How To Repair Hardwood Flooring

Shannon from shows you how to repair a damaged piece of hardwood floor. If you have any questions about your home DIY projects, stop by the forum on our website and ask. Video © 2014 SKS Media.



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And that's how a true carpenter does it......Nice job Shannon......Thanks for posting.
I think you could repair that with a pin nail gun and matching wood filler.
Rick Ward
Been doing hardwood floors for 38 yrs and I do the same technique., what I do though is to set my table saw up to cut the bottom of the groove off and insert the flooring with the tongue on. Both systems will work. As you mentioned chiselling where the floor was nailed you must be very careful not to damage the other boards. Nice work.
Flamey Amy Kuczewski
Beautiful repair, and great information. Thanks Shannon!
Some Southern Stuff
One of the lessons I've learned from your videos, Shannon, is the value of *_PATIENCE_*
I'm a Type 'A' personality and everything seems to take way longer than I expect it to.
Thanks for some great instructional videos...I hope you're doing well from them!
Next time you do the wood repair ,try the three lateral cuts and then cut the board width ways and you can collapse the middle up and out and you don't need drill or the chisel. I do it for a living so I thought I would save you some time. A multi tool saw works well too
Wow, that looks perfect. Great job
sauly D
Use a fein tool instead of drilling 6 holes. It will save you a lot of time. And you can cut the staples to make it 100x easier
Ron Star
I am a licensed contractor who does a bit of many types of jobs. I have a client in need of a floor repair. Watching your video has given me the confidence to tackle this type of work. Thanks so much for a great video and for sharing your expertise in this area. Great job!
Herman Ziegler
Thanks a lot, and very helpful.
T Winning
That was a real good job, thanks for the video
Usman Ullah
dannnnnggg that repair... never seen such perfect fit.
Michael R
Thank you Shannon for sharing this particular video! Awesome job!
Great job & very nice result !
David Shwartz
I had to do it a couple of times and it took me a lot of thinking and slow work, your method is realy good!
Thanks for the video.
Nate B
Rockwell and dewalt both make a 4.5 circular saw with vac attachment. Great video!
Skills! Great job! 👍🏽
And always check with home owner about any heated floor system.
Jerry Pressley
Nice job. True professional. I have no idea why people would give a thumbs down.
L Johnson
Excellent job. Your videos are super helpful. I just installed a window, where a wall unit a.c. once was. Cut and framed a larger rough opening, and used your technique for taping the sill pan, and over the nailing flange.
best wishes
Not bad..... it's a tough job no matter what u do.... best wishes!
Jerry Tissera
Thanks for all the advice you give us DIY's.
Sung N
fantastic work.
thanks for taking the time to put this vid together
Thanks for that, well done
Only two cuts with no holes and a diagonal cut in that center strip will get your pieces out faster and just as easily.
William Branham
DIY Apprentice
Cool technique. Thanks for sharing. I'm enjoying this latest series of videos.
Donald Thompson
Ive became an expert at this from being a knucklehead at the job and dropping stuff on the floor smh
DIY & Gina
great video man
Mohd Akbar
Nice job.. Thank you
Victor Villafane
Nice job man appreciate it
Millennium Man
Another great video! Great job sir!
Maurizio Bussolino
Thanks great video, extremely informative
the end result was good
AmAzing. Can you make a video on how you Cut a pieCe of wood.....
Adam Hennings
Dude is amazing.
How did it get cracked? A Rotozip would have been a nice tool to use on this. I've used a router to hog out broken spots but you have to make a jig or some kind of boarder to be sure it doesn't get away from you.
Thanh Thang
Good job bro.i am floor guy and I can tell that you did good job
Quick tip; on the removal of old flooring piece. Drive in a bunch of wood screws into the top of the piece to be torn out.
Then lay a scrap piece of 2x4 and tap with the mallet.
Less risk of damage to the adjoining boards. It will work on the end pieces also if you leave meat on it.
Great workmanship
Great video. I've watched it a couple of times. It's the most useful video I've found to fix damaged boards.
Julie Osterberger
it is very good step by step instruction.
Derek Resendes
Beautiful job. Always wanted to try this
barbara Bryan
You are a great teacher.
White Tara
magician! Thanks for the video!
Dr Leo
Multimaster would have had that out by cutting the perimeter in 2 minutes. When you feel a nail you jump over and start again. The blades are $11 each but who has a half an hour to painstakingly take that out. Especially if the customer hasn't seen it in you got to do it quickly. But yes. Sorry to criticize. Excellent skills and care. Attention to detail. Very conscientious hard-working fellow. Good advice for folks that don't have a multimaster
Kudos to you for being patient and precise.
