How To Fix A Long White Scratch On Wood Flooring

Using stain and colored markers, along with clear wax can take the white out of the scratch and fill it in to be virtually invisible.

The best way to avoid scratches is to have a no shoe policy, trim & buff pets nails, and keep walk off mats around doorways.

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??? You can still see the Scratch ?? !!
by hidden you mean move the camera away?
What are you talking about? I can clearly see the scratch at the end.
You're a wizard Harry!
Bad dog multiple scratched on hardware floor on heavy traffic area. Will this wax method work in heavy traffic area.
Very deep gouges by dog, needs sanding too. Will this method WOR. What about some kind if Gardner for foot traffic.
What happens when you mop?
PaulaMarie Taylor
Thank you for your videos!!!! And your touch up kit!!!! Went to amazon and bought what I needed! Ill update once I've hopefully fixed the scratches!
Craig Shelton
What “kit”?
Esther Laserra
Thank You thank You thank You !
James brown
almost disappeared.. and guys!! wood should be changed if you guys wanna remove that scratches perfectly!
andrea vallotto
Are you a professional idiot?... scratch still there, and well visible! AH UPS THE WITE SCRATCH ON WOOD ARE IMPOSSIBLE! ONLY ON PLASTIC IDIOT!