Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

Vinyl Plank Flooring Review - How to fix a potential problem that may arise with your vinyl plank flooring. The Southern Girl shows you how to fix issues, gives additional installation tips, and reviews the pros and cons of this flooring product.

Vinyl Flooring Product Info:

The brand is Style Selections -
Purchased at Lowes
Item # is 0356402
20 planks per box - each plank is 6"x 48"
One box covers 40 sq.ft.

My floor coverage amount was about 450 sq.ft. with additional glue & razor blades - Total cost was under $750.00:)
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Carl Huffman
It seems like a syringe filled with glue would work better
Mark Hoffman
I really enjoyed your full review of this vinyl plank flooring. It looks fantastic! Your husband needs to kiss your feet. To take on a project like that one and his only help is a chalk line!
Hmmm! Lets just say I am jealous! Thanks for the video. Mark
Nice easy to understand video. I liked your simple solutions to the issues and the tools you used.
Sandy A.K.A.
I'm so doing my floor...myself. You have inspired me. I want to do my den/living room and bedroom. I have beige carpet and I hate it. My question: how long did it take you to complete everything? Thank you for sharing your video. You did a fabulous job!
Your floors are beautiful, we had some installed about 4 months ago...but I'm wondering what is best as a cleaning agent for this type of flooring? What did you use on your floors they are so pretty.
Lorna Bolden
Melinda Lancaster go with the traffic master allure from home depot it is a nicer vinyl. Also it's has grip strips on each plank causing you not to need any extra glue adhesive. It's also water proof. 25 yr warranty.
brett vicko
Purely a problem with the installation rather than the product, better the prep the better the finish, better the surface the better the finish.
Love your tools! Perfect for this job. Thank you for the clear, concise directions and the great close-up photos.
melinda Lancaster
Beautiful floors and nice job ...i am considering doing that to my floor but want to ck the pros and cons first. thx 4 thr vid..
Beverly Fields
Thank you for doing this honest update. Your flooring still looks fantastic.
melinda Lancaster
is that the allure trafficmasters flooring
I love your floors . I have one question ? Did I hear you say that you install the planks over the vinyl floor in your kitchen ?
Oh my goodness I have been waiting for this review! Thank you soooooo much for sharing these tips and your honest opinions. I plan on installing my floors this weekend. I am covering 900sqft on a concrete subfloor and I was nervous about it until I saw this video. I will definitely use your tips during my installation.
melinda Lancaster
after reading all the great comments about leveling...i have ceramic floors and it crunches in my laundry room when you walk on it. should i take the old tile up or go over it. I am considering the vinyl allure trafficmasters 25yr warranty (so it says)
Cindy Pass
I'm a new subbie and love your videos. We are about to do some new flooring and this looks like a great option. What color is the flooring. I really like it, not to light and not to dark. Have a great week.
Debra Harlander
Very good instruction and review. I'm debating this type of flooring and the Allure Flooring that does not stick to the floor but to itself. Thanks for taking the time to do this video.
how bavutynl makes you feel.!
Sue Marie
Did you remove the toilet before installing the flooring? This flooring received excellent reviews from a leading consumer magazine. You did an amazing job.
Cody Harris
can you use a steam mop on this type of floor or would it cause the planks to lift up because of the heat
melinda Lancaster
Thanks Lorna Bolden, i am considering that but am going to do the tile in kitchen and laundry room. Those rooms are off to the side and i will be taking tile up bcz of damage. Rather be safe then sorry later but in my dining room and living room i can go over the floor. i will blend it where they will meet. If any one has any tips on that please feel free to let me know
Christine Swenson
You could also put a little of the glue in a sand which bag and cut the corner off one side and squeeze it underneath. Your floor looks great and it's nice to see someone coming back and showing us how to fix some issues that arise.
sami meazi
How much one box?
Katie Morford
This is fantastic! We're in the process of looking for flooring options to get rid of carpet and my husband's coworker suggested something like this. Definitely nice to see it in place and pros and cons you have as a person who has it and put it down yourself. Thanks!
Stephanie Farrah
Looks so nice. Love the color you chose.
Tracey's World
Your floors Very Nice! DIY in my future Noooooooo I'm way to hard on my floors I'm still a Bleach Girl I need to smell that on my floors weekly tiles all day
You are awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this information. I am waiting to close on my home, and am thinking about installing laminate flooring sooner or later. I know this is vinyl, but the more information I have, the better. I am just excited to see another sista doing some home projects on her own. :)
Matt Ragain
I've installed luxury vinyl floors in rental homes, churches and gas stations the past couple years. And a few minor installation techniques I've found that help to prevent future maintenance is to 1. Trowel the glue down 2. Prep the sub floor, you want it as level as possible 3. Rent the roller, it really helps push all the air pockets out and make sure the entire plank is connected to the adhesive
It looks like hardwood flooring. Beautiful job. I'll consider that when I decide to do my kitchen floor.
Renie Handler
You did a great job on your flooring and it looks fantastic!!!  win win!  
Leslie Aubrey
Wow, beautiful job! We had vinyl plank wood-look flooring installed a year ago, but every time I clean them, there are white patches and spots left, and the floor just looks dry. Seems like no matter what I do, I can't get them to look good -- they look awful, even the areas without white spots! The only thing that gets rid of the white spots is Armstrong Once & Done, however I have to use it full strength, and THEN the floor looks rather greasy, AND it seems like a waste of product. I have tried a few other products that have pretty good reputations, to no avail. The latest product that was recommended to me was Bona, but I'm afraid to spend more money and then it not work! What do you recommend??
What brand & color is your LVT?  I really like the look of them.  I'm considering this instead of laminate.  I do worry about the buckling, but it's summer here in Salt Lake right now, so maybe I won't have that problem.
Thank you so much for this! I have had two boxes in my basement that I was scared of installing , but now I'm going for it! One question, the floor I have now is 24x24 tile with large grout lines. I don't want to take up the floor, what do you recommend to fill in the lines so the planks won't sink into them? Again, thank you!
Darlene Jacobs
Looks great! You have a beautiful home. I did my living room with these same plank flooring in September, looks so beautiful and real, now getting ready to do the kitchen, dining room and hall with them.
I am curious as to why you chose the glue down type vinyl planks as opposed to the interlocking floating vinyl planks.  I'm not being critical of your choice, but it seems like this would have been easier and avoided the "glue in the seams" problem.  Was there a reason for your choice such as price or availability?  Or does the look come out better with a glue down floor?

I am purchasing a house which is carpeted, and I'm trying to come to a decision between vinyl, laminate or bamboo.

Thanks for your video!
A Lawson's Life
You did such a great job just remember that nothing is ever perfect and you're not a professional. When we moved into our home I did all our bedroom floors myself with vinyl took some time and patience but came out well and the money saved is well worth the effort ;-) 
Chris m
Many of the vinyl floors have asbestos underneath!  Many contractors that are flipping houses use these vinyl floors for a quick fix which is cheap.  Go with real wood or ceramic tile.