Water softener tank cleaning

A quick way to clean your water softener salt tank.

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you wasted your time by not removing all the salt from the bottom of the tank
Less grime and less cleaning if you use Morton pellets like the decal says on your softener. They have much less trash in them
Prissy Poodle
I purchased one of these whirlpool water softeners and I love it. But now the recharge is blocked I think. The tank has more water than salt. I've checked for a salt bridge, and cleaned the nozzle and venturi. I transferred older salt into the tank when I first got it but have put in new salt since. Don't know if sludge or dirt is blocking. Or maybe this is normal.
Numa Newbern
IF I am understanding this clip correctly you clean EVERYTHING out down to the bottom of the tank??
Nathaniel Montgomery, Sr.
We have had a water softner for some time now, but never cleaned or flushed it. Your video was enlighteing, thanks!
Should have removed the bottom layer of salt as well.
The manual says to do a cycle with bleach through it, 3 oz.to three gallons of water, when new.
Louisiana Texas Piper
I just purchased a house with the same water softener that you have. I know nothing about the system and the previous home owner had no maintenance papers or even when it was installed. My issue is we are getting a salty taste to our water. Is that normal or do I need to do something?
Do you have any videos showing how to remove and clean the Venturi and nozzle for someone who's never messed with it before?
Jonathan TheNazarene
what is the "recharge" function? I just bought an house that has a water softner. the salt level was at 1 so I bought a bag of pellets. when I went to add the salt I noticed a couple ants in the water. Should I be concerned? is there something I'm suppose to do after adding the salt?
what if you press the 'recharge' button down to do a manual and nothing happens. I don't hear it running at night anymore also. cleaned the venturi and the tank but still nothing. where else do i check. what else should i do.
Mac A.
I've had my Whirlpool water softener for years.. I've never had an issue with it and it's very clean. --- I use 1/4 cup of Citric Acid every 40 lb salt bag... if you keep it well maintained, you'll never have to do this.
You have longer arms than me i had to add an attachment. I did the recharge/ sanitize by adding 3 oz of bleach to the brine tank, question i have is i noticed much or all of the bleach just ran out from the bottom of the brine tank into the rest of the salt tank, like its not sealed at the bottom. is this normal?
Roxanne Viau
We have the same water softener we have a lot of rust in our water what should I do?
D Nice
When adjusting how soft you want the water, does it soften the water more the higher you set the "water hardness" level or are you supposed to bring the number down to make the water softer?
Jiya Roy
I purchased a new house with a water softener system (AWS, Model 5600 Econominder) installed. it's not running right now. It was shut off by the owner about a year ago. I want to clean it throughly before running the system. Should I clean the brine tank only? My concern is if there are any gaskets or small parts inside that needs to be cleaned out due to the mold growth etc?
Wenches Of Wine
I think I have a salt bridge with pellets- I put one bag in there a few months ago and the level of salt doesn't seem to be going down. I can now feel that the water is harder - sticky skin after showers. Should I scoop out pellets until I can see water? Or should I add water to see if it will break up and dissolve down? Is it possible to add too much water?
Larry Schwartz
I have a whse30 like this. If I must do this to maintain it, it will be out to the curb for the trash