How To Repair Engineered Wood Floor

This video shows how to replace a piece of damaged engineered wood floor.

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Luis T
Thanks! Now I don't have to lie in bed tonight thinking on how I'm going to repair my damaged floor.
Would this method still work if all of my engineered wood flooring (not hardwood) are interlocked? Would taking off the 2 damaged pieces ruin all the other pieces around it?
Eliza Bulla
I'll be able to sleep tonight thanks to you.
Hippie Miller
Well done
Been doing patch work and installing for over 20. Good job
Swapnil Joshi
How to save engineered wood bed from fungus?
the beginning of the video is tripping me out! lol
The Carter Experience
It was helpful
Nellie Sarkisyan
Sounds like Ray Romano :)
Excellent. I could have used you two weeks ago in Las Colinas when some installer tried to get my engineered floors refinished and got loads of dust and hair under the first coat of poly..
Phil Forrest
What was your total time on this project?
Good job. I have some small scratches in mine and thought about replacing the boards but may just try and repair the scratches.
Excellent. If the wife sees this I'm in for some work, however.
Juan Gia
Thanks! Might have to do this soon!
Chan La
How did you remove the glue to get a clean concrete base before putting a new board?
alejandro amaya
Thanks for the information! I never fix before a engineer wood,only installed! But now I know how to do .
Misha W
Your video is informative, thanks. Are you located in the SF Bay Area? I could use someone skilled to do a repair of my engineered floor.
Gina Bliss
Hi, we got it done. It took us about 3-4 hrs. Very pleased with the results. Your video was very informative. I think the hardest part of the job was putting the last piece in did not know if it was just going to slide in with no problem. Getting the edges out was a little hard but you have to be very careful. Thanks for a great video.
jack coppola
You have tongue and groove
you removed the bottom portion of your groove
and called it a tongue
Gina Bliss
I need 3 boards replace, can not get anyone to do it. By watching your video, it made me want to do it myself with my husband. We are handy people so, we will give it a try.
Why do all that for a small hole? Wouldn't it have been easier to putty it, sand it and stain it?
First off, this was an excellent video..but why not get the glue out of the joints where it seemed to squeeze up? The final shot would have had more impact if the job site was completely cleaned. You have a sweet Festool setup but no small power chisel??
Hi, how does this method apply to Floating engineered floors? Won't gluing the new piece buckle everything if it cant float.

also have you done any videos on Kitchen cabinets built around a fridge, looking to build a end gable with 30x15 cabinet. Just haven't found much for help looking online.

Greg Herman Greg
This is a good show , but Strip or the so called engineered flooring is impossible to replace unless you have spare boards
( there is no way you can find the same pattern later in any shop ) . What do you do than ?
Looks like the planks were standard (not random) lengths, which made replacement easier. Some of the other videos drill eight holes and put 45 degree cuts at both ends, which makes removal much easier and preserves existing tongues/grooves. Also, some recommend a bead of carpenter's glue along the seams (then weight, as you recommend) which makes the finished floor level, especially since you've removed the locking/lower tongues. Hope that helps.
Jill Fonder
What about if you are replacing a board above grade on wood substrate that is nailed down, not glued.??
Laticia Cull
Nice movie. However you can make it yourself. Just google woodprix and learn how to do it easily.
Donu Duty
We had flooring guy come in to replace one floor panel and had it all finished in about 7 mins. He used just a wide chisel to remove it by chopping it up in 2 inch sections that chopped up like butter. And the rest was the same as in the video here.
Ok, so my dad redid my floor in my room. He put sponge on top of the old floor and clicked all the pieces of new floor on the sponge. Would this method still work? Would I be able to glue the new pieces on the sponge instead of concrete? Is the purpose of this method to not have to redo the entire floor from scratch? It's like a shortcut? Can I hire a professional to do this for me? I'd appreciate if you can answer my questions, thanks.
plz, get a new camera..
Shasta Kennon
Hi. If you want to build it yourself just google for 'woodprix' . I know you'll find good solutions for your idea.
Richard trump
Awesome DIY...One of my friend had installed wooden flooring from and it got damaged with scratches and cracks. I suggested your video and it was really of great help in getting rid of the problem. Thanks once again for sharing this beautiful video.
Richard trump
What a DIY Sir, this video is of great help. My engineered wooden flooring from got damaged with scratches and cracks. I was really confused on what is to be done. But, after watching your video, I tried this DIY and was successful. Thanks once again for sharing such an informative video.