1920s Dayton Toy Train Restoration - Antique Locomotive

3M Lead Testing Swabs:
Red Line EZ50 Powder Coating System:
Dremel 3000:
Electric Oven:
Sand Blasting Cabinet:
- Aluminum Oxide Media:
Vibratory Tumbler Bowl:
- Walnut Shells Media:
Bench Grinder:
- 6" Brass Wire Wheel:
- 8" Buffing Wheel:
- Black - Jewelers Rouge:
Portable Cleaning Table/Sink:
Ultrasonic Cleaner:
- Simple Green:

Thank you!
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Eddie Scorsese
Can anyone agree that the most satisfying part is the sand blasting?
Teresa Hamilton
I never ever thought that I would have such a strong desire to buy a sand blaster.
No crappy music, no robo-voice, simply pure enjoyment. Love this guy's videos.
>has a sand blaster
>has an oven for powder paint
>doesnt have an anvil
Not only is it time consuming to restore these antiques, but it's also time consuming to edit all the videos. Great job on both. 👍
It’s your boi Chungus
Can i just say

How in hell do u remember how to put it back together
Surasa Wandenoor
This locomotive was already a beautiful sight even before restoration!
Wish we could have sublime toys like that without any plastic!
These videos are wonderful!.Thanks.
Avec Mật
i mean unscrewing them is easy but putting them back together....that's crazy.
you have my respect. <3
Vapor Icecream
im so grateful he rolled it across the table afterwards because legit I was gonna be so angry if he didn't. 15/10 best part, great job.
Planet 360
Just think. The person who originally made this never would’ve guessed it would be restored in around 100 years
Next video: 1875 Statue of Liberty Restoration
Hem Rainsford
The disassembly process always makes me nervous, but of course it's worth it to see the beautiful finished product!
Ермек Сулейменов
Вот это да , смотрела как спектакль ,спасибо Вам за это творчество , труд ваш !!!
Draw with Evie
Man truly is a legend, how does he not lose all those small pieces.
The Interfaith Shepherd
Why thumbs down???
It's...a toy...brought back to life. He used his creative license on the new design.
Sandblasting always looks like you're just putting a coat of paint on it
100% satisfaction
Lee Robinson
You are truly amazing I just can't believe that there is 3.4k thumbs down what the hell is wrong with people? You are a true crafts man keep up the good work ! Atb Lee 👍
Y'know, R & R, I'd be willing to bet that you put more effort, care and professionalism into your restorations than the workers did in the original production of each toy you save.
chando commando
I wish someone could restore my childhood wonder like you restore those toys, absolutely magical
When you come back from vacation and there's abrasive media in all your clothes
Stephanie Aviet
The little boy who owned this train is likely no longer with us, but his beloved toy lives on. It’s magical.

On his behalf, thank you for your kind work. :’)

Update: I'm now triggered by the sudden flood of replies about feminism and gender norms. Can we all just shut up and enjoy nice things, please? 😒
Myrna Castro
This is the third video I've watched today. I am hooked! I love seing the whole process and the result is amazing and beautiful.
Hazel Luganio
I don't know why, but I really love the sandblasting part 😂drools 😂
Dang, the whole reason I watched was to see that new green color. Black
And red look nice though.
Theek Hai
Best thing is that no bla bla bla....and no noisy music involved in this restoration.
Victoria Choquette
I have a music box that dosen't work can you or know any one that can fix it
Robert Pradella
I love it! How long did it take to restore? Its beautiful!!
I find your videos hypnotizing...you sir are the Michelangelo of restorations!
Casey Ramsey
Just found your channel and binged out on like 10 videos. Thanks for contributing your amazing restorations to this world. You are helping your viewers connect with the past and making us feel something uniquely human.
these videos are like that scene in Toy Story 2 where Woody gets repaired
Faith Vernlund
I would have broken that 20 different ways in the first 2 min! So awesome to watch!
Lee Sérgica Flores
You can do amazing works! Now, I'm a new fan and subscriber of the "Rescue and Restore" channel!😊
Krish Travels
I swear when u were pushing the train and it stopped you were gonna say “choot choot” 🤣🤣🤣
Prime stop motion
Omg love it that is so cool I really want to do that but I do not know how to but I do now
imagine how many kids from 1920s used to play with this toy , ooooooooo
thanks to you its gonna live another 100 yrs
Он красил детали или сдувал ржавчину?
When it comes to the powder painting, it looks soft and I just wanna like idk swim in it. :p blep
Dr Paula Serra Gross
Absolutely beautiful job! So enjoyable to watch! Thank you!
Every time his gloves make a noise I immediately think of Willy Wonka
Astonishing. I would never have believed that the dented, rusty toy at the start would become the beautiful shiny toy at the end. Excellent!
Kou Vang
Do u have a website cuz i like TRAINS!!!
Wonderful job!!! Just would be nice to paint it with the original colors... but love it!!
Peter Crawford
I just found your channel! I love your videos they are super satisfying and very well done! I’m so glad I found it
I believe it is more beautiful than when first made. :)
David Andersen
Imagine that under a Christmas Tree in 1920! Sure to please any child. Well done.
John Walker
That was very challenging, but you got through it.
Guillaume Aubert
So cool to watch you working. I'm impressed. Congrats
Shin Yamanaka
Two words: professional, satisfying
Tania Atademos
Lindo.... maravilhoso 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Shea Te Huia
The person that originally made that in the 20's would be so proud of what you done :D
De Gallery
toys back then literally lasts 100 years... with proper restoration, a 100 more
my kids toys nowadays broke down in minutes... especially the made in china one
What an amazing job you do just amazing. Thank you for sharing your talent 🤗
The transformation is beyond amazing!
Nadine Risse
Wow it is looking georgeous 😍 i used to have one of these from my grandma when I was little. Love the result 💛
Big Texas
My wife came in and said "why are you looking at toy trains?" She doesn't know how therapeutic it is to watch a restoration like this. Amazing job and skills.
Rob Thompson
Little engine that could...now u call it little engine that would, See what I did there?🤣
Irfan Ali
Very nice very Butyfull look like you Irfan from UAE Dubai
The typical Parisian green / blue 😂😂

