DIY: Repair timber floor part 2

I perform a temporary repair of a suspended wooden floor.

Rotten floorboards replaced with 18mm structural plywood. New flooring and joists treated with interior preservative.

NOTE: I am not a qualified joiner/carpenter and this is not meant to be a tutorial. There may be better ways of performing this task.

Ideally, the rotten joist needs cutting back, replacing and bolting together using carriage bolts. Then treat with preservative. Please see alternative video below for ideas:

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looks like it was probably a leaky radiator, i would have secured that moving joist to the wall but thats just me. Might try using the Ply, my old imperial floorboards are a nightmare to replace.
Did the owner mention about the pressure of the boiler falling because of a leak?
kelly s
which wood preservative do you use? Does it strengthen old wood, or just protect against termites/mold?