Vinyl Flooring Maintenance & Cleaning : How to Fix a Dent in a Soft Vinyl Floor

It is important to remember that dents in soft vinyl floor don't have to be permanent. Fix a dent in a soft vinyl floor with help from a flooring contractor in this free video clip.

Expert: Andrew Denny
Bio: Andrew Denny has 10 years experience in flooring.
Filmmaker: Phillip Givens

Series Description: Vinyl floors require a little bit of work, but can make your home beautiful and cozy. Learn about vinyl flooring maintenance and cleaning with help from a flooring contractor in this free video series.
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Jon Casse
This dude seriously just swapped the video to a different tile lol that's sad
damian holland
This has saved our brand new floor. A contractor had been in after the floor was installed and used a step ladder that didn't have caps/bungs/feet on its legs. The brand new floor was a shambles after this. Deep sharp ring marks everywhere. This video saved our floor. Thank you. 100% fixed our problem. Ohh, using a hair dryer btw. 8-)
I hear you can do this with an ice cube and a heat gun.
Yankee McAmerica
Thank you so much! My stupid roommate dented my floor before he moved out and i didn't want to have to buy a whole new floor. Awesome vid.
carsten nielsen
Great work, but is it possible to use the heatinggun for melting smaller patches in or replace missing small pieces/holes (like half an inch in diameter) of vinyl with a kind of other material and then melt it in with the heatinggun?
Ailsa Aanensen
Thank you so much I used a clothes iron and damp cloth as I neither had a hair dryer or heat gun . again thank you from New Zealand
thanks for the information. I damaged a newly laid lino and hunted through YouTube ! you saved me from a awkward situation!! thanks for sharing ;-)
Jeremiah Combs
worked like a charm, great video.
Karma The Giant
what works best to prevent the dents from happening - I just had new very soft cushion flooring put down and although my kitchen chairs do have felt protectors on them already, I fear they will leave dents as the flooring is so soft. thanks
Kristina Brazeal
Will this work with Shaw vinyl planks?! We recently had some Renos done and a few heavy tools got dropped on the floor and left dents! 😭
Jessica Stroud
how long ruffly does it take to get it out? put it on medium on hair dryer. ..
Rosie Avant
When we moved our refrigerator it stretched the floating vinyl floor. Do you have a solution to repair to shrink the stretches? Thank you.
Thank you so much for this tip.  You have saved my new floor. 
Can I just tell you how much you just saved my life? lol.. I used a putty knife and a hair dryer and it worked like a dream!!! I even took it over a scratch in the floor that has been there for some time and it erased it like a Mr. Clean magic eraser. THANK YOU!!!!
paige landry
i don't believe you got the dent out. You should have showed a time lapse if you wanted this to be at all plausible. it looks like you just switched to filming a different tile.
Amber Hurley
@essortment What can be used if I dont have a putty knife and how long does it take to get the dent out ???
Thanks for the tip, regards from Ireland.
Fucking liar. That didn't even work!
Callum Boyd
you're a fucking hero mate