3 DIY Ways to Fix a Scratch in Hardwood Floors

This week I show you 3 DIY ways to fix a variety of different sized scratches in a hardwood floor.


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Mackenzie Fran Fran
Lets be real we are all here because we want our security deposits back lmao
Josh Ferguson
Your videos are straight to the point, informative, and have clear instructions. Keep up the great work!
Ali Usmi
Straight to the point and informative. 👍🏻
Dane Boe
Soooo...what do you do if your dog has scratched every square inch of your hardwood floors with their nails? 😂
Nevada Homes For Sale
This is a very well-done video. Thanks!
One of the most simplistic, straight to the point DYI videos on YouTube. Double thumbs up!
What If your a teenager and you scratched your clubhouse floor while moving a couch and all you have is your dork siblings and paper towels? 😶
i moved a wooden coffee table to the wall and then back to in front of the couch and now its only a matter of time before my parents find the scratch across the room
Nick Hasheider
This was an awesome helpful video, Thanks!
Leon J
Saw a red truck on the freeway with "me fix it" in the back
Chummy Chime
Finally a useful video.
Nikito RNG
Glad to see your hand is recovered. I don't work with wood but like to watch these videos, every time I see a table saw in one of them I remember everything you said that time and can notice the precautions everyone has around those tools.

Keep up with the great content.
Siddhant Jain
I used a dark color stain on the scratch as compared to the color of stain on the floor can you please let me know how to fix it?
Bruce A. Ulrich
Good tips! Thanks, Aaron!
Like Steve from WWMM channel said. YouTube is encouraging quick tips kind of videos over project build videos. Makes me sad....
pietje w
Or just buy a new home