Asphalt Repair

A technique I've been using to fix a lot of small and large cracks on a steep asphalt driveway common to 6 homes. In the past I've tried liquid tar poured into the cracks, but that's only good for small cracks around 1/4" or smaller, and the tar sinks into the crack, causing one to have to go over it several times. This technique uses actual asphalt (gravel/tar mix) and gives a very tough and finished result by simply hammering the asphalt into cracks.
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Mark Daniele
Love the results Greg but you will be 187 by the time you finish a driveway.LOL.
That is simple genius. Looks great. Immediate results. Will do this in the spring (in NY). Thanks
Jim Jersild
Love this.
For large alligator cracking, do you find that this technique works better than commercial alligator patching?
When doing this technique do you ever pour hot or cold crack filler into the bottom of the crack before pounding in the patch repair?
Johnny Eckhardt
It Works! It Works!
Great video..I'm gonna do this to my driveway as soon as I kill all those damn weeds growing out of the cracks...
Greg Ercolano
Some extra details: the 60lbs bag of asphalt shown here was $10.00. This is small stone asphalt with regular tar (and NOT the "low VOC" stuff) So between that, a hammer, and some elbow grease, driveway cracks disappear quickly, even on an active drive. The driveway never has to be closed; even while applying, you can step out of the way to let cars drive through without affecting the repair, and can leave the road open immediately after applying.