Microsoft says they value repair-ability, designs more repairable product.


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repairability right to repair
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Gustavo Coelho
The 2019 chia pets have soldered SSDs and RAM.
Re-Play Informática
Why not try to ask for the schematics and chipsets anyway... Who knows... Worst case scenario we laugh...
Microsoft may have just gotten me as a customer with that if I can actually take it apart and possibly repair it. It's better than nothing, but it's a nice step.
The key for these manufacturers that are designing products to be competitors to Apple, is watch Apple make all the bad decisions and do the opposite.
Dave Pawson
Your Tesla is now serviceable, remove steering wheel and install on new car. See, now your door handle works.
James Oliver
The guy's stated objective is ONLY achievable if they make third party repair as seamless and reliable as "authorized" repair. Schematics and parts at wholesale prices must be available. The only thing "authorized" repair should benefit the consumer is "authorized" warranty.
John Doe
Hopefully this becomes a trend!
But, I want a repairable laptop that looks like a ThinkPad from 1997. Actually, I want a ThinkPad that's just like a ThinkPad from 1997, but with modern hardware.
RoboMii 2015
Microsoft: *creates repairable product*

Apple: Wait that's illegal
Business Momo
I disagree. I think Apple should repair all our devices and charge us 2 times the cost of a new one.
Ralph Rodriguez
As part of Microsoft Developer Program you have access to all their software, office etc, and access to all their repair manuals and schematics. You can find out about it on look for Developer Program. There is an annual fee, but I don't know how much it is.

Love you videos. Keep up the good work.
It's kinda sad that this is surprising. Repairability should be standard, not some kind of unique feature.

A surprise but a welcome one.
Advert Solutions
"Biggest competition comes from our own products, thats why we need to make them unfixable" -Tim Cook
Tong Zou
Microsoft has been more innovative than Apple for years ever since Satya took over they've been on fire
Kisen Liang
Back in the 80s IBM decimated apple by having a more open PC platform

Today Microsoft will do it again

Sander Kiewiet
The point you make at 1:06 talking about someone being 17 coming out of highschool and then graduating college with a different mindset because of your videos about repairability really intrigue me. I started watching you when i was 18 years old, and I am now studying Biomedical Engineering in Holland. I love your videos, watch every single one of em. I want to thank you for making these videos! Love from Holland!
A YouTuber
"The joy that comes from seeing the fan spin" - 1:23 Rossman
No, I'm not crying, I just have something in my eye.
Tomas Q
"Let's fix Surface Pro" sounds like a great video title!
Hampus Baaz
Shame it doesn't have a trackpoint. But this is a good second choice at least and maybe creates a good trend
"Laws are downstream from culture". This is a belief I've long held but never had such an eloquent way of saying it. I'm lifting this.
"But we also for our commercial customers". Serviceability benefits all consumers not just commercial. Lol
Internet Degenerate
Schematics for enterprise-level customers have been available on Microsoft devices for a while already, and I don't see why they wouldn't continue to make them available. That's part of the reason we went with Surface devices before and why we probably will go for them again. They make sure everything is done under MNDA and watermark them with the client ID, but the files they send are complete and even annotated. You're right in thinking that you wouldn't be able to get access as you either have to be a very large company, have a justifiable security exemption (IE: military contractor or hospital), or be an authorized repair partner. I really hope they make the requirements for the latter a bit less confusing and a bit more accessible as time goes on. I think their mentality is just that they don't want designs getting leaked to competitors without some sort of collateral. Apple is the prime example of having designs leaked even before they're released in a lot of cases because their manufacturing partners and contractors throw accountability out the window. Microsoft's biggest customer outside of consumers by far is the US government, for hardware, software, and cloud computing (Azure). They need to maintain a certain security posture for that reason.
“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

Thank you for your years of work Louis!
Double - You
Ahh, building PCs and upgrading and tinkering with dead or trashed one is my favourite things to do.

Never had the guts to repair small devices beyond installing lineage.
Microsoft is still an evil incompetent corporate hive mind that every so often does not do something stupid on accident.
Louis watches surface presentation, immediatly loses mind.
I bought a new laptop a year ago after my wife's old laptop died. I went nuts when I realized it didn't have any "trapdoors" because if I ever need to service it I'm going to have to take the whole damn thing apart just to replace the battery -- if that's at all possible -- or to get to the harddrive. I've had to replace several batteries on other people's laptops, and it was the first time I'd ever seen a laptop that didn't have a battery that just pops out.

To be honest, I would love having a laptop as thick as a brick if it meant it actually had meaningful airflow to prevent overheating, and maybe I could even put in components that let a 3-month-old laptop run faster than molasses in January.
last week i opend my old toshiba to get out my harddisk. i didn't even have to open up the whole laptop to get to there, in 4 screws i had my harddisk, 3 more and i had the ram.
Really makes you question more recent laptops or apple products in general, when i can do that without understanding much.
I’m old enough to remember when almost everything was fixable and the cost to fix it wasn’t so high that it was cheaper to just buy a new one. As someone that enjoys giving new life to thing that have been deemed trash, I love seeing things like this. It may cut into my “magic man” reputation, but seeing less hardware that still has life no longer ending up in a landfill will be worth it.
*Video Description*

Wow, he used all those tools to repair the mind of a companie? *Think Different* -like Apple-
TBH: i have no real like of microsoft. they have done a lot of things i am against.

but this is a good thing. they have been doing a lot of things lately that are good. i hope the keep it up.
Robert Villafan
Love that Chia pet reference. I grew up watching that when my parents couldn't afford cable. That thing would run 5 times every hour
Simon Hopkins
It's a perfect time to go repairable with most of the western world going green their sales should skyrocket.
Frédéric Jacquot
The surface laptop received a historic zero out of 10 on iFixit's repairability scale in June 2017
They're about to go from one end of the scale to the other ;)
candice beebe
Come into the Automotive world where everything you just stated is a hundred times worst.
Divyjot Minhas
And they went out and soldered the ram
I actually felt really good watching this in the keynote, but this soured it after that
Still, great step in the right direction
Josh Russell
lol, He seemed so pained about it, though.

[ohboii] Pumba
just googling for cress sheep, they actually make cress tortoise now.
Big Kids Toys
Adhesives for securing things should be banned unless they have easy pull tabs
M. de k.
Who clicked it thinking he was sarcastic 😂
Muhammad Iman
I managed to save abit of my mum money when her pc broke.
The last surface got a 0 for repairability, now it will get a 1.
Andrew Hunt
Yet the surface's screen is nearly impossible to remove. Just like the sticker.
Gareth Evans
I have a feeling that part of the reason for this was because of the pushback from their last version which was the most unservicable device on the planet. Who the hell thought gluing fabric over the openings was a good idea!?🤬

It's great that they've done a 180, it does feel like things are changing for the better. We still have warranty void stickers in the UK, but that's the least of our worries right now..

PS: I think it might be useful to do some basic tips on soldering. Preferably not with a fancy temp controlled iron, but how to use a