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In this video we will show you how to fix cracked bumper cover. The bumper cover on our 2014 Mercedes was cracked and instead of buying one we decided to fix and show you how good it can look again. If you are missing a whole section of the bumper the repair is possible as well we have the video on the channel. If you do not want to waste money on a new bumper cover because your bumper cover is cracked then this video is for you.

Products used in the video:
► Gorilla Epoxy:
► Zip Ties:
► Bondo:
► Primer:
► Clear Coat:
► Epoxy Cloth:
► Makita Sander:
► Snadpaper:
► Soft Block:
► Spray gun:
► Compressor:

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Panasonic Lumix FZ300:

Polaroid 72-inch:

Polaroid Pro Video Condenser:

NEEWER 160 LED CN-160 Dimmable:

•Comuter for editting
Lenovo ideapad 310:

♦♦♦ Other Equipment and Gear that I use ♦♦♦

Sony HD Video Recording HDRCX405:

•GoPro HERO5 Black:

•Extra Computer For Editting
Lenovo Ideapad 510:

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Hi man
What kind the air compressor you using and what gallon are you using?
Sherry Bateman
Great to watch. Very informative. You have amazing patience to do this type of repair project.I wouldn't be able to sand so many times. This car looks amazing.
Geddon Me ansome
Great job , but try plastic welding ,much quicker.
Just Paul
Good job guys :) will try epoxy and cable ties to fix my bumper too
Put a link of dewalt air compresor looks nice
George Daws
Good video and I like how you keep reinforcing the use of safety items and working safe as well. Pretty good work.
Sam Rizvi
Excellent job you guys are great Bravp
A. Velev
Great job! What about the touch up paint video you promised?
Raul Dasking
It is starting firstly cheap, but become very expensive more after.
Matt Mckay
Brilliant work! These guys are great, quality video
Om Prast
Bro, are you Russian? Where is Boris and Vodka?
Jason Xu
not going to lie, every time i start one of these videos I think... wow, this is going to be jenk. Then by the end.... MIND BLOWN! great work
Newman Tractor
Great video brother! It's really incredible what you can do with resins and epoxies! It came out looking amazing! We just did a super similar video on a fiberglass bumper this week! Thanks for sharing your experience and keep em coming!
Asaad A
Great work PLEASE i need help 2014 E350 need it placement for the headlight driver assembly...may i know where is your shop..many thanks.
The Arrow
You doing a great job....that’s awesome man ...thank you....👏👏👏👏👏👏
Superb video. Very many thanks!
Your video has now given me a lot of confidence to fix a badly cracked bumper on my Suzuki Jimny.
I was impressed that you knew to stop-drill the ends of the cracks - very important as it de-stresses the area. Stop-drilling works on cracked metal too.

Many thanks!
Great video, enjoyed watching you work your magic.
Bowie Skeeter
nice job. is there no need to use sem-flex additive on rubbery flexible parts anymore?
Jim Rodgers
Excellent job. I am going to try and fix my rear bumper this way. Thankyou
Lorenzo Beckmann
Superrb job, gentlemen, this process taking some days, certainly-----?worth the savings vs new bumper?
david johnson
Great video! Thank tou for sharing. I subscribed after watching this. Thanks again!
MyTruckinLife ACE
before you add the activater to the filler kned the tube so it's mixed up before you add it to the filler.
Mike K
Nice work....but never glass up plastic...weld it...lasts longer and much less mess
The bumper came out looking great. I like your technique. I usually just use a soldering iron and melt the two pieces back together.
Nice job. A new bumper from the dealer is usually around $800 or more. ..Why did you paint your nice cement floor?
Richard Desvousges
A ppg rep once taught me that the blue windshield washer fluid from Walmart makes the best wax and grease remover. Wipe on with a blue shop towel and off with another. Try it on your next low end it’s cheaper than acetone. Being a Benz it’s best you used a wipe 👍
Ty Kellerman
Morne Reyneke
Thanks guys you helped me to fix my own bumper and it came out almost perfect. Just had a body shop fix my mess with the paint.
Alpha P_
I will definately try this, thumbs up subscribed!
Nite Flyer
clean clean with clean water...

