Philippines Tire Repair

I had a tire with a slow leak so I stopped at a nearby vulcanizing shop to get it fixed. I have had tires repaired in Canada and the process had some major differences. For everyone's education - nothing on the car was scratched, including the wheels and quarter panels.His price was 50 pesos but I paid him 100 because he let me shoot the video.
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Don KiksBiscuits
nothing funny about a man earning himself an honest living with hard work and dedication.
Rob Of War
Many people can’t do this with the proper tools! This is is total old school and deserves respect.
Mike Mason
I think i heard the same motorcycle driving by the entire time
Junk Car Reviews
I'd love to have 10 employees that would work like this guy, in those conditions, with those tools. That guy is a badass. Great vid.
Worked and lived in developing countries... much respect and appreciation for these workers!!
What they do may look weird to poshies but show a level capability and ability often forgotten in our part of the world!
I don't understand why people are hating on these guys, they work with what they got and make it work I have huge respect for that man
Ross Best
*I was waiting for him to blow up the tire with his mouth..* AIR???
Wheel lug nut torque: 2-3 kaKLANKs
After years of doing this, I bet he doesn't even need a torque wrench. His elbow is probably perfectly calibrated.
Jerry Lee Kersey
He earned money and respect. That's hard work
Step 1: Remove shirt.
Step 2: Finish cigarette.
Step 3: Repair the tire.
Step 4: Have a good day.
Da Ni
You can tell hes a good mechanic all you gotta do is look at his footwear knowing he'll do your car in flip flops is legendary
William Ramsay
nothing on the car was scratched, including the wheels and quarter panels.
Of course! In the 1960s and '70s, I worked with these mechanics from other lands in car dealerships in the USA..  We did not have technicians at the time. They got it done correctly but crudely but they got it done! Laugh if you must but there is no Coats machine and no tire guy that scratches your wheels or car. Oh, how I miss these guys.
Fred Jacobsen
I've had to do that myself in high school several times. No money to do otherwise. Hard work.
Tom Wilshaw
Loved everything about this video.... home made tools, honed skills, very impressive!
Tat Ata
Dirty hands but clean money
To Bar
3:08 torqued to specs
That guy deserves every penny he earns! good on him.
Art Wallace
That's the SNAPON tree trunk, jack stand!
I wonder how much this internal repair will effect wheel balance. I suppose with the slow heavy traffic in the Philippines balance won't be an issue.
All that matters is that these men are getting things done, with or without the right tools. Respect.
Alister Rebello
Me: I need a big breaker bar and torque wrench
Autoship: Can you specify how big
Me: Yes
Cat man
I like the torque wrench. Good job Sir.
Much respect to guy. Imagine if he has all the tools machine equipment. He would probably build his own car from scrap. 👍👍👍
Bruh you paid this man $2 when his price was $1 💀💀💀 I would’ve Atleast gave him $10 for that job 😭👌🏻
Alfonso Soriano
4:32 he nearly install it the wrong way around.
Luke Mcdonald
I love he had 2 different thongs on🤭🤭🤭
Santiago God728
This is how it looks when i do it myself at home too😂😂
I remember being in this country when I was 4. Plenty, I know, has changed since then and when my dad was a kid there in the 70s.
Tom G
A honest hard worker who takes pride in his work, whats not to like?
Korova Milk Bar
That reminds me .. I was Gonna Watch "Quest For Fire" tonight .. UGG
chris sprenger
Don’t scratch my rims bro 😝
I like the breathing on the fumes part. Makes me want to buy him some tools.
talon gleason
Its all fun and games until you snag a toe in that bead.
3:00 now that's a breaker bar
When you have a necessity of a man know his job and never other ..
Tire repair—-$2.50

Destroying alloy rim—- no charge
Jeff Rodriguez
still faster then the dude at my Wal-Mart.
Would love to see a complete engine re-build at this garage :)
4:30 almost tries to put it on backwards
stan broniszewski
Watching this reminded me of an old transmission repair commercial back in the 80s. They showed all the stupid ways transmissions get fixed. The best was showing two chimpanzees swinging sledgehammers on a transmission to get it fixed.
Chris B.
Wow, I watched the whole thing! Crazy how spoiled we are here!!
Omizzy Lizardi
I liked his torque wrench.
keith oliver
I love the flip-flops lol
Jeff Sievert
OK !
I want to hand him my needle nose threw screen and 20 tire patch kits !

