Scratch remover spray Scratchfix Spray for LVT floors

With the scratch remover spray Scratchfix Spray from Dr. Schutz you can easily repair finely scratched surfaces on PVC Design, CV or other resilient floors.

To begin with, the place which was scratched by chair rollers is sanded with a grey abrasive fleece -- in order to even out any proud edges of the scratches. Afterwards the fine dust is removed with a moist cloth, and then the surface is wiped over with a dry cloth.

Now it's time to use the scratch remover spray Scratchfix PU Repair Spray! First shake vigorously, then at short intervals spray the surface and seal it. The sealer will shine as long as it's still wet.

The scratches have been filled with sealer and are almost invisible. The sealer has also made the floor hard-wearing again by re-sealing the surface. Scratchfix PU RepairSpray -- easy and effective against scratches!

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Marty Lynchian
So racist that the office made the one black guy getting on his hands and knees to fix the floor while the white employees sit around laughing at him.  Looks like some things never change.