How To Clean And Repair An Asphalt Driveway

An asphalt driveway looks great when new, but it may need cleaned and repaired over time. Save money by doing the repair and sealing yourself. Before getting started, check the weather. It is important to have a few dry days. Also make sure that you turn the buckets of sealers upside down to mix any solids that may have settled. This project requires: pressure washer, asphalt cleaner, oil cleaner and cleaning brushes.

As you begin, clear any weeds and oil spots so they are out of the way. Attach the nozzle to the pressure washer, add detergent and begin cleaning. Be sure to follow all safety regulations and do not point the nozzle at anyone. From bottom to top and left to right, the driveway will be clean in no time.

Once dry from the cleaning, it is time to make repairs. To patch small cracks, usually a 1/4" or smaller use crack filler. Allow it to cure according to the regulations on the back. For larger cracks you may need pavement repair compound, trowel, hammer, stone chisel and tamper. For shallow holes, lay the compound and tamper to make an even surface. For potholes larger than 4'', fill with gravel, then add 2'' increments of compound and tamper until level.

Now that your driveway is cleaned and repaired, you will need to seal it. To learn how to seal a driveway visit Also, for more videos like this, visit

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Reddestroyer Gaming
Asphalt driveway reminds me of a golf coarse
Alice Whittaker
These are some good tips, I told my local grocery store they need to pressure wash their lot, it's looking pretty ghetto
my asphalt driveway surface has many areas where the previous sealer is cracking and peeling. It looks like too thick of a coat of sealer was applied.

What is the best way to remove these large sections of dried, cracking and peeling sealer?

I want to re-seal the driveway.
Reddestroyer Gaming
Asphalt is found in golf courses
David Lee Roth
Safety First!
Shepherd Wolf
Driveway out of asphalt, Concrete always exist. Careful not to pour gasoline on that driveway. LOL
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Ass fault thx ass hat