How To Install Luxury Vinyl Tile

The name says it all: luxury vinyl tile can make a big difference in your home. Watch to learn how to install luxury vinyl tile. Find step-by-step project details here:
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Lainey Wright
Now, this was an excellent video that didn't omit any necessary information I need to know, EXCEPT FOR how to do cut-outs for the HVAC vents. I guess I'm on my own, to figure that one out. Time to lookup more videos. :)
Hmmmm....I think you failed to follow the arrows...with this tile you installed it's obvious which ones are going the wrong way :/
Zer Yang
Lowes, please make videos for rental. Things we can do temporary and take off when we move please. There are many video here on youtube but they are amazon product. I love shopping in store in i can
Brandon Webb
How would you prepare osb in mobile home for this kind of flooring
Purple Sky
Love it with the grout
your dad
Literally came from Threadbanger
#threadbanger supporters
Love it!! Your videos are amazing you explain every single step thank you!!!
Jason Vote RED
Amazing job 👌 I am feeling confident to do it by myself after watching this video
andrew miller
awesome video! when you acclimate your flooring MAKE SURE IT IS UNWRAPPED. if you just chuck the box in there is won't do anything and you'll floors could buckle or shrink and you wasted all the time and money.
Valerie Dakota
He should've started this project by pulling up the ugly tragic pink carpet and tiled all the floors js
Möbius Strip
Great instructions! I think I'm ready to try this project. Thank you!
Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez
So if the sub flooring isnt smooth im guessing u would sand it if its a wood sub flooring right? When tile is the sub floor do u recommend a wipe and mop also before installation?
The Vinyl Junkies
I would probably make sure the patern of the tiles is running in the same direction too.
Rosemary Williams
😢so much labor aaaahhhhh!
Grape Ape
Never knew the words “luxury” and “vinyl floor tile” could coincide....
Susi S
Thanks helped me heaps in putting down smaller self stick vinyl tiles Cheers.
Rick Fascinato
The quarter round killed the whole floor job
Oliver R.
Baseboards !!!you damage it !!! Put a simlpy tape on it!!!! :-/
steven carter
Great video and make shure that your floor is clean befor you lay your tile
Vicky Mc
Translation for non Americans. 1/8 of an inch is around 3mm.
That was the easiest vinyl floor removal ever! I remember as a kid helping my parents remove them and almost ripping my nails off.
Joselyn Dominden
mohamad عمر
Very very nice thank you
Magdalena Jones
realy good video;
Jar O Mayo
Why is Lowe's so.... Good?
Ken Nickels
What if you cannot get the 100 lb roller? Will a lighter one suffice?
Aabid Fayaz
How much it costs
Lilibeth Rose Rose
My kitchen has a very odd shape, angled cabinets and nooks and slanted walls. How do I measure lay out the vinyl don't know how to center and the slanted sides and angles. How?
wow that was a lot more complicated than i thought it would be
What a depressing looking house. The island, the vent, the flooring, the doors.
Mister Hat
Luxury Vinyl Tile? What an ironic choice of words.
Gina Friend
I'd hire you!
ephram brown
Go the extra mile pull the base, shoe moulding looks gaudy. Plus not all floors are this flat and smooth. Be prepared for alot of prep work in most cases.
Rick SC
Vinyl flooring is also excellent for under kitchen sinks and bathroom vanities. Makes the bottom of the cabinet waterproof and looks great. A slow leak will ruin an MDF cabinet bottom. Not anymore!
Lord Cromwell
Looks cheap and dumd kid o.
rollerblading geek
the thing is, shoe moulding is a shortcut but removing the baseboards looks so much better
Sultan Sahib
how much expensive
Christian Eh 30
Malamik Art
I needed this. I have a very uneven linoleum in my kitchen, it's so thick I'm not sure I will be able to cut it..
I think I’ll ‘go ahead’ and try this.
Christian Eh 30
Pin this if you love Lowe’s
Dennis Hammerschmidt
tommy underwood
This is not luxury vinyl tile this is the basic peel and stick
F Huber
There is no such thing as Luxury Vinyl.....

There is overpriced vinyl.

its like when they said "Genuine Naugahyde" in the 1970's. Nothing genuine about it... It was vinyl upholstery, which is plastic.
Cyndi Harris
Shoe molding! Says you're Lazy, You don't Care how bad it looks and I would kick you out of my house...
Tony Cordasco
Why would the manufacture put an arrow on the product itself instead of the paper this way no mistakes can be made that really shocks me
Sally Semrau
When would vinyl ever ne luxurious! Just crazy to even suggest such a title!
Abajh Alghamdi
Very good
Why oh why do the person that reminds you to check the arrow direction F..s up on the 10th tile? Lowe's i wasnt expecting that...
Code red Outdoors
People come here to bash vinyl. It's nice for what it is. Sure tile will last 100 years, my grandparents moved bought a new house in the early-mid 70s. The 4in square blue tile bathroom with blue cast iron tub, blue sink and blue toilet looks absolutely new! I mean perfect! Tile will last, no doubt. Probably will get outdated. I'm remodeling a whole house now. I've had 3 back surgeries and tile hurts my back so I'm not even going that route. Today's vinyl is way better than just 15 years ago. Just high as hell.
1. I was disappointed that he said "go ahead and" only about 50 times. I was hoping he'd go ahead and use that phrase at least a hundred times to make it that much more annoying.
2. I will avoid putting real grout down. Sounds like a setup for a world of hurt and hassle down the line cleaning that stuff, esp. if it's light colored. I'll consider fake grout-line tiles instead.
3. I'm concerned about the slight gap left by the thickness of an oscillating tool blade when cutting out the bottom of door trim (utility closet in a kitchen, for example). In other words, if you're using the thickness of the tile as a gauge to lay the blade on top of, the tool will cut that gap _plus_ the thickness of the blade. And you're just a dog chasing its tail when you start trying to fill in gaps like that with some sort of goop. I'm considering making a gauge of some material that is the thickness of the tile _less_ the thickness of the blade, to try to achieve an _exact_ fit.
4. My dilemma is deciding whether to undercut an _existing_ shoe mold (painted a _perfect_ tasteful color of yellow along with the walls years ago), or remove it and re-install it, because removing and re-installing it will necessitate a huge amount of cleanup detail work to restore the whole affair to its original neat appearance. Would likely have to repaint the whole kitchen to make everything match again.
5. In my case, I think I can get away with installing new peel-and-stick vinyl over the existing linoleum floor (which itself is in really good shape and is flat - just outdated and ugly), as my floor is ALL glued down.
6. If there's any way that I can avoid taking up an existing floor surface that is completely glued down, and then having to remove all that glue residue and flatten out and smooth the underlying floor, then that's the way I'll go. That's something else you may want to give some thought to.
if that is what the customer wants, then ok i guess, but i am not one for sticky tile. it is crap. it is made for very low income
house holds. beside, that junk never lasts a full year after installation, especially with kids.

use frog tape on the base boards when you use thin set mix to level out the floor

other than that, removal and installation is impressive.

awesome video !!
Bob Cammarata
This video must of been made for Dump Green Asses. "It's Elementary My Dear Watson."
If anyone needs to learn from this video then they need to call a professional to do there work.
Shoemoulding is a definite sign of 2 types of flooring in a house. Fugly
I guess if you're gonna go with luxury vinyl, which seems like an oxymoron... yeah might as well use ugly ass shoe molding as well. What a joke.