Keep up the amazing job this is extremely stress relieving!!

Angel Alvarez
Welcome to the next episode of

Pimp my train
Adr Koov
Очень круто, терпения Вам и успехов!
Jeff Grossman
Your work is absolutely astounding. You are a magician.
Zen McKenny
Everytime I watch this channel, I just imagine this guy taking his fixed up toys home to his kids, and just making them so happy. :D
Kim Conley
Love your work!! Thank you for giving new life to these old beauties!
RAHAL Alshalwani
Hello how are you ?

Can I ask about your gloves and where I can find it or do you have a gloves name ?
Zaylie Ellis
I was on Tic Tok and I just figured out that he has a Tic Tok account.
Michael Kuecker
That is a labour of love. It looks awfully tedious. I commend you for restoring these classic treasures.
Marcelo Adrián Bustos
Estupenda tarea! Los felicito y admiro!
Ниразим Кошкин
watch X10
script for this
javascript:document.getElementsByClassName("video-stream html5-main-video")[0].playbackRate = 2.5;
restoration in x10 so amazing
Great work. Do you sell these when completed?
W-San Wow so Wow
only me see it his reflect on the paint?
Ana Banana
I got here from watching a Toy Story 4 trailer. You got yourself a new subscriber! So satisfying, your attention to detail is amazing!
Felipe Tiburcio
Top parabéns 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻😎🇧🇷
Ishan Zahoor
Wish I could sandblast my life!
Jennifer Francisco
I could watch these for hours.
Taylor Wallace
I haven't gotten to it yet but I hope he paints the train red!
Update: It wasn't what I was imagining but so glad some red was used and it turned out beautifully!
Wow. The fact that you undercoated the rivets was a detail that did not go unnoticed :)
Roxanne Smith
Love these videos. You've got the patience of a saint, so gentle with all the little parts and pieces.
Awesome G
Somehow I preferred the green color.Nonetheless,its an amazing job! I'm enjoying you're videos! ❤
Kaze 3030
Im glad youtube recommended this channel! Its so calming and fascinating watching you restore all these awesome things. 😊
I wonder if that sand blaster can take rust off car parts 🤔 thats my fave part of these vids lol
"Abrasive Media Blasting." More like, "Rust Murderer."
Micheline Heise
Powder painting prima that's totally awesome.
It's has s glossy touch. Wow fantastic finishing 💝💝💝
Bass Hunter
Hello I have just discovered your video's very cool. 👍👍
lil' bun bun
idk what y'all are talking about, the most satisfying part of these videos are the opening and closing clicks of the oven c:
In 70 years there will be a someone else restoring this train!

That train came out beautiful!
꧁꧂Hel Raiser꧁꧂
When old toy vehicles last longer and are more durable than today’s actual cars...
I love old toys. You did a beautiful job. Thank you.
Abrasive media blasting for the win!
Aanay Jhawar
5:29 is what you came for. thank me later folks
Thank you so much for following your joy! Its a wonderful delightful things to see life restored in any way😍. They really made things to last back then / you got your money worth 🤑. Thanks again/ your works & skills are appreciated 💯👩🏾🧚🏾‍♀️
Oleg Zloi
Красвчег , работа -класс👍
Martin Levallee
Absolutely amazing job mate , beautiful
Jo MeBe
C'est apaisant et satisfaisant :)
Google's traduction : It's soothing and satisfying :)
RJ Santo
You should finally a really rusty object and just make a slow mo video of you sand blasting it!!! That would be the best video on YouTube!!
wis sem
it seems like this guys could restore your grandmother into a playboy model
rafael Ribeiro
Fico de cara com esse tipo de coisas..
Muito bom...
Frank Palmer
That was a great result .....looks Beautiful !
you shouldve repainted it in a green :(
Willows Johnson
I love all your re-making videos of old things