How to clean your Kinetico water softener brine tank

Our water experts show you how to clean your brine tank in your Kinetico Water Softener.
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H Sterling Cross
Awesome! Just fixed mine. The float hadn't been cleaned in 20 years. Thanks a bunch for the informative video!
Great video. My softener sounds like it’s working now. Time will tell.
Hardware Henrietta
Thank you for taking the time to make this video. I think you did a great job. The visuals were very good. Your voice was clear and concise. I really needed this information on the float to help figure out why my Kinetico isn't working. If it is the float, or the dial. Between all the videos I have watched I feel I can get mine up and running again. Thank You
Chris C.
Thanks for dropping the knowledge!
If you have the taller system is the measurements on the float the same?
My tank is not draining. I never cleaned it. 10 yrs. It was overflowing and draining at the overflow. I put 40 pounds yesterday and it is almost gone. Can cleaning this solve this drama?
Hmm. Mine doesn’t have the hole piece or the piece it sits upon. The pump sits in the brine tank in the circular tube and isn’t attached to anything. (Just bought the home, trying to learn how to maintain its water softener). Are these parts that can be purchased? I have the same brine tank you are showing in this video.
Jason B
That was a nasty looking bucket. Id get a new one for the video at least
My water is really hard and it stinks so bad I don't even want to take a shower. All of my toilets water is leaving orange scum in the bowl.