Surprise C64 Donation & Repair

CORRECTION: the device I‘m referring to as an ARMSID is actually a SwinSID nano. No idea why I confused the two. Sorry about that!

Here's the Future Proofing and Preservation video:

*** Here's some handy resources I refer to when troubleshooting and repairing C64s:

The Pictorial C64 Fault Guide is here:

Ray Carlsen's troubleshooting and repair guides are here: ~rcarlsen/cbm.html

You can get the .bin files for various C64 diagnostics cartridges from World of Jani (in case you want to make your own or try in an emulator):

Here's the GitHub with Sven's diagnostics harness:

The game "Neutron" by Sarah Jane Avory is available here:

Here's the Twitch stream Turumba () and me played Neutron and other C64 games:

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Equipment and tools I use are listed here:


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