1890's Blacksmith Forge ~ RESTORATION & REPAIR

This old blacksmiths coal lever forge has been outside for decades, and was completely rusted and seized up! Something made a home in the blower housing, and the 3 major cast iron parts were cracked and need major attention!

I didn't line the forge with refractory or anything else, because I want to know what you suggest for a forge like this!?! What would you do and why?

I'd love to know your thoughts on this project!

Materials used:

Brazing rod -
Cold Bluing -
Metal Epoxy -
Boiled Linseed Oil -

If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, please leave them below!

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huh, never thought i'd see a turbo charged stationary wheel barrel
Delicious DeBlair
That machine was originally engineered to be lubricated with plain lard.

The cup at the top is made so that the highly viscous animal fat will very slowly creep down over time, and the cotton packing in the lower bearings is there to hold it in place when it gets warm enough by the heat of the forge to want to liquefy, because it will hold to the cotton like a candle wick and that ensures it remains lubricated even at high temps.
Worse For Wear Restoration
Brilliant job! Subscribed 👍 Would love to eventually have a forge and anvil etc
Mega meme boi
I think I heard an ugh when he had to blow torch the coal holder feels bad man
Привет Всем .Это "АХУ#ТЬ" ЛАЙК 🔨
Bob Clarke
Should have taken off the high spots on shaft before hammering through boss, bad practice matey.
Pete Marchetto
I like how the bronze brazing lends a kintsugi-like look to the repaired forge!
Sander Tel
The brown can on the crank bearing housing is a grease fitting. You pack it full with bearing grease, screw the lid on just a few turns and as needed you can screw down some more to have some of the grease end up inside the bearing housing...You may need to repack the can a few times to fill the inner housing completely with grease...
Кошмар Кошмар
Hi bro 👋👋👋very good restoration blacksmith forge 👍👍👍 the work has been done splendidly 🤝🤝🤝
Rasmus BL
I'm subscribed to most of YouTube's restoration channels and this will be no exception. Great work ⚒ 👍😊
Paul Johansson
I just subscribed to your channel and hello from New Hampshire usa
Mike c
This is awesome. Great job. Thanks for sharing
Anand Vatkar
great. Your efforts are commendable and inspiring. Keep it up.
Is it just me or does anyone want him to also use it as a grill?
Kinda crazy to think that every single person on the planet that was alive when that was built, is now dead.
Stephanie Sander
I didn’t think it could be restored as well as you did. Awesome job.
G̸͟͞L̸͟͞I̸͟͞T̸͟͞C̸͟͞H̸͟͞ Charlie Martin
You're voice is really cool first time I heard you talk
Iain Botham
3:46 What's this? a Bullworker Mk 1 (you might have to look that one up)?
Jim Ensign
Those are grease cups/fittings - not for oil. The heat will dissipate the oil and dry your bearings. That chain looks a bit tight, maybe there's an adjustment. Great job, as always!
Get a nice big fat comfortable rubbery push bike handle instead. Way more comfortable in the hand and better control.
Tameem Moaleji
Sheesh it looked really bad, but there was still some good metal left in that nice old forge. Came out great.
Mickey & Melissa Ison
I've got my great grandfather's, need to restore it. Great video
jose estero
para unir la correa nada mejor que loctite con bicarbonato y algodon estirado
Kai T4 Fahrer
Hello a great job the tools is perfect I love your work 👍👍👍from Germany 🇩🇪 👋👋👋Kai
Tobil Tok
7018 stick welding + preheat are much easy, fast and stronger bro..
George Bear
I think the screw cap was for grease. Not oil. Could be wrong.
Good restoration.
I love the lack of ground PIN on extension cord. GFI be damned!
Russell Anderson
Great job!!!
Enjoyed your video and gave it a Thumbs Up
Erin Elizabeth
Also, I really like the spotlight of older restorations!
Eye Toldyoosso
New sub...Great skills man..Thanks for sharing...;-p
Ben Mak
Excellent job, professional craftsmanship!
Richard’s Channel
Incredible transformation 👍👍
Purple Rose
you can hear the disappointment in S.W's sigh...
Odin Allfather
that was a really good restoration.
Fire Safe
Sir, you did a excellent job on this restoration.
Thank you
Kurt Nicolai
Nice job! With a bit of imagination, that forge could have many uses.
Allways... Your work is really excellent!!!
Григорий Кобозев
Подскажите что это за раствор в ведре.
Kevin Byrne
Nice job! That was a big project .it came out real nice.
Champion work. Keep it up.
Why do I find these videos so relaxing?
OMG! ALL THE PUPPERS!!!!!! Breaks for Petz appreciated. :)
Great job sir! And nice dogs you own. I love dogs and more important ( GOOD DOG OWNERS! ) :)
Your videos are excellent! Keep up the great work!
Urban Gardener Raising Rabbits Central Illinois
Skills I tell you, Skills!!!
our nova scotia adventure
Fine art brazing... always comes in handy 👍
Jay Felsberg
That a lot of Weimeriners!
Bernard Fender
Superb job fella!
May I ask would a half twist in the leather belt make it last longer?
Tom Lamb
Anthony Simpson
Fascinatingly brilliant, thank you.
15:15 buy a welder.... that looks bad
Good work but very heavy for bbq. That is minimum 50 kg heavy for bbq
Don Pearce
I love it when an old piece of equipment can be saved! Thank you! BTW... When are you going to get to those two beauts in the driveway??? I'm already salivating!
John Courtneidge
Thank-you! And best! From England, Granpa Quaker John
Banjo111 1
Rally good work thanks for the video
bit drastic burning the comics 🙄☘️
nikos xois
rivets in blower soud go the other way. the strong end to soft copper and the expansion to the hartest steel
Hggjhv Gnmgj
Make sure that ether put red clay or refractory cement in the forge if need be look it up to see what I mean
Edit it's not mandatory but it is better for the forge
J. Zingler
12 mins: "clamp" :D
victor castle
Was that a 5 gallon bucket of De-Rusto you poured in for removing the rusted parts ?
Harrison Katzz
Great job. What brand and where do you get the 2000 degree paint ?
Phill Moxham
Shit hot work Bloke. Excellent !!!!!!!
Mark Rawls
wow that was a fast restore, 30 secs and done, just saved me 35 mins of video.
Nice work - Nice dogs - Let go Birding- ;O)
james tan
Since 17k Subs here ✌️
Artemus Rodricq
Home depot with benifits!!!!!!! GReat work.
Robert LaRoque
Beautifully done!
Excellent work. Love your Weims.
Stig Österberg
At 16:15 The boss and the quality controllant?
Greg Smith
Now that's a nice job, so now you can start making some cool stuff later brocephus! 😎💨
Liberty Barker
what the hell is that?
a blast furnace?
perhaps a blacksmith tool? assume its full of coal and fan makes it extrem hot. Too small for factory speed.
Ken Corris
Doggo = Subscribo
DT Restoration
you should solder the broken screw from the beginning, you can easily take it out. I did so in my D8 blasting machine recovery video. Anyway, thank you for sharing. great video.
Matias Ivan Ribolta

