Laminate flooring repair to fix soft spot for uneven underlayment

Diy soft spot laminate flooring popping fix on a uneven floor
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Diy soft spot laminate flooring popping fix on a uneven floor
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Heavy Kevy
IT WORKED! I did everything the same as the video except I drilled a few holes at once in case the foam needed more space to expand. I went very slow and alternated between the holes. When I was done I left Olympic weights on it overnight to make sure it wouldn't buckle. I wasn't about to tear the floor up for one soft spot. To all the people saying prep the floor beforehand, no duh. That would obviously be better but unless you have a time machine to go back before the floor was installed, this quick fix is cheap and easy.
Kevin Wong
This works ridiculously well, if you are ever in Edmonton I owe you a beer. Like others said, this video is for people who made the error of laying floor on an uneven surface, not for those smart enough to level it correctly beforehand
it's like in the matrix. computer, i need to know how to fix a bouncy laminate flooring. done, courtesy of youtube and aglobal. great video, respek.
John Legnos
some of these comments are ridiculous and over thought (engineers) lol this is a perfect fix for a homeowner or flipper who has an already existing laminate floor they did not install themselves. No tearing out a perfectly good floor for a minor bend in the planking. Nice video.
Mark Lawry
I love that "Oh, $h1t!" at the very end.
Jim Lutz
Your Video on laminate floor was ABSOLUTELY GREAT on so many levels. Listen People! If replacing the floor is the option a Pro would do then why not give a $20 fix a shot and see the results. I loved the Puritans say this was a horrible job! I loved the People who loved this trick and I even loved the idea of glue instead of Great Stuff. Even the guy who wanted to come up from the bottom of the sub floor to inject the stuff ..AMAZING.. This video got people together talking and thinking. Thank you to all the people with the "should not be tried" comments, I do see your points made..they are quite valid and have experience behind them.

