A 1960s Seiko Automatic 6216A Restoration and Full Service Watch Repair Tutorial

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Forgot to mention in the video - the array of different screws in this movement is incredible - seems like a different screw for nearly every fitting. Did anybody notice the mistake I made in the video and later it got rectified? Why not watch again and then comment below if you spot the mistake :)
In this video we take an extremely tired old 1960's Seiko Automatic 6216A gentlemans wristwatch and give it a fresh lease of life.

Film Free Decal Products used in this video - TYPE A: or I did not use the glue in this video.

Canon Laser Printer Used in this video: or or choose an alternative color laser but the highest resolution you can afford. e.g. 1200dpi
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Sweet Jesus - I've torn down and reassembled hundreds of engines and other contraptions but how in hell do you keep track of all those parts?
Indigo Golf
"I didn't do this for money". Says it all, how refreshing. Superbly entertaining and educational, thank you and well done.
Fascinating video. Didn't know faces could be disassembled and restored or that there was software to check accuracy of mechanical movements. No stupid music and well shot thank you very much.
dylan vasey
I do love these old Seikos.
John Brabant
Brilliant, thanks so much. You have so much patience and skill. Your heart is in your work an it shows.
Chuck St. Louis
Nice job on the dial and that's a first for me, see a dial being reworked.
Thanks Mark!
Matthew Harrold
Recently I took my elderly father to his local shopping centre to swap out the battery on his Seiko gold watch. He was informed by the key cutter/engraver/bong seller/watch repair dude that his watch was STILL under his 40 year warranty and the battery was free. He knew this because my dad filled out the warranty card and his local fixer has been in business for over 40 years. My mother bought him this watch 39 years ago. Totally amazing. I can't believe how comprehensive and clever the after-sales support is for an $80 dollar duty free purchase in 1980.
Well, I could take it apart, but....

Great job 👍
Abe Lincoln
The level of precision by human hands with a magnifying apparatus, unbelievable!!!
Fantastic job and nothing to do with money
I've restored many items of no real value just for fun over the years and just love the process and final results

Excellent vid
New sub here.
YouTube Bitch Center
I bet if you just added a few more gears and switches you would have built a Time machine!!
I'm glad you done it .That was so interesting .You are very good.I think that it is a lovely watch .Made back in my day.
Dat Phung
great stuff !!! Seiko was king back then !
YouTube Bitch Center
P.S. you forgot to add the little dots for the seconds, is that what you were alluding too? Great job I have one of these watches
Khan Jani
Thanks for very very nice video you do a very super job take care your self ,,,,,,,
David Margolis
Hi Mark. Great video! Can you provide details of the products used for slivering and lacquering?
Joop Plankman
For a watch enthusiast it is an absolute pleasure to see a real watchmaker at work. Thanks for this video and greetings from the Netherlands.
Richard Atkinson
Fascinating, absolutely fascinating. Thank you for sharing this with us.
excellent job m8 10x10 x
Looks remarkably like the Seikomatic my dad wore in Vietnam. His was a a gold tone case, IIRC. Haven't thought about that in years. Thanks for the memory!
Malcolm Lane-Ley
Amazing work, well done
Malcolm Lane-Ley
Amazing work, well done
YouTube Bitch Center
Hate to be the bearer of bad news but at 24:13 ...... you missed a spot . 😉😌
Alexander Lennox
A master craftsman, amazing absolutely amazing
Amazing! A job worth doing, is a job worth doing well. Well done sir!
Beautiful work! I love these videos so much. Thank you for taking the time to share!
Inten Ditore
Oh. So many thinks you didn't opt to use stupid background music :)
K Swaminathan
Your knowledge of watch mechanisms is awesome. And now you are a master dial repairer.I am amazed at the passion you have for this art. I have some antique watches like Record, West End, Bulova etc which need your type of sincerity and dedication. Will you be in a position to undertake restoration.? Do let me know. Thanks for this fantastic video.
Your channel is so soothing, and peaceful! l'm just learning about watches, and they are fascinating indeed!!!
Abu Saif
Man... Respect to what you did
That was amazing
Did you sell this watch or keep it.. I am a proud Seiko Fanboy..😊👍🧭
Praveen Thaodem
I respect your patience. Great work.
KawasakiRider -
amazing work. Excellent craftsmanship, can be recognized by people that arent craftsman.
Ago Actor
I respect you for your awesome work.
I was literally glued on my seat to watch till the end. Great!
karthik sampatharao
You done , a great job sir
Thisura Yapa
Brilliant work dude. Keep em comin...
cormac hanley
Fabulous. Maybe your best video yet!! Really great seeing you develop new skills (Adobe illustrator) and applying them to such great effect. Your persistence and attention to detail paid off, the final result is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
Michael Kane
Amazing work. Really enjoyed watching that video. Mick Northern Ireland 👍🍻
julius dendawijaya
Incredible, I love it, now me heart feels guilty with all the old 1965-1970s low end beater watch that has not seen a light of day in ages. Good God, a hobbyist shame...
Ty so much for this vid
Axel Foley
Someone call an ambulance, after watching this vid my brain went haywire & I can't see properly😲
Roberto Jofre
incredible job!! congrats mate!
Bruno F.
Just amazing! Thank you for sharing!
Lord Epping
So who else wants to see a non sped up version of this video 😄
Michael J Canter
This is simply amazing , a first for me , well done , I can hardly wait for your next video, may God Bless
I would happily wear that gorgeous watch with pride. Nice work 👍🏻
If you ever want to sell, first dibs 🙏🏻
Excellent work. Thank you for sharing.
Chopper 1
As always, Excellent work . You are a Pro 👍
This was great! Awesome job!
Alberto Lopez
Great stuff.. congratulations on such a good piece of work. Glad you put that oldie seikoback in service... looks stunning!! Keep it up.
Excellent video mate.
The dial work was very impressive.
R. R.
I loved watching this, thank you sir! The result is wonderful!
I love doing this type of precision work. Thanks for the Video.
ramon roman
Sir, You are unbelievable. All my respect and my admiration to you.
jeddah pakistan
Awesome Restoration. I believe even Seiko company can't do as perfect as you did.
Thumbs up 😀
Mata Bog
That looks Crazy good! Thank you for the tips!
Benjamin Barrera
Showing others what is possible, that's priceless. Thank you for doing this.
Man I really wish you did work for others.
I would send all my watches to you.
Great job.
Jan Anilcolonoscopu
Frankly brilliant. You're an artist, sir.
Amazing video! Thank you so much for the effort you put in this watch! :)
Assa Rykmentti
No music! Thank you.
Nice job!
Brad Guerrero
It turned out amazing!! I have always loved the look/style of this Seiko!!
Totally amazing. Thank you.
Wow. Exceptional work! You did a great job, I really like the final product! also great pick of the bandwrist!
Brett DiMichele Studios
*WOW* Mark I have never witnessed a dial resilver that was absolutely impressive and as much of a pain as the waterslide/toner thing was, that turned out
amazing as well. Bravo for bringing that Seiko back to life!

(and yes, that 3 was bothering me too!)
Lovely vintage Seiko. Very nice job restoring it!
Mark, what kind of silver powder did you use on a dial?
Peter R.
Excellent video and Seiko are such a great watch ....your skills are truly first class
Dragunov Korok
Time to assemble
me: give it to me dude, I will give you extra screw, spring and gear.

You awesome dude :}
Absolutely outstanding restoration! The engineering and tooling required to make a watch like that is almost other-worldly! Well Done!
Join Division
Beautiful work, thank you for sharing.
Qwerty Man
Perfectionist would be an understatement to describe you, Bravo!
Dirk Frazier
At 27:52 I actually said "Oops!" out loud. :) What a wonderful craftsman you are. The dial refinish was magical and I knew you wouldn't leave the "3" that way. I love "watching" your videos. Keep up the great work, and yes, I'd buy that Seiko in a heartbeat. Cheers.
Selwyn Tracey
Thanks for posting. Great video great content.
Tony Papantoniou
Man, you have patience with good hand coordination and eye sight. I could no way do that, too small and fiddly. How many hours did it take? The end result was awesome.
hadi reg
Great job man! I guess we all here share that feeling of getting something greatly finished and restored!! Thanks for sharing your passion and the high quality footage.
Now that´s something you can wear with pride! Can imagine how satisfying it must be to wear a watch with so much personal effort into it! :):) great vid
Karl Karlson
i salute you ...I figured that fixing a computer was complex!!!
mehmet akif altıparmak
Perfect video. Thank you.
I watched every second of this video, you really know what you are doing! Awesome job!
Arthur Kurtz
Splendid restoration by an astonishing artist and craftsman. Thank you!
I enjoyed so much with your video.
Great job.
hamara hamara
Wow!... a delicate job! Congrats
Mike Gniadek
"Let's get cracking" right on!!!
I don’t know how you ever get that back together! Is there a repair manual for that movement you use?
Creactiva Mente
Just a little more ASMR style, and can be perfect. Subs increase a lot too.
Farnood Shabafroozan
I'm sharing this video on my Facebook bro. You have my support
Miroslav Marinov
Great job!!!
buzz kirschner
freakin' mind blowing. thanks for posting
amir rayan
Great video. You have done an amazing job ... I love restauration videos
Mushex Sargsyan
Amazing... Haven't words ... Respect
James M
I have one very similar, it's about a 1975 to 1980 model.
Felix Angel Lopez Alonso
A-WE-SO-ME A great job, congrats
Wow, Well Done....! Thank You....!
Dennis Allport
Ahhhhh...nothing better than a nice Sunday morning, cup of coffee, and another relaxing informative video from the master! Nice job on that dial, Mark. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge!
I would keep that brass dial xD
PS. I love the method of reaplying print. Gave me a couple of ideas.
Nice work, I have a 1963 Seiko that looks just like this one, but the winder is at the 3 o clock position. I bought it about 30 years ago and had it serviced about 8 years ago and it is a very nice daily wearer. Great vid
That looks actually like a very high end movement, with everything jewelled. Mainspring bottem and top arbor and all.
Very nice piece of technology, I bet it was quite expensive back in the day.
Does it have hacking and day/date quickset?
টোটো কোম্পানি Dutta Debashis
Great job Brother...you just gave someone"s life back. Proud of you 😁😁😄😄

I also have a Dead Seiko 5 Automatic. Last serviced on 1999...I don't know I can do it or not...Wish me Luck...😑
Barry James
I usually watch restoration videos because they help me relax, this just gives me anxiety.
You have my utmost respect
Leonardus Cung
Beautifully done !!! Bravo Sir....