My Man tho . OK ! Is rite

No excuses . My kinda guy .
Poof Puffer
wow, amazing, he changed a tire..
Missed the best part where he seats the bead 😆
4:01 hardest workers
That was Savage. Did all that by hand........ Respect
95 % of Firestone employees have a nervous breakdown after seeing a guy in bare feet stand on tire ...
Austin Myers
Mr Hirano
People don't understand this Video and shows negative comments, reason for this is that We don't often have the money to buy expensive tools, we MAKE tools with our Own, some Even Use Manual mode. People like that in here are very Respectful they won't charge you big Moneys, and will do the job for like 15-20 mins, and can help you Get back to road And check your wheels in a Certified Shop. You can judge them but the reality is in mind so stop hating !
I've been traveling in Philippines for 3 months and I absolutely love and admire how they do exactly the same work as we do in the west, but with less tools, and in a completely different way. Let me describe filipino people in one sentence: They don't care much about all the stuff that is needed, they use what they have and are happy with that! Go travel Philippines guys, beautiful country with even more beautiful people!!
I just love the shoe/foot safety, LOL. It's awesome.
Terry Tumulty
I'd love this guys address so i can ship him a case of tire plugs
Diaz Diaz
Kesateria Matahari
I'm just glad he wears a belt properly and we don't have to see his asscrack when he's working.
Hmmmm, they haven't heard the plug yet, 5 minutes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dam all i can say is talent man got skills god bless
fred fuchs
Hell yeah I mount tires in sandals to next time someone gives me shit for it I will show them this video
Kevin Edgar
Impressive work, I saw many of these tire shops on the side of the road when I visited Cebu. Too bad none were open when I blew the rear tire of my scooter at midnight haha.
Mock it all you want, but he's the guy you want on your deserted island when your plane goes down.
Dylan James
Great camera work and editing. 10/10
Mumblix Grumph
I absolutely to see this! A man working with basic tools and just getting the damn job done. This is the sort of human ingenuity that allowed us to create the modern world.
twink d
Idbelikedude you've scrach up all my wheels
Dennis Ovahn
I like his multi-tools, good for tyre repairs, dentistry, chopping open coconuts and killing rebels..awesome!!
Rick S
I still occasionally remove and mount tires like this. I don't have a lever to break the bead but place a tire iron by the bead and keep hitting it with an 8 pound hammer. I will have to make a lever and pivot it at the base of a fence post. I would rather see stuff like this than the resorts and tourist attractions.
гидравлический домкрат
Один работает, всЕ смотрят.😂
I remember my dad using tyre irons to take the tyre off the rim to fix a puncture but in them days the wheels had a tube in them,
Love the simplicity! What type of rocks does he use for balancing 😏
Santiago God728
Thats about right just different tools 🤷🏿‍♂️but use what u got my guy
man don't laugh he is doing all this stuff without any advanced machines he is doing by hand when you know to do like him then you can laugh
Nick Charalambousa
Quality. I'm a tyre fitter myself. I know appreciate my tyre machine more than ever. I wouldn't want to work like that all day everyday. Give them man some credit!
Al Kaholic
No one's gonna mention he damaged the paintwork of the car with his tool after 4:49
jerkygutts *
Ole boy got some rough ass feet!! I bet he walk in to get a pedicure they just pull out a machete and whack. 10 dolla
Sam Dru
(hey look he's famous now!!! Call Mae!!)
Daniel Burke
We have it to easy in the west, , these lads have a great skill
Diederik Tolmans
Impressive! Much respect!!
Dan Given
dont ever buy chrome rims in the philipines
Martin Sage
Give him some plugs bro
Evan Alden
This makes me appreciate everything I have. And people wonder why some strive for a better life.
Patrick Star
It costs $1 for all the hard work he did.
Bright Garinson
Even when we give them the wheel, they still can't do it right. XD
Respect and blessing 😎
Jason Wilson
Having a BBQ in your tire 😂😂😂
владимир егоров
Убожество! Фу!!!!
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Where can i get that log i need it for changing my tires
Damn that's probably like a hour just for that tire. Someone start a go fund me account for this dude so he can so get better equipment
The_Other _Seto_Kaiba
At least he got the job done. Although when you tighten the lugs, recommended to do the star cross pattern, opposite of each lug.
Cooldude 22
Humble tough work puts food on the table.
Bingo Bango
Snap On sells that same broken scissors tire tool he used for 210$. 😂😂😂
Reminds me of my dad, hard working getting dirty to feed his family.
David Schaefer
Tire plugs would blow this guys mind. But nice job, much respect for hard workers
Serdar Yuksel
What I like about this part of the world is how they get their job done without the need of fancy machinery they have in the Western world. Well done guys.👏👏👏👍👍
stephen platt
No rims were scratched in the making of this video
Tomoko Kuroki
Youtube kept recommending this to me over and over.
I want to buy this man a tire machine , he's got skills and is hard working he deserves it
Jack Hudler
At one time this was the way every tire in the world was repaired. I remember this method as a child.
J. John Mario
Which has more miles: the tire or that dude’s flip-flops?