"R" ( clean water) "seems to be a clue"
Saw two of your paint videos, my turn! Best of luck!
Frank Valencia
Love ya guys!!..thanks so much for all your help!! guys have helped me so much in all of my projects and I really appreciate all your help!!
Paul L
we doan need no steenking benches.
Aaditya kaak
What is the repair cost and how much new bumper cost?
Junito Punto Comm
0:42 Unbelievable !! 😱
Alfredo Luciano
Awsome video great job you have me as a fan 👍
David Vargas
Wow amazing work. Each video I watch from you is giving me more and more confidence to do my own work for my car. Great stuff keep those tips coming :)
Ted Tolentino
excellent video with clear explanations. You do very good work.
G. Choppa
Approximately how much would that cost vs buying a new bumper ? Great work , but a lot of time. So wondering if all that time will equal same as buying new.
Joseph Harrison
Good job, I could add something that works better for you’r glassing. When patching the
bumper use a smaller glueing coat of epoxy around the splitting opening. This welds the crack and mesh fiber glass to the splitting bumper. Now use a larger cloth patch to cover over the smaller extending past enough for strength. Remember to use polyester resin with
this larger cloth patch. The polyester resin has more flex to it. This will allow the repair to
have more flex as the rest of the bumper has.
You should be using ca glue instead if drilling holes and zip ties to close the crack... go get instant bond or any other ca glue!,,
Ely Eballar
Jose Aldrich
Is that your real job ? or epoxy a hole man je je, good job !
Mister Deplorable
For JDM... after step one, you’re done.
Totally awesome guys... darn well amazing even!!! I RESPECT YOU MAN!!!
First time on this channel. Fell in love at how well executed and descriptive it was. Subscribed!
Ramon Francisco
Learned alot in 35 minutes. Amazing how you can salvage a cracked plastic bumper and make it look new. You guys are awesome for sharing your techniques!
Jose Flores
Thank you very much great video
twyla bowman
Amazing job - Thank you! I don't see the link to the site where we can find the paint code and purchase the paint. Will you add it please?
dali kadriu
michael monahan
some job very impressed very neat work
alek vodka
That stuff is call fiberglass cloth !!!
A metal grinder on plastic....really!! why not use a flapper!
I watched this video and am trying this method on a bumper.
Managed to get to laying the export resin. Will do the rest tomorrow hopefully.
Joe Stro
thanks for taking the time to share this. Did you buff the clear coat? if so what did you use?
I've done this before myself. Excellent job
You guys did a brilliant job!
llamedos R
The secret to the filling is knowing when to leave it alone.
In America, like you said, we take for granted that we can go buy a new or even a used bumper. Good to see your determination to resolve your short comings. Keep up the ingenuity and great work.
Aethelthyth Quezada
Ever since I discovered the 2>> option I can now watch these videos 2x faster but still catch it all. I have to do this to my bumper
llamedos R
My kind of guys. Subscribed
Guillermo Nieri
Very detailed information. Thank you.
Incredible job! Wow!
Thanks for this video
Dan Druft
You have done a good job but how much did you charge for all this work ? I'm not sure it's economical to repair a bumper like this here in the UK. For cracks and splits we use a product from the company WURTH that make an epoxy 2K plastic repair adhesive system that sets in minutes
Coherant bliss
great job and thank you for your time
Bobby Jones
How much for bumper job like this
Hanz FM
top man good jaap
Can you link the video for the bumper repair that has a piece missing please.
*you don't need the zip ties you can patch it up with Epoxy and use hot staples (like a plastic welder only it's a metal bar you melt into the plastic instead) to hold everything together and not have to put nearly as much work into the task and it holds just as well. I mean what you did works too and in the end looks good too but it's about half as much work doing the way i mentioned and it's a whole lot faster that way as well*
Bruce MacKinnon
Special bumper stuff? Has to have a bit of flexibility.
Pressure Washing And Landscaping
Brilliant! Thank I need to do this to my fiancé’s car as the rear bumper is cracked, and also your accent sounds like your from Uruguay
Caro Babaknia
Is there any way to fix license plate holes? The stupid dealer drilled into my bumper on my mercedes when i told them NOT to.
jordan zuniga
Why not just use a plastic welder
Carmelo Martinez
Excellent job. Congratulations!. I'm a retire person and I have a broken rear bumper in my 2004 Mitsubishi Montero that will love to have some person like you near that can repair my SUV. Nice job!
Jack Harris
I have bumper with cracks like your video.  I will wait toll it gets warmer and repair it like yours.  Very good idea.  Thaks for the method.
Mike Courteau
Your videos are get well made and are a pleasure to watch.
eddie alvarado
Wow I work at a body shop if the guys had your attitude about work ... that was awesome ty
Malcolm Lane-Ley
Thank you, I now know how to fix the crack in my SL320 front bumper, brilliant job you did and i should save £400!
Ron Van Iorns
Very good I learned something today...
0 P
Good work, not fussy , but good as it needs to be.
benoit lamoureux
Flex putty epoxy for flex plastic bumper, bondo mastic for fender or hard metal! But fiberglass is perfect to start.
Bobby A
Excellent informative video, thanks!
Karlanne Velasquez
Amazing..good job guys !!!! :) :) :)
Tommy Miller
How would that work with metal
David Coffill
Wow! I can sure see why every legit body shop in the US gets a new bumper, paint it and install it. This would cost more in labor.
Jon Jon
Nicely done. Thank you.
Kenneth Dandurand
LOL, Rusky? Tongue and yet I can totally understand what you are saying. The only thing I might add is the use of a few drops of liquid detergent when you wet sand. Makes a good lubricant. Aside from that, I thoroughly enjoyed your video. THANX.
Amazing touch
But what about a custom paint job?
Leo Ruocco
You were a big hit BROVO!
why not just weld it? plastic can be welded. bumpers are usually tpo. I weld them all the time.
Nick Yazdani
A dust mask isn't going to save you from the fumes lol
Paul D
Try plastic welding from the inside. It works better if done right.
John A.
Wow,thats a great result :)
Strange Times
wow, really good Job, Guys!!
Mr censel
Great video thanks guys
Hi, could you post the website to the place where you can find the paint for your car? You talked about it in the video, but I can't find the link.
Richard Desvousges
Awesome job!
Beautiful professional job!