Fix End Gaps In Laminate/Floating Floors - Floor Gap Fixer

Gaps in floating/laminate flooring that are caused by settling foundations, installation issues, high traffic areas, and change in climate are no longer a problem. With the Floor Gap Fixer, gapping is fixed quickly and easily. Open gaps expose your floor to water damage and chipping. Protect your investment now with the Floor Gap Fixer.
Floor Gap Fixer Laminate Floor Fix
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D Beaulieu
If you don't apply some glue in the gap, it will only happen again
Carmen Mojica
Received the floor gap fixer... Was able to correct the gaps in my floor.. Easy to use even gif a 75 year old... My question is how long does the adhesive last and where can I get adhesive replacement???
Sarah Gourdie
Awesome, ordering this today, thank you!!
Six Actual
It works great! I ordered it last Friday and got it yesterday Monday. and within an hour,, my floor was fixed! I was skeptical at first,,, but followed their instructions and wow!
douglas spicer
Use glue !!
Lynn Strand WhiteWomanFlutes
I put in a floating 7.5in 12mm wood laminate floor in my 675 sq.ft. mobile home last year. Started noticing gaps about 6 months ago and did a "fix it" search... Found and bought the floor gap fixer a couple of months ago and finally deciding to give it a try today... Let me say I know how to use hand and power tools of all kinds and do a ton of my own home repairs... So a tool better do what its suppose too or the maker will know about it from me lol... The Floor Gap Fixer does exactly what it says it will and this works like a charm with little to no effort... The best part is I fixed about 20 gaps and didn't have to move any furniture except one side of my frig about 4 inch off one row, all the other planks just slide under the legs of my queen bed, kitchen table, love seat, coffee table, TV table! Fabulous!!! I highly recommend this tool!
Bubba John
Unfortunately not available in the UK.
While this works great, it is not a lasting solution. Mine separate again within a couple of months. Does anyone have a permanent solution? I'm tired of having to do this over and over again, and tho' we are told not to nail the floor down, I am tempted to do so under the baseboard on just one end of the room. That would still leave the space for the floor to float on the other end of the room, but I think will keep the floor from separating again so soon. Does anyone have any better ideas?
Davo Rebo
what about side gaps?
Is this what the product is called. Floor gap fixer? Is there a site for it? Amazon perhaps?
Ryan Floyd
Finally a product that can help!!! Iv'e had holes in my floor for years and didn't know what to do. Found this product and fixed my floor in minutes. I'm not too handy but decided to give it a go and it was a breeze. Highly recommended...
Robert Wolfe
I don't have a floating floor in my 1940's house. I have 2 inch wide oak flooring planks. Will the Floor Gap Fixer work on closing the gaps on my oak floors?
I just bought one...can't wait to try it!
Rose Czarñik
Mine had started separating too. Thought my ex husband didn't know what he was doing, wrong. How about kitchen tile???
Becca Storm
What about gaps on the long side of the boards? My floating vinyl plank floors have separated in the other direction 😰😰
Orlando Ramirez
And then what do you do when the gaps keep opening up cause we know that will happen. Keep using this gap fixer?