How to DIY fix Asphalt Driveway Depression using Cold Patch?

This video shows you how to fix the driveway depression problem using the proper technique and tools. Completely DIYable from start to finish.

Music Credit: Moldy Lotion by Light foot
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This is almost summer 2019, I will do a follow up video after the winter. Believe it or not, even I parked my vehicle on it from time to time, they are holding very well. Stay tuned.
Mr Mba
What’s with the weird voice!?
Thank you Dracula!
Cookie Monster shows you how to repair your driveway
blud work
how much did it end up costing you?
links to the products would be nice. :-)
Gary B
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Chuck Norris
SAS repairs his drive.
Terence Gillespie
Thank you.
WTF arnold schwarzenegger is doing videos now
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How did they get "cookie monster" to do a youtube "how to fix your driveway video???
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Arnold does the driveway....
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Excellent video.
Jim Hamilton
Good job.
Marc Del
Voice is terrible
arnie ?
British Man 147
Arnold Schwarzenegger
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I could have done that in one day but good job
Yo get off youtube with the weird ass of yours