that goes inside the resin tank should be checked for cracks and replaced.
Thanks Mr. Johnson
yoshe yoshe
Lonnie, have a question. I installed a new G.E. GXSF30V water softener for my 90 year old mother. I added the rust free cube/tab type salt to the 61/2 mark. Installed the softener middle of Dec (17) and the salt level is still at 61/2. How much water should be in the brine tank itself ? Moms house is very old and I have to clean or replace the aerators on the faucets often and clean fluid master seal , I'm thinking I might have clogged up screen on new softener when I turned water back on, your thoughts on that ? Great video's, I'll have to say, the best "HOW TO" videos I found on Y.Tube.
Sookwan Lee
I should have watched this video earlier. My Kenmore would not provide any soft water. I called engineer in paying $100, he said he did everything what he had to do to make it work. But it was in vain. So I purchased new one. Now I understand. Thanks for help for the next time.
Richard Haley
Where did the one cubic foot of the old resin go ? I didn't see one cubic ft. of resin come out of the vessel.
Fuelish Trucker
So I assume that resin is the only thing in that tank there is no rock bed at the bottom? I have a Sears model 350 which is fairly identical to yours except maybe the controllers are different, and the capacity may be a little less. I have ordered the resin from Amazon for $80 and also the funnel for eight dollars. I am waiting when those parts get here along with a total rebuild kit of the Venturi and hopefully my water softener will be as good as yours. Currently my hard water is at 8 grains and my softener is only producing 3 grains and this is because the resin maybe worn out. According to a water softener specialist your water softener should produce a 0 grain water. You can order those hardness test strips from Amazon for about $15 for 35 strips and I suggest testing your water on the hot water side to make sure that you are in fact 100% grain free on your soft water side.
Fuelish Trucker
When you completed this task did you have any odd color water or resin in your tapwater in the beginning? Did you perform a backwash prior to doing a regen to activate the resin?