How To Correctly Repair Damaged & Cracked Car Leather Seats

"How To Clean Car Leather Seats" Video:






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Hey Guys, it looks as though the Global Smart Repair website is down! I’m not affiliated with them so I don’t have any information to give you as of why, maybe check back again at a later date.
Craig Cooper
Anyone else watch this even though never going to do it? Lol
randy durga
lmao dude talking like the end result would not be what it is, high standards!
This is almost as satisfying to watch as the scene where Woody gets restored by that old man.
Hamad S
the left side maaan!
Jeremiah Shields
Repeats over and over "it's not perfect.." then it's as close to new as you're going to get without buying a new it's perfect...this guy lol.
Wow, excellent video, with clear explanation and demonstration of techniques used by pros. Thank you! I feel confident to get the right materials to re-condition my car seat leather
Industrial Lightworks
Nicely done, but not finishing the left side will haunt me forever...😜
Ibrahim Abu Bakar
Watching you detail cars is like watching a master surgeon doing a brain operation. The level of detail and OCD is just insane. What a wealth of knowledge you are. Thanks for being on youtube!
Jaafer El Aouani
I would trust this guy with my car
Banks Edwards
Thank you a thousand times. The best narrated lecture on leather repairs ever listened to.
I love how modest you are Sandro! I want to buy a kit like this but for the cushion of my IKEA chair, which has been very neglected over the years but not past the point of no return. Even if it doesn't come out "perfect", I still want it to look more inviting. Question: about how long does a repair like this take?
Cheers Sandro! Great as always!
I dont have leather seats in my car. i dont need anything repaired... but im still fascinated by this repair! Well done!
Looks great man that was like therapeutic nothing better than watching someone do something with patients and the proper way.. Bravo
Faheem Zia
I will never do this repair work but I watched bc I love your work man.... You and Scott from Dallas paint correction.... Great stuff always.
Steve Harrison
Great video as usual! You achieved some pretty incredible results. I didn’t think those seats were salvageable. Definitely see why having the training is a must. Thank you!
I do not have leather seats, but I came across this video and within the first minute you had my attention. This is how all "how-to" videos should be done. Excellent job!
Lou Fazio
I would not have thought that was repairable. This is what's called "professional" restoration. That seat looked like it was pulled from the junk yard after 10 years exposed to the full weather. Very good work and demonstation!
keep it moving
Watching this and i dont evean have leather seats
My friends wife sold me a creampuff and it is loaded. the seats need care and this vid is very cool. I don't mind doing the work.
Eclectic Guy
This guy is an artist. SO much detail. I have to make a similar repair. Hope I have that sort of patience.
Marcio Elizeu Machado
work of art! Congrats! Hope I ll find a good professional in Brazil.
Jermaine J
Curious what the cost is for something like this, and then compare it to a total reupholster job.
The trick here is matching the color and adding more drops of one color or another....for sure I'd screw this section up...the first grey circle looked fine to
Robert MacDonald
I would be happy if my seats looked that good after some love.
I Forget
Excellent,honest.I know because I've done it.Thank you
Bogdan Antone
Today Youtube Recommandation wasn't ass.
Don't even own a car.
..still watched it from start to end.
If you want to practice go to the junk yard. That's what I do.
H Con
I’m putting this in my favorites!!! I’m an automobile enthusiast and will use his techniques and have emailed the company for product price of the VLPS000 kit. Or wil a DIY kit do both front seats in a leather suv?

Great job! Perfection
Amazing result I can't imagine this service is very cheap as it looks to be time consuming
hendry t
so he did not do the right side of the seat? you still can see the crack line. but excellent job & video
Kenneth Terry
Got a 05 acura tl needs a little attention to bolsters. This video was a great tutorial! Cheers from Alabama in the states bro!
R3D-1 Truth
I wonder if these techniques would work for perforated leather? I’m guessing that the issue of filling the perforations, clogging the ventilation. Great video!
wu-tang x
woua !! perfect job !
Great tutorial! I love my Benz and they do suffer from this type of leather damage. Definitely will be doing my seats soon.
Sparks N Zeros
the transformation of this is incredible, i don't even do car detailing but i can appreciate the quality of this process :D
I’ve always wondered how it’s done. That’s amazing.
I feel like I'm watching Clickspring, and I love it. 👍

Beautiful job btw! :)
Jaiden Thies
About to start repair on my Yukon’s leather seats thanks for the tips!!
Juan Amador
Amazing!.. Before and after comparison shows the dramatic restoration.
Jedi Knight
Such patience. I take my hat off to you sir.
Korcan Mazarati
Tnx for sharing mate I learnt a lot from this n gona try my best to treat my seats 👍
Devon Wang
Oh my god, this seat looks soo good now. It looks brand new. I am soo impressed. Thank, now i can restore leather seats :D
Excelsius Dei
I’m impressed, nice!
Bruce Williams
Really well done. I appreciate your sharing your techniques. I have a truck that is very old that I am going to try this on; it can't get any worse. lol. Thanks also for the paint tip; I thought it was my cheap paint that was causing the dusty appearance. I tried varying the distance and found it was the usual cause of my problems, me. Thanks again.
Inav Banz
More than perfect!
Bravo my friend, looks amazing.
William J. Bendell
I’ve watched a lot of videos on how to do this, but I think this is the way to go. I think it will last a long time, with that being said I give it a five star. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
David M Walraed Realtor Real Estate
great job looks amazing Id love to be able to match my Audi Light silver beige seat color
Richard Smithey
Amazing work! This guy is worth top dollar in his industry. Gifted for sure
James Henderson
Amazing video, thank you for sharing your secrets although I would never have the time or inclination of doing it myself lol..
Ashley Falcon
Oh dang he’s good with the color matching! I would’ve just gone with the first color swatch like a dummy afraid to mess up the whole batch being too nit picky 🙄🤦‍♀️ lol but in reality I don’t know a darn thing about this & his knowledge & expertise shine as the second swatch is perfect! Woohoo! Nice job.
Thanks a lot. This was really good tutorial. Only I had to jump back tens of times to see what were you showing as the playback speed was so fast. You could have shown the materials and tools slightly longer.
Ghazi غازي
Nothing is perfect in this world ... you did a very nice job (Pro lvl) 👍
Al Coholic
I’m impressed. That repair looks good enough for me. Put me down for a repair kit.
That was beautiful work brother. Well done. Love for what you do is an obvious ingredient that helps obtain such excellent results.
Shanirani Kauboj
Did i ever said i love your channel?
Well i do love it!!!
Amazing job!
Gary Pijnenburg
I keep coming back for more my friend - awesome!
Ryan Sheppard
This is amazing, it looks so good.
Patricio Garcia
Thanks for the video. This means there is hope for the leather seats on my 79 e21 and 88 e30 bmw...
Ultraman's Inspirational Recipes
That was incredible!!!
Damn good work. Looks great.
Allan Fonseca
Good job my friend, you are a genius.
Jared Sanders
Good lord man! Nice job on that color match! Amazing job, turned out way better then others I’ve seen
Great lesson and really impressive work. Thanks for sharing this.
Wow, congratulations, perfect job.
you came up in my recommended so thought i would have a look. Shocked me did not know you could paint leather. BTW Great video
Guillaume Niedzwiecki
The best leather seat refurbishment I've ever seen far and away. The result is just perfect.
Torque Steer
Great video thanks. I'm gonna give some of these tips a try on my Audi.
American Citizen
I’ve seen some creatures at the beach that could use these crack repair treatments on their butts.
Senior Bob

Prashant lunawat
Love the attention to detail! Keep up the amazing amazing work
Mary Whistleman
Fantastic job - Wish you lived near me - You are to be commended - don`t usually do not comment on Youtube how to videos
Prophets Among Us
Good job, but i wish you would have done that left top side cracks as well, and painted the upper middle part as well, i think it would have looked even better. Well done though. God bless.
Laughing Man
That's impressive
Guess 123
You sir , are a master a your craft.
Awesome work , masterfully done.
Juts amazing 😎👍🏻🇺🇸
It's a work of art
Carlos Cordero
Awesome!... But my OCD is in pain about the left side!!
Looks pretty damn close to perfect to me!
j b
what a legend! it came out sick!!!
randy johnson
Damn fine work....
Thanks such a great video. I look forward to fixing used leather seats ive ordered, seems like a wholesome project
Absoluterly stunning results. When I first saw the seat i did not think the final result would be near as good as this. Awsome job!
Welcome back Sandro! Been a while..😀
Jeana Foster
Really a wonderful job, didn't expect it to turn out that fantastic.... Looks as good as a new seat... Great job.....
I'm amazed
Steve Wyeth
Really great content, learnt something new!
Intwisting 207
wow, that was amazing.
Nikki d
Excellent video. Thank you for explaining every step so thoroughly. Subscribed to your channel less than a minute into your video, that's how good you are.
Looks amazing - great job!
Honestly I think re upholstering the seat would be easier. Even in seats with airbags occupant detection and heat/air conditioning. In classic cars where an exact match is unable to be found though this is probably the only method.
Seriously! How good are ya 👌🏽👍🏽
Tommy GunnZ
Nice job! been reconditioning 20 plus years seen tens of thousands of repairs this product looks impressive.
I wish I knew
Engima 2
WOW...this is just GREAT, for thoes of us who love our cars, what a great job to do...Many Thanks for this video.
Que Dableyou
UGH beautiful <3
The Sideline Fan Club Rugby & Rugby League
Great job & lesson..
Chetan Yadav
Wonderful technique to repair the leather