Asphalt Driveway, removed and replaced, start to finish

Asphalt Driveway, removed and replaced, start to finish. Driveway was starting to really deteriorate so the old asphalt hardtop was removed, new stone dust was packed and new hardtop was installed. He asphalt was sloped to drain water towards the street and extended to the width of the property line where some grass was removed.
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Felix Reali
yeah, some music would have been nicer instead of the sound of gum being chewed. seriously people
José Batres.
hey Mr di Blasio. how much cost this nice driveway.. aprox
I'll bet Shluter has a secret Ditra "driveway" system in works... they have everything else!
Eli Ben David
lighting is very bad though or maybe the camera man doesn't know much
John Brown
Now that’s money well spent absolutely beautiful looks great !
Now you can put up that basketball goal you always dreamed of.
Mass Lass
Nothing like a shirtless young man pouring hot top in the summer!
Some people wanna save the planet, I say pave the planet
Richin Thomas
i heard not a good idea installing asphalt driveway when its raining.. i wander howz the driveway holding up.
looks like a nice job. The seams seem to be well rolled and hardly visible.
Eric Le Carreleur
yeahh !! super ! beau travail ! very goog job ! super les camions americains plus joli que les nôtres 😉
John Wayne
NICE! I need a new driveway like that. :) But more importantly I want that big brand new shiny red dump truck!
Who did the work? Mathias?
Installing asphalt while its raining not a good idea. I'd stay away from that contractor.
Looks good.
Brion Swanson
An average job, at best. Didn't bother to tamp the edges. Good companies always tamp the edges on residential installations. The material is quality. But doesn't look thick enough. ( Should be at least three inches thick. Compacted thickness ) That dinky paver leaves a lot to be desired. Would like to see the driveway after 5 years. Should hold up well for 20 years I've Been in the paving business for 35 years. Perhaps we just do it differently here in Michigan.
Hajra Bibi
What a beautiful job
Bryan Vaccaro
Didn't go with tile?
Why not concrete
Shaun Vargas
how much did this cost and how long can you expect it to last until you have to again redo everything? also how much did it cost per sq ft?
their extensions on the paver were too cold on the 3rd pass resulting in that shadowing and on the 2nd pass he was too tight on his joint which is why u have that shadow about 1 ft in. not a bad job considering though , came out pretty nice.
Mike Laporte
Not a big deal that they did it in the rain... it wasn't pouring and the base wasn't saturated but they should have done 2 lifts and they didn't even tac and sand the road so that will peel up.
Wac chinny
Thanks for video
Looks good. Just a little surprised the tile man didn't go with something like cobblestones ;)
soulless one
wow thats smart do it in the rain yes trap water underneath good job
Matt Beazer
Should have gone large format tile instead of asphalt, then you could have used it as a showcase for your work when people ask for examples of your previous work. ;)
Sam Vega C.
how much did this cost?
house machine
Can you remove the asphalt (in good condition) cut it out nicely and reuse the base for a concrete apron around a garage? Do you need to dig down and lay new base if your just remove the asphalt and keeping base possible? Want to add some accents with some stone and concrete
Big John
Work is fun...
How long did it take them? They looked like they knew what they were doing.
How much cheaper was asphalt compared to concrete? Is cost why you chose to use asphalt? Thanks.
Jimmy Rovolis
Stop chewing gum like a Cow!!
first off its not stone dust its ledge pak. second , i hope they removed all the unsuitables ( loam , fill etc ) from the extended part before adding the ledge pak and paving. as long as the rain is on the light side and its a 1 lift job its not as much of a factor as it would be if it was a binder and top job.
NC Styles
I only trust Mexicans to do my homework. 🙃
Евгений Волков
Are you guys serious? It is impossible to lay asphalt on wet gravel. I noticed that in the USA it is not customary to process the rubble surface with bitumen for agdesion before laying, why?
asphalt is a waste of money---doesn't last long--just concrete---only have to do it once--
why did you have to chew gum the entire time and also why did you film the rain !?
how much was this process
Not a single one of those guys looks like they've been in jail. Must not be from my neck of the woods.
Looks good! You'll need to wait 2 weeks to park on it otherwise you'll leave dents
Brion Swanson
As someone who's been in the paving business for 30 years, it's not recommended to pave on a wet sub-base. It's simply asking for trouble structurally. Also, looks like a 2 inch job. ( after full compaction, maybe less ) You want at a minimum 3 inches , compacted thickness. ( Preferably done in 2 one and a half inch lifts / layers. ) If you have a track road or highway paver, ( which these guys don't ) you can get a good three inch compacted job in one lift while still achieving full density. Also, these guys need to learn how to properly tamp an asphalt edge.  Also, the saw cut at the road looks nonexistent. You should always get a company that uses track road paving machines to place the asphalt , make sure it's a minimum of 3 inches compacted thickness. Preferably , a nice high stability commercial asphalt. We like 1100 Mix here in Michigan. Holds up real well over the years in horrible weather extremes. ( or 4 inches compacted ) And never lay the asphalt on a wet sub-base. Also, make sure you get at least a one year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Good luck with your job.
Liam O'Connell
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David Redden
I despise the laborers who take their shirts completely off while working at someone's home. So unprofessional.
Brian Baker
The disgusting smacking of the gum chewing was too much to take.
six banger
if you used that diesel fuel in new england usa you have just voided the warranty on the asphalt, plus your workmen ship sucks bc you paved in the RAIN thats a no no
ppl in Texas say if we deport all the Mexicans who will do the hard work?that's bull cap the same ppl in this video and the same ppl in Portland when I was on vacation and the same ppl that did construction in the 50s
TJ Klingberg
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chris collin