And Mickey Mouse said..."This part goes here kids.."after that he makes his lovely Mouse laugh.
never seize all bolts and screws
Tim 57
I am just going to say; "Wow."
RaeAnn Uria
How many hours did you invest in this project?
Danny Spence
Friggin good job man but you already know that
Jonathan de Bruijn
That is the cutest anvil. Heating the object and applying brazing flux directly to it sometimes helps the braze.
Blade smith! You have...just 30 minutes remaining!
Gene Takach
A tough one! I liked the doggy break!
Bob Jodoin
Great job! It's nice to see the forge with new life👍☺
I Bleed Silver & Black
oh great work btw
William Borgeson
Impressive, I like how they upgraded it with the chain, you should upgrade it with a small electric motor! Not sure about the refractory lining for it, that's no my expertise. Definitely love how the end result turned out, great job!
Kansas Cowboy
Craftsmanship 100% 👍🏻
Great video, loved it
Chris Grant
What a brilliant bit of kit & a fab restoration job you did on it. It is this kind of video that makes YouTube so great. Love the dogs as well.
Sam Henry
Is that spray lube Kroil oil?
Tim Caron
Where are the steaks?  That would make a great BBQ.  I love how you restore old tools.  Keep up the good work.  Tim
Joe Funk
You do great work!
Sergio Aguilar
stunning work man!!
Cheryl Hartwig
Lots of dogs wow also forge would make great bbq 😮😉
Stebar 34rus
Hard work, good work
Might look into electrolysis for big projects like this. I have had it save me a few hours on large piece restorations and overall rust removal. Also saves a bit of cash on Rust remover. Kiddie pool from box store. Scrap steel from the shop. Helps get those big pieces in one go while you work on other tasks in shop. Great rebuild. I would be proud to have that in my shop.
29:05 This grease nipple. Not for oil. Take full cap grease and wrap it. Grease enters to axle.
30:30 This too not for oil. Only for grease.
WWII Tube Restoration
Amazing restoration! Good job
Asif Iqbal
Dude use electric blower. 🤩
CrossGrain Wood Products,LTD
Wow, what a project. I love antique tools because of practicality and longevity. And I think they are much better looking vthan plastic anyday. As rusty as it was the iron is thick was real solid back then without making it so thin that they rusted thru in 10 years. Manufacturers took great pride in making a quality tool up until the 1960s when plastics came in use. Now everything is disposable. Great video. I'm no expert but shouldn't you have put grease into bearing housing? Personally, I would have gone back to all black, but that is my taste. It came out very nice.thanks.
Paul Griffin
Probably answered this many times, but what's in the 'special sauce'?
chris jackson
the big brass oil cap has high and low points inside, oil must between them to ensure oil gets to the outside of the shaft.
Ellen McIntyre
Holy Moly. How long did this take?