Love all you're videos.
I would have glued it.
maybe you could drill the whole thing out
Don Abbott
That method does work for 2 1/4 hardwood,I've done it several times, instead of a straight cut do a diagonal.
Giter Dun
Oscillating saw ?
i install hardwood floors . just one thing that i think your doing wrong is using a metal hammer.. should be using what they have a rubber hammer one side rubber other metal ..especially when that wood is no good ..
Excellent work.
E Gibson
I was literally looking at a couple boards in my floor this evening that need to be replaced and wondering how I should go about it, and this video pops up in my feed... weird timing, yet invaluable.
UKE Love
That was Awesome, thanks for sharing your experience with us and for saving me some money
miguel salazar
great jod really good
chanse ortzman
The easiest way to get it out is no drilling cut with the circular saw 2 straight lines close to the center and be very careful and cut a diagonal line so it looks like and H with a slanted center take a flathead screw driver pop out two Center pieces and pretty much same process from there on out just gets rid of tools and less work for your chisel
Ferdi Abi
Good jop man
David Williamson
This is all wrong. Contact me and I will show you how to do it right.
Great repair.
wyman clark
When I replace one or two in the middle of floor I cut around a 5-10 degree bevel on the groove side but only on the bottom and I leave a lip about 3/32 so when you are tapping the board in it clips itself in and you still end up with a board that has a tongue and a goove. You can cut either side like this so even the tongue side will do the same thing. Also cut the end the same way and just take your time hammering it in. This way has worked great for me so far. Great video, just thought I would pass on what works for me.
Ken Taylor
I would have left the tongue on and cut the underside of the groove off.. you can then cut the ends. You dont need to glue it to the floor.
thanks for the vid.
Susan Baker
Thank you for taking the time to make this video and posting it. It was very well done.
Great video thanks for sharing
Good job exactly how I do it. It's the glue down floors that are a bit more difficult.
Great work.
shawn moore
Job well done! Keep up the great work!!
Tony Tran
Thanks for the video tips
Peter McNeill
Thank you sir that’s amazing such clean carpentry Work ! Thank you!
emal jk
Great Video. This exactly what I needed to see. thank you.
Nic Mont
Nice work. I do it a little differently. I cut the board into a t and remove the grove side first then I use an oscillating saw to cut the cleats and the tongue side comes out with ease. I definitely don't use a drill or circular saw, but hey, if it comes out looking like part of the original installation then I guess that's all that matters. Nice job, bud.
Pete Walls
Beautiful Job!!!
Johnsey D
Nice job perfect finish its a joy to watch professionals at work, plus you made it look so easy.
Miss Daisy
Shannon, you are a very patient man! Very skilled too! Thank you for sharing this, I subscribed!
Grassman 32
Oscillating multi tool would have made your job whole lot easier
Chris Wiggins
Ps fix a laminate lol
Tung Nguyen
I loved watching this video.  Too bad you are not my next door neighbor because the wood flooring in one of the rooms of my home has started coming up in a small area.  It seems to be buckling up a bit.  I am calling different businesses; lumber companies, hardware stores, etc., to try and get a referral so that I could find a home repair person that would know how to do this and to also do some other small repairs in my home.  Thanks for posting a very informative video.
german galindo
Edwin Keys
That was great !!! Thank you ..!!
Renat Karimov
Such a BOSS!
Impressive. Can't even tell it was repaired.
David Ricci
Nice job. It's encouraging to know there are folks like you that can fix different things properly.
Great video! Thanks!
Philip Giacalone
Really excellent presentation. Much appreciated, thank you.
Nice job...
Perfect !
Subbed just for that one tip .
Daniel k
Barbara Nurse
It's great watching a real craftsmen.
Jakey M
Wow you did a damn good job man.
Inav Banz
Wonderful job
Romo Pros
Jan Butterfeld
Serious Craftsmanship, a pleasure to look at. Big Like!
Rich Adams
Nice walkthrough and excellent final result. I have this exact same repair in some older oak floors I'm working on. This was a great how-to.
Great video. My engineered floor is full of scratches.
Watching your video provided me with enough information to repair some boards.
I just have to find the right wood!
I'll be posting how it went when I'm done with it.
Good video and good repair job, but come on, don't you have a chisel?
Frankie Figz
Great job! Like a glove!!