I am being called in to repair a floor and have the quote to replace the floor, a quote to repair the sunk in areas....And, now I have an idea to try it myself. A big THANK YOU to the Author of this video; You have provided inspiration!
Abbie Road- LLC
This laminate flooring fix really worked for me. No problems with the foam drying. It's the same as being in a cavity behind a window or door frame. :) Thanks s a lot! 5 stars!
Jun Pasion
Excellent idea.Ty for sharing.
That crack foam is the nastiest product out there. It will ruin everything it gets on , including your hands, if you let it dry.
V. T.
Good job! My floors aren't bouncy bur where there is heavy traffic, the laminate panels move when you walk on it. Do you think this will fix it?
I bet if he did a follow-up video it would show foam coming up from every seam..
Alex Z
Do you just drill below the laminate and underlayment till you get to the subfloor?
Charles Gunter
You have to make sure your subfloor is leveled! If not tap it!
Point made
allways gonna have a soft spots on a laminate ,fix one for some time is gonna show another somewhere in the room it normal for floating floor is not glued on
Vineeth Thampi
Great tips, could you please add a link for the needle and and the foam that you used
Constance Thomson
Worked for me too. thanks!
Genius !! Thank you !
Gale Sams
like great job.
Alicia Lehoux
what kinda glue is that?
*may or nay not work* foam requires air to cure fully..........otherwise it will stay "wet"
my issue is that when repeatedly stepped on the foam will crush leaving you with same situation..
Thomas McMeekin
I do e this it swelled so much it popped the joint
Juan lopez
You should prep that floor before and don't do tha Micky mause repair.
Glenn Carraway
God told the engineers to design a horse, they did that's how we got the camel.
Jason Labbe
It's a free floating floor if the under layment was there you wouldn't have that problem.
Jason Labbe
It's a free floating floor if the under layment was there you wouldn't have that problem.
not accurate info
nope, end up with a hill , been there done that, better with the glue mate.
Jeevan Mathew
I have a wood floor with the pad under it on a concrete floor, in summer its bummy as the wood expands. Can this trick work? should i make sure the foam gets in between the wood and the pad and also between the pad and the concrete floor? the wood is interlocked. thank you!
Kevin Russell
I have a soft spot on my engineered wood flooring I may try this on Would you inject the foam between the flooring and the underlay or try to drill through the underlay and inject the foam between the sub-floor and underlay?
Nelson Flores
The foam would have pulled the floor apart If This Were Real.
James Sang
Emanuel Alvarado
Are you kidding me!!! It is laminate!! NEVER going to be solid, and to prevent this you need to check the floor first and mark all low and high spots then level the floor
Poker Snob
Don’t believe the needle tip is big enough for that great stuff....
Dave Mastriano
This is a horrible idea. Great Stuff Window & Door has a compression strength of 3 psi. The average person exerts 16 psi. This won't last very long and will crumble. As a licensed engineer, I advise nobody to follow this!
thanks for the video. will this also work on engineered wood floor?
Doubleoh Spartan
This is b******* this is what low end flooring guys do what you're really supposed to do before you even lay the floor is level the whole entire floor grinding and self leveler using a screed and a trial and then you have to patch up the ends with floor patch these guys are ridiculous never take advice from YouTube flooring guys
Joey Boss
That’s not gonna end well 😬
Sean Thornhill
How long did you squeeze the trigger on the foam can for? It sounded like you did for a second or two and then left it for the remaining time the tip was inserted in the floor.
Mitchell Scott
Laminate repair...also known as "completely replace that floor with something better"
Chris Sheafer
It's a floating floor!
Not anymore.
Now, you will find in the future that your going to get gaps because the floor is not expanding or contracting together with temperature change.
This... is s terrible idea.
Honestly I'm not sure if this would hold up long term, maybe in low traffic areas. We used great stuff to seal off a few exhaust holes in our shop and let me tell you whatever it touches it owns! For the people that already have the floor down not wanting to tear it up, it's a pain in the @$$ and very easy to break joints.. For those that do I recommend Planipatch by Mapei to fill those low spots in. Epoxy works great too, but not cheap. PC Concrete is amazing stuff for filling cracks and have used it on a few carpet nail pullouts. It would be interesting to pull up one of those spots in a few years and see how well it did... I appreciate the creativity guys!
Cody Smith
Holy dear God! Do not do this under any circumstance!!!! Proper floor analysis should be preformed before any and all installs. If you have done the floor yourself and this happens this is not the answer. The expanding foam will not only make a highspot once it expands it will adhere the laminate to the substrate. This will cause the flooring not to be able to expand and contract properly. No manufacturers or seasoned installer will tell you this is a good idea!
You have to level the subfloor before the installation...
Abbie Road- LLC
Floors in all my rentals still holding up great. Had a slight slope in one bedroom recently and I remembered this easy fix! Thanks again. Very creative !
Doesn't the foam expand as it dries? Do you have to be concerned not to overfill and cause a hump?
Sung Grace
What is the name of the expanding form?
Zoe Bellamy
Where do you find the foam and what is the name of it
Great idea until it doesn't work and ends up leaving a film all over your floor that never disappears no matter how hard you scrape away at it....
David Dentici
Listen people they do sell an epoxy floor repair to inject under soft spots. It's a 2 part epoxy, tape and drill a hole, squirt in, dries in under 3 minutes, fill hole with color putty. Very easy. Designed for floors. Will never crush or create humps. Do not do this Hack trick. If you have to do it, do it right.

