How to Install a Water Softener - This Old House

This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey and water-quality specialist Doug Oberhamer show how to soften mineral-rich hard water.

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86 комментариев
Rob L.
That's some quality piping!
Charles Damery
Hey Culligan Man!
Jaime Perez
What is the cost estimate for something like this?
paul mryglod
Excellent plumbing job!
Nenita Macabuhay
this installation seems not to provide a by-pass in case you need to replaced the unit
So you showed every connection but the one that actually connects the water softener to the  This video should be 'how to run water lines outside underground into the garage for whatever reason'
Kristopher Buchanan
Uh..... Why not use much cheaper and much less reactant pvc piping?
Seriously that is your video on how to install a water softener? LOL
Ricardo Mandujano
U for got to put blue sleeve for copper pipe thats under ground
Jo Baecker
Wow. Wouldn't PEX water lines be a lot cheaper, both in parts & labor?
That’s a clean install Bill.
Matt H
Nonsense. Ionic exchange columns are not charged. They always have the appropriate counter ions.
that was a neat trick to clean the pipe, nice
Darnell A
thank you
Ok, so plumbing code technically requires a shutoff accessible for a homeowner. So in a slab house, its usually a ball valve near the water heater, which is also where they typically put a PRV. Why didn't they just find the shutoff and do it there
Wicho Lokes
Excellent piping! 💯
What happens to the backyard water spigot? Won't that now have softened water?
Rana Saha
how to remove water salt without ro
antonia farrell
what would that cost to have the installation done the identical way it is done in the video?
San Ramon
how much of the salt (sodium) gets added to the water ? is it safe to drink that water ?
Edward Myers
Pipes coming out right in front of the door? Ehhh
King Salmon Maint
no bypass?
j rya
dont over pay for a culligan, unless you like burning money
Anthony Isom
I bet that installment cost a lot of money for that homeowner. It probably cost a couple thousand, and then you gotta pay for maintenance lol
Sonny Wright
So now your water sprinklers will water your lawn with soft water
Laura Dencer
I thought softened water to an outside spigot is bad for plants because of the salt content? Let me know as I am getting ready to do this project next week and was going to install a separate line from the main that is not softened. Thanks!
Matt A
That is one nice installation job! I give the installer an "A+". This must have cost several thousand $$$$$.
If I could afford the water softener... I don't know that I could afford all of those copper pipes.  They looked to be 1" diameter.  Why not use PVC???  I have PVC and CPVC throughout my house, been here 30 years, and never had one problem...
NDT Traff
Must be nice not having to worry about pipes freezing, here in canada they have to be 4-6' below grade
Brad Dewys
I cleaned out the bottom of my water heater last year when I was replacing a heating element, I put the stuff in the compost pile as I figured I already put in extra calcium anyways.  would this be bad for any reason.
I have the same culligan set up. However I noticed that the gentleman used pvc pipes instead of copper. Is there a difference between pvc and copper?
There's a flash frame when the gfx goes off at :28
Frank Ortega
I'm an water treatment installer too, His work is nice. The only thing I would have probably done differently is cap the existing main and re-route a single pipe into the garage and back-feed soft water to the cold water supply line on the water heater. If you don't like the way the pipes look all you have to do is paint the pipes and they will disappear. 
Luis Diaz
Why was a water softener place on the hot water of (somebody house) only and not all the cold. The cold water for the fridge is not soften and every cold tap, I find that weird. Please explain. were they being cheap.
scott lund
Sooo disappointed, this was a video on running copper lines outside a home and no information on the softner hook up at all.....Rich, love ya man and maybe that increases my disappointed enough to comment.
Grant Anderson
omg these guys would not get a job in the uk. cowboys.
I just bought a house that already has a Culligan water softener, I open the tank and is almost empty, the water is about 6 inches high and not much salt, how many bags of salt should I put in the tank? anyone please? thanks.
Anyone looking to get one of these I recommend PVC and Pex to run the system it's much more cost effective. that copper won't last as long and it's pricier.
This installation supplies soft water throughout the whole house including the irrigation system. Watering plants with soft water will kill your lawn and plants due to the sodium.
Hannah E. Edmond
The hardness of water depends on the presence of two soluble minerals like magnesium and calcium. These minerals have no health effect on the body or health and need for daily nutrients.Details -