Water Softener Maintenance Cleaning Out Your Brine Tank

Water Softener Maintenance Cleaning Out Your Brine Tank
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After you've had your water softener for a few years you may notice some dark stains near the water line in the brine (salt) tank. Yup, you guessed it, that's mold. Cleaning out your brine tank is a fairly easy process, especially if you have a two piece water softener with a Clack valve like this one!
Start by planning ahead. You will want to do this when you have a minimal amount of salt in the tank. You definitely don't want to try this when you have a salt clog!! If you do, you can get rid of it by following the advice of another one of my videos. Most water softeners fill the brine tank with water as the last cycle of the Regeneration process, if that is the case with yours, you will see water in the bottom of the brine tank. If you don't see water in the bottom, yours is a "Pre Fill" water softener so you can skip the first two steps of removing the brine and the last four about putting the water softener back into service.
1) To remove the brine in a "Post Fill" water softener like this Clack, start by putting your water softener into a Regeneration, which is easily done by holding down the regen button until the motor starts up.
2) You want to get it into the brine cycle so it starts to suck out the water in the brine tank, which is the second cycle so press the Regen button again and the word Brine will appear on the display. Note the countdown time on the display, you will now have time to go and do something else while the brine is being removed from the brine tank. You could vacuum all of the brine out with a shop vac if you have one or are in a hurry. Place the water softener into bypass.
3) With a 2 piece water softener like this one, you can either clean the brine tank in place or disconnect it and take it outside. With a one piece water softener you would need to clean it in place. You can use dishwashing soap to wash it out and then rinse to remove the soap.
4) Remove the cleaning water by either dumping it out or with a shop vac.
5) Reconnect the brine tank, and add a couple of new bags of salt.
6) Add 3 gallons of water to the salt.
7) Manually, scroll through the Regen cycles to get it back into service, if not already there. Take water softener out of bypass and put it back into service.
8) Set to Regen today so the water softener will Regen at its preset Regen time to make sure you are back at 100% softening capacity.
9) Run several gallons of water to make sure any brine is flushed from the media tank.

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Cleaning out your brine tank is easy when you follow the advice in this video!
Vette Thompson
Omg, thank you...Im so disgusted with the company I rent my equipment from
al fatcat
Didn't realize I'd find you in two different results: trying to fix my reverse osmosis water system and now this. You're awesome. Also, I was able to fix my reverse osmosis system after watching your other video. Thank you!
Thank you so much for this video....I just did it, it worked perfectly!....as a new homeowner of only a year, things like this are so helpful 👍🏽👍🏽
Matt Campbell
Very helpful!
KamaHele Plumbing
how much water is discharged from system in a 24hr period.
Can i use IronOut to clean my softener also how do i drain out all the water so none of the cleaners go to my taps
Hey Gary - due to water dripping on the drain line, i put in a new Clack Ws1 valve, new tank and resin. for some reason, i am getting hard water... is there any troubleshooting / root cause for this? really appreciate it... thanks.
T Roberts
I have no idea what your doing with the buttons
letter Reader
Do water softners regen automatic? I remember my softner making noise at 2am but we moved to a new home and removed it from the old house to install at the new house but now i do the regen manually
letter Reader
Oh thanks i got that part solved! The other thing i noticed i dont understand is that during backwash or brine it fills the brine tank with water and also noticed it does not dump the bad water to the drain
Daniel Herrera
Great video. I'm not seeing any water in my brine tank, the salt was just sitting there dry. I tried to clean it out by removing the salt and adding hot water and letting it Regen but I'm still not getting any new water into the brine tank so any new salt that is added will just sit there dry. I have a culligan medallist Gen 2. What can I do?
Is it really necessary to use products like Res Care to clean the resin tanks? If so, about once a year?
Cathy Grant
We have a water softener that has not been touched for 25 years, except to add salt. What other maintenance should we do?
can i use 25 ltr of ionic resen and 25 ltr cataion resen to water sores with 500 ppm to get 0 ppm prodect of water in avarig 5ltr per minet and if that busbul how much water will be take befor reganrit it
R Pleace
The softener at the house I'm renting had been unused for years. So I had a guy come hook it up and he had to rebed it to get it to work. I asked him to show me how to drain the brine tank so I could scrub it out and he told me don't bother with it cause the water from water from the brine tank doesn't actually come up to the faucets or get used at all, it just gets flushed out or something like that. I kind of wanna call BS in that... Is that true? Also, there is so much iron in this water it's crazy. How long do you think before the pipes should stop putting out deposit rust?
what's the point of removing bleach if you end up getting moldy water which is way worst than drinking bleach, not only that this would allow the grow of bacteria on your filters and on your whole system, I regret buying a water softener and filter it does more damage than good on your health, and systems, if water is contaminated and you are using that water to clean filters, can you imagine the condition of filters all moldy on the interior but you are not able to see it. no wonder water tasted good at first then like a grass flavor later. people don't buy water softeners, I paid $7000 for one and I regret it. I prefer bleach water than moldy bacteria fungi water. I bough it from Ameritek.
Just did this Sunday. Wish I would have known about having the WS1 suck the water out first.
Nishchal Gautam
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