Replacing a Hardwood Flooring Board

How to video on replacing a damaged board in a prefinished hardwood floor. Safety glasses and hearing protection should be worn during this procedure. For incredible deals on Canadian made hardwood check out our online store: How to remove and replace a hardwood floor board.
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Nathan McGlynn
brave dog
I would personally use knee pads and a prybar
victor santiago
Making a few cross cuts make it a lot easier
my hardwood floor is it, no sub floor
Great informative video - thanks
Yes, hearing protection should be worn--especially dogs if they will watch lol.
RideFund Projects
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Jen Sargent
is it the same procedure for floor boards under carpet please?
Seyed Khadem
umm, I guess you trust the dog to stay put
People are eating this down just hatin. There is nothing wrong with this method, though regular wood glue should also do the trick.
I'd recommend earplugs, safety glasses are optional, and something to kneel on.
Braxtly Tools
Great video! Thanks for sharing. For odd angles and shapes, a template tool could save you a lot of time. Just sayin. :)
Emmy Braxtly
Grace Delosreyes
el pulpo vivo
Dog is learning how to do it because is doggie time to do the next repair 🐶🐕
Stuart Wass
If you use the guide rail then you wouldn’t worry about scratching the floor when using your plunge saw 😉
Peter Dillon
Great vid! Thanks.
Richard Vasquez
Why is ripping out a good floor?
Cute dog. My dog would run from the noise.
Gabriel Stoian
Why smash a perfectly good floor?..
Adam Schaeffer
4:37 damages adjacent board by using it to pry against
Hugo Kemp
This is the most easy part , nail down!! Lest tried a glue down close to the doors or any gabinet , like a pro !!!
dogs just want to have fun!
Jacob Wellington
nice work gaylord
I am replacing hardwood floors where I had a stain and I notice the new red oak wood is slightly wider than the existing 2" I have down what can I do?? they told me it was 2 " but they lied so its like 1/16 " wider.
Adam Schaeffer
2:38 hit a nail, lol
Guy Christie
Why not just wood glue?
Air Handler
how do you repair old bruce flooring
Random Fandom
do not clean the saw, tape and paper off the area you wish to protect
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Andi Zog
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The Penny Jar
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not much tools needed
Vincent Esposito
Hi. I need to replace a few board in a prefinished hardwood floor. I purchased the flooring some time ago. Its natural maple color with I believe an aluminum oxide satin finish. I will have to cut the replacement board and put on the bevel, as you needed to. However, since this in in a kitchen, I feel that I need to seal the beveled edge. Do you agree? If so, what finished should I use and how should I apply it? Thanks.
Prosciutto Sangwich
A dog sitting there? REALLY?
good video... it's similar to doing laminate boards which I have done before. much easier to damage other boards with hardwood because they are nailed down.
Mark Cooper
1. It really helps to explain what you are doing before doing it. 2. Get your dog out of there man; that thing is going to go deaf!
Shop dog
But you just weighted the ends of the board down. Wouldn't the middle bow up a little?
Johnney Tilley
Safety glasses?
Todd Royce
I just stopped in to see what the vastly superior folks in the comments had to say. Why bother watching a how-to video when you already consider yourself to be the only one that does it right? What a real man/woman would do is make their own video showing the way they do it instead of beating their chest on somebody else's video.
Pete Rh**
Beautiful puppy
If we did the installation per your guidance, done by a professional, will the floor be uneven? I am worried that if someone is standing or walking there, the floor may feel uneven, is that true? Thanks
Gaylord Mothra Focker...
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You couldn't quiet the audio down for the saw portions?
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Never heard of safety glasses?!
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