Edit correction and update:

But I do not recommend this for a laminate. Epoxy is best known for engineered wood..
My answer to fix this is in one the replies on this page.
Cheryl Price
I have this problem with vinyl plank click flooring. Some of the sub flooring was not properly leveled. Do you think this would work with it as well?
Thomas W
this is what happens when you don't use an underlay and don't leave an expansion gap at the edges, underlay is like $30 to cover a large room, don't cheap out laying laminate.

you're also storing up future problems by bonding the flooring to the subfloor, now your laminate can't move so will buckle even more when it expands and contracts
rawb fish
I have done this before and wanted to do it again and I was so frustrated to see that they changed the tube on the great stuff can so you can't attach this anymore. Arrrgh!
Fleur in the Fury
Do you know where you got those particular laminate floors? We bought a house with the same exact ones and would like to continue then on the first floor of our house.
Is it still holding up?
Ljudmilla Mihhalko
Better to use natural wood, it's possible to paint it & it's more warm & for long time.
Bill O'Hara
Any concerns with this solution causing a problem since the floors are supposed to "float" on the subfloor, with normal expansion of the wood?
Christopher Roosa
Ok it all depends on why the floor is spongy is it because of a small water leak rotting the floor boards? If so this will only make it worse. Is it a loose board from the house setting a little bit then yeah it should be fine. Just make sure you know why the floor is acting like it is before doing a repair like this.
Amanda Perkins
Do you always place the hole on a seam? And if my soft spot is relatively small in size, will one hole work?
tony mcfeisty
I would worry about compression of the foam, i'm thinking from experience of how easy it is to compress low expansion foam when it's used in its designed setting, I've had problems with foam underlay compressing and that is designed for that use. it, might work where the boards bridge a small hollow but wouldn't bet on it. like others have said would also be worried of the problems caused by fixing the floor, wouldnt be such a problem if you could get the foam between the subfloor and underlay rather than underlay and floor. Don't think i'll be giving this a try, would personally go for a cut out, local level with some thing like thinset and replace the boards
As a comparrison, PIR flooring insulation board had a compressive strength of 12 - 15 N/cm2, minimal expanding foam (typically doesn't expand more than 10% of the its extruded size) has about 3N/cm2 so 20 to 25% of PIR Board. Xps foam underlay is about 7-8 N/cm2 and ive experienced local compression of this type of product as mentioned earier, expanding foam isn't designed to withstand compressive forces, from experience using products in uses they are not designed for always carries a substantial risk.
Ok so I had a low spot under a hardwood floor I laid. Rather than drill a hole through the surface I went under the crawl space and drilled up through the subfloor. I drilled several holes close to the same size as the great stuff tube and sprayed about half a can. I then set a heavy five gallon bucket on top to make sure the floor didn’t heave. The hardwood was an engineered floor installed floating. Glued edges. It worked great. The floor still has flexibility as far as expansion.
Ummm, Guys. I see this is being installed and now a fix is needed. The floor should have been checked for dips, where your "soft spot" is long before floor would be laid. A string from side to side in both directions will suffice. Mark it and go back and address it, with Rock Hard Putty, or Hydraulic Cement, or S type mortar, if over an 1/8". It think I fear with your "after thought" is it could cause a hump and also adhere the laminate to the sub floor, if as many do, don't put down Felt or the laminate substraight. Ive seen people use Great stuff on windows and it push the sides in on door and window jambs leaving them inoperable. You also put a shit load of it in for one spot, a spot of which, should have been seen when installing it. I hope this is a self correcting problem where you wont have to go thru this ever again.
Jeep GarMax 254
I have the same floor
Newer Account
Just unclick the floor and fix it correctly
What is the brand of the can and where to get it at in LA CA?
All this video needs is music. Suggestion: Dueling Banjos.

I wonder: What's the compression rating on that 'Great Stuff? Is it rated to withstand weight?

Furniture+humans / Great Stuff = a floor that still fails.

If anyone steps on that area before it dries, the depression will still be there.

If no one stands on that area until after it dries, the Great Stuff will crumble.

This fix is akin (similar to) to chopping out a broken ceramic tile and installing the new one using Sheet Rock taping compound!

Know what you're actually fixing in this video?


Please, sir; stick to your day job. And if this is your profession, please: CHANGE CAREERS NOW.
The problem I see with this concept is the foam will bond to the laminate and substrate.

A laminate floor cannot be adhered to the substrate. This creates as many issues as it solves

I’d recommend flattening the floors prior to installation
ephram brown
If your floor is still under a warranty.... It isn't any more!
David Dentici
This is not good. It will create a hump in the floor if too much is injected and create multiple voids around it. You can't tell if your pumping too much. Floor should've been inspected prior to installation and low spots should've been flash patched. It's that simple. Nothing worse than having to drill into a new floor.

It's a matter of the 6 p's formula I work by everyday in my flooring business.
Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance
Ron Greer
I'm going to try this but use clear 100% silicone instead (and add weight until it dries) as I want the floor to stick down, not fill a gap . The ball needle is a great idea and should fit in a properly cut caulking tube (with a hose clamp maybe).
GoFuck Yourself
This is what you get when you hire a handyman. A tradesman would have removed a plank and corrected the installation as needed then reinstall a new plank so you dont have some drilled hole in your floor..........
T.R. Lanthier Jr.
I did this and I have huge lumps where I put the foam in. Now I’m screwed. How do I get it out?
Nicholas Brown
This is the exact opposite of fixing the problem
Does it also fix squeaky floor?
Board Rich
I stopped watching once you put on latex gloves to squeeze a can of spray foam. Hack
Dan Zorkot
Trash video
Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte
the reason you having that problem is because of cheap laminate flooring, next time get yourselves a floor that is atleast 12mm thick, that makes the difference, and make sure you leave enough room at the ends of the flooring for expansion and contraction, I can see from your video that whoever did your floor didn't know what he was doing, I see gaps in your joints which isn't normal, and your method of fixing the problem you are having is so wrong in many levels. but its pretty funny to watch
Nathan Crosty
I came up with a slightly different spin to your idea. I drilled a hole through the bottom of the subfloor but did not go through the floating floor. Then I took my caulking gun and injected about a half of tube of regular old caulk to fill a low spot. It seems to be working like a charm. However I am not sure if it will cure properly under there but who cares? The caulk should not compress or crush down like foam
Chris Lacourse
dumbest s*** Ive ever seen it's a laminate floating floor and you're going to drill holes and squirt spray foam underneath it will be glued in the spot now good luck expansion and contraction . I don't recommend anyone to do this I'm sure it'll void the manufacturer warranty just pay the money and have your floor installed professionally the first time not by a hack
Jose Herrera
Laminate floors are shit! way better stuff out there. why people call laminate floors hardwoods is dumb they are not hardwood floors, they are fake hardewood floors.
It worked 4 me. I was a bit more anal than u -but the 3/32 bit and ball pump fitting worked perfectly. Could never tell where I drilled the holes after the filler putty!
Newer Account
Oddly you are the second person I have seen doing this and o couldn’t believe it when I seen one idiot doing this
emperor butts
this is dumb as shit. theres so much wrong. the expansion is too much to maintain flat on the floor which the shit camera may have been able to show if they ever showed more than 4 sf of flooring at a time. you are using a modified glue injection kit on a floating laminate. it is no longer floating as you have adhered it to the subfloor. you have only affected a small area under your injection site which will lead to you teetering that board and breaking the click locks as you step on the voids surrounding your impromptu spot bonding. stop this. get help. take up the floor from the closest wall, buy an extra amount of wood and address the subfloor properly or let the floor float. a little bounce is a bad look but not a huge issue, you were better off letting it bounce. if you want your floor covering to feel solid then use an engineered hw and glue that shit down like you know youre supposed to. this is a shit show.
Robert Storey
I am an owner of a flooring installation co. That is subbed out from HOME DEPOT. I WOULD NEVER do this as a repair ! If something like this was done and then inspected and they seen this. Can you say YOUR FIRED ! PLUS I WOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR THE RIP UP,LEVELING,AND THE NEW FLOORING ,!!!! NOT ME,. Not in this to buy a customer a new floor....
what a dumb idea..