How to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring

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Don't use peel n stick u will regret it. After a while the seams open up . A locking system is best
Can you cut 6mm Luxury vinyl plank with a razor blade like on the video? Thanks
Allen Walker
That was a very useful video. I'm surprised at the quality and how it answered my questions about installation. Good job Lowe's
Ian Guiberson
both will expand and contract peel &stick is by far as bad investment if you want it to last more than a year
I'm installing this on concrete in a bathroom. Should I seal the edges to keep water from going underneath the flooring?
Shawn T. Bell
My Coeluxe instructions call for 3/8" spacers around the perimeter.
Samantha Campos
Can you install peel and stick over ceramic tiles? If so how would you prep that?
Josue Aparicio
what's exact model of plank vinyl?
Mikey Sharp
Do I have to do anything to the floor when I'm pulling up carpet to install the flooring
Read the instructions from the manufacturer before you buy the floor. You probably have to test the moisture level in the subfloor first. If it's too high, don't purchase the flooring.
Ro J
I have an island in the middle of the room, do I have to leave the 5/16 gap around that too or just at the walls?
Ken Taylor
Put flooring length wise in a room. Very easy to install and wears good.
john cena
no glue or nails between the floor and wood floor?
Sunny Raj
I was going to put laminate on my basement steps, But now choosing Vinyl. Do/should I use glue as well to put the vinyl on the steps? It's going to be a high traffic area with boots, shoes, ect.
Any thoughts??
Tate Ellison
How about a floor that has a step down.
Ricardo Landingin Jr
do you still need underlayment ?
Loyalty 77
I want this but need someone to install it for me....
Brian Freeh
I'm installing this in a bathroom. Do I scribe around the toilet or can I remove it and go under it?
Doxie Mom
Great video!
Adrienne Babcock
can this go on top of tile?
Peter Mazzuchin
Quite informative, Thank You. To make the flooring softer for sensitive feet, what type and how thick of a mold resistant, water retardant underpad is recommended on top of concrete base floor? Thank You
Does anything need to go underneath the planks if it's going over existing tile or can it be placed directly over the tile?
Great video, thanks. How well do these hold up against larger dogs?
Starman jr
The music in this makes it unwatchable.
Riz P
I did my whole garage and it looks awesome.
Kyle Winland
i love how all of these videos say to cut the planks by scoring them to length with a razor knife but cutting them lengthwise so that you have the proper width is not described or even shown in any example............scoring them for width with a razor sounds stressful and bound to fail. what are the suggestions on cutting the vinyl locking planks lengthwise so that you get a proper width???
Tom Jones
Can I use this as flooring on a pontoon boat?
Mark Owen
In a bathroom, would the flooring be installed before the vanity is installed? Or cut / trim around the vanity?
May I ask if vinyl plank flooring can be installed over linoleum flooring? I have searched for answers to this question, but I did not locate helpful answers.
What exact flooring is installed in this video? Is this the 3.2mm Shaw?
Russell Duncan
What is the purpose of cutting the tongue off of the first row of planks?
sarinah jumari
I really need your help to my question. my existing flooring has a curved end where it meets the wall, like a cove base. Can i still install vinyl flooring on it?
alyssa duffy
i have a trap door in the middle of the room, since this is a no glue application, can i use glue on the planks that will be bordering the trap door and the ones on the trap door to hold in place?
Jenny Burns
They make it look so easy but starting on the second row, it's a nightmare to install. Making two 90 degree tongues slip into each other is no easy task. If you can manage one, wiggling in the next one makes the previous on fall out
Daniel Thompson
That 5/16ths inch spacer at the edge is nothing but trouble. The planks easily shift and unlock themselves on a finished floor. All it takes is dragging a bit of furniture, like a bathroom vanity, and it comes undone at the edges and especially in the corners. I had to go back and put a 1/4 filler around the edges to stop them from coming part. All in all not great instructions.
Rick SC
Vinyl flooring is also excellent for under kitchen sinks and bathroom vanities. Makes the bottom of the cabinet waterproof and looks great. A slow leak will ruin an MDF cabinet bottom. Not anymore!
I thought vinyl planks don't expand or contract so is leaving an expansion gap really necessary?
Skill Builder
Good video. The only thing is I would have run the planks the other way because the joists would normally go the short way across the room. The boards run counter to the joists. I know their aren't any but it just makes the floor look more realistic if you follow the logical conventions of building.
stop asking me to change my name!
Can this product be cut with a saw ? I know it can be scored for cutting to length but what about curves and cutting them length wise. I plan on using a jigsaw for curves and a table saw for ripping.
John Smith
pure junk
My kitchen is not square at all. I have walls that go around a breakfast nook and Cabinets all around kitchen. How do I know to square the room since my room isn't Square? Also can I install my Nook Benches over these planks or do I have to install these around Bench? Would really like to install these Floors, but if I cant place my Bench over them, it wont be a pretty install :o/   Thanks for your response and help :o)
Alex Smith
If you want insulation in between the concrete floor and the vinyl, what do you use and how to install?
Charalampos Koundourakis
Hey , I tried this but I can't get rid of the seams between the planks. Any ideas?
BigD Hahn
There is one thing you fail to show the people trying to install this kind of product. How easy the tiles pop out of joint. These products in my opinion are junk. If you don't have someone else to stand at the other end of the plank you just installed when installing the next piece the first one will on its own come apart. Making my point why most vinyl snap together is junk. Show the problems as well. and putting 2 pieces together isn't how to install the floor. Show how to cut around corners or doorways that are already installed.
ebsen raptzski
PhillipJoe Borowitz
kyle, just jump around, beat urself in face with a nice stack of vinal, then ,once you got all the dumb outcha, jus scribe n snap. be awe ite. promise you