Best Way to Fix Large Cracks in Asphalt Driveway

Leah from See Jane Drill demonstrates how to quickly and easily repair large cracks in an asphalt driveway, using a rubberized asphalt crack filler.

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You're almost to a half mill. Congrats!
Dave Melstrom
Once again, you have helped me with one of my projects. Thank you for your hard work. I really appreciate your teaching style!
Excellent tutorial! Once applied, how long does it last? Ty
Kim Nimbus
Thank you for taking the time to make these videos!
Larry Smith
Leah very good video. I'll glad the you put this out there. I plan to use my Harbor Frieht torch to instrall this : "rope". you videos go a long way thank you- Larry Richmond IL
henry ford
youd get along great with SHIP SHAPE host John Dreviscous
Smug Smugly
a couple of bizarre calls there that should have been raises
Jeff Ochoa
Truly an excellent video great delivery too
house machine
How do you make it uniform and flat
Robert Simonofsky
Leah, That was great....I will be searching for more of your videos
Alex Becker
I kinda wish I had cracks in my driveway large enough to try this out.  Looks like a fun repair!
Sidney Mathious
I like that solution for asphalt and have to get that rope and use my torch to heat the rope to cover that damaged area. Thanks so much for referring me to this video.
Good stuff thank you
Nicholas Huss
U r one great human being, so awesome that u take the time to make these videos. Thank u for helping us DIY'ers..
James Mason
Thanks a million Leah. Can I use a heat gun and will it burn away that clear wrapper.??
Drew Hensley
that's what I,ve been looking for on here for 30 min. thanks !!
First Last
00:26 was that a lizard or chipmunk running across the driveway?
This stuff is fun to use however, if you have many cracks on your driveway it will take FOREVER to fill them all with this stuff. I even went so far as to buy a propane torch at Harbor Freight to make the job go faster. It did go faster but it still takes a long, long time to melt this stuff.
DaffaDon TheGreaT
would this work to keep weeds growing between the asphalt and foundation?
Brian Helton
Extremely helpful!
George Carlin
Thank you Jane.
Sam Sen
Saw many hints to repair but must admit Leah, this looks to be the best. I am going to return the other material I bought and follow your way.
Thanks for sharing.
Natalie Bowers
Great video thanks so much!
great explanation, informative!
Nick Marchesani
I like the idea, where can I buy the rubberized rope? Thank you, Nick
Don't be shy about pulling it :) Ha! Ha!
great job Leah...... always practical info for the home owner...... thanks for sharing your expertise......
Anthony C
I used this product from HD, and it seals great. Definitely plan to sealcoat to blend in. My biggest problem was the wind blowing my torch out, too cheap to buy an extension. Good vid.
@seejanedrill I followed your instructions exactly and my driveway is as good as new! THANK YOU! I found my filler on Amazon, it was a little too big for the cracks but once heated it was easy to wedge into that space. BIG THUMBS UP!
Jimmy Smith
Am I the only one who saw the getgo run past her right arm at 30 seconds in?
Pervaiz Iftikhar
from where rubberized asphalt crack filler is available & what's extent it's durablity!
Daniel Babson
Nice job
I was just lauding your helpful sheetrock mud videos to a contractor; now he's gone and here you are again helping me fix my asphalt driveway at a different house.
Leah, you ROCK!
Crack kills.
I love your videos, you inspire me to get things done.
You are a rock star. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us. You make the world a better place.
Caleb Weber
I know this may have been addressed, but how long should I wait for the crack stix to "cure" before I seal it up?
Awesome Leah..! I look forward to your video's ... Have a good day... :)
marc stover
I've used this and it worked well for me too.
Shes right i can do this!
nice job!!!!!!
Stephen Solomon
I didn't know about the rope filler. Very good, clear instructions. And she says, You can do this." Thanks.
Tridas Mukhopadhyay
Leah, Thanks for the video. What is the exact name of the rubber tube you used to fill asphalt cracks? Is the product called Flex-a-Fill Direct Fire Hot Rubber Crack Filler?
This product comes in a box, not sure it is the tube you used. Thanks.
you didn't mention WHERE this item can be purchased?
Jane, where did you get that rope like sealant? In researching it I am only finding buckets of it. The rope seems a lot more efficient. Thank you so much for posting this!
tim 49
what is the name of the product used. Search for "rubberized seal" @homedepot yields something else. Thanks.
Bob Morgan
great job
very helpful video!  I had no idea that this product even existed.  I guess I have another project on my honeydo list over the long weekend...
Ace Golfman
Now you can color your asphalt driveway too with this new Looks fabulous imo
Kevin Carpenter
Great video I've tried this stuff but if you live in the winter area a freeze will open these cracks back up you will have to do it every year
Angela H
I have some cracks with grass in it. What is the best way to remove the grass first?
great video
Thanks Leah
it's useless, the seal disappeared completely after a winter.
Very good
The Marlinaires
Excellent video!  Now I feel I can fix my own driveway!!!  Thanks!
phillip miller
one can hold it over the surface too and have it "drip" into the crack; this is the best method to avoid overheating the driveway's material. I used 200 ft of this stuff. About 12 hrs of off-on application, doing it near dusk so I could see the flame. And using the drip method you can get into smaller cracks. The cracks just seemed to suck this stuff in. I'm sure someone in China is saying "Hey, where did this stuff come from?"
Wanda MG
Leah, thanks for this video.  I also watched the video you did on using a MAPP gas torch that used a different kind of top..  Question - can I use the screw on, trigger type torch on this propane tank? It seems a lot less scary than the one you used for the driveway repair.  Thanks again, Wanda
Matthew Urban
You can buy this asphalt (black) or concrete (gray) crack filler on
Great tutorial!  I'm on a marathon watching spree with you.
I've stumbled upon a couple of your videos now, from sharpening an oscillating saw blade to now this one. I thoroughly enjoy watching them, you have a great sense of how to break it down to a barney level for people to understand the why, not just the how. I work with wood, not a clue about what to do with asphalt, but I think I'll give that rope a try. Though, I was curious as to whether or not you had to run a putty knife or trowel over it to make it flush with the surface of the driveway?
Patrick Joseph
This comes in black or gray colors. Don't use the gray. It does not melt easily. It also will burn, creating black burn spots. The black product melts much easier and will flow into the crevices, but the gray does not. I wish that I had been warned. I used the black, and then used the gray on some cement, thinking that the color would be a better match, but the formulation for the gray is terrible.
Michael Keohane
I have some large cracks that this would be awesome to use on...Where can I find the rope sealant? What would you recommend for smaller cracks? Last year, I used a putty mix that you can get at Lowes, however, it is already breaking down on me after the winter. Awesome video!
Patrick Gilmore
does it work equally as well with concrete driveways?
Great video.

Can you make a follow up video on the product, has it held up to the time or it has to be redone again ?

Thank you.
Exo Seven
Would a heat gun work, like the ones used to remove paint... would it be hot enough?
Rus Jones
Stuff really doesn't work. I used this and during the winter it pulls away from the crack that was filled during the summer.
Matthew Urban
Lia, you the shit. I didn't even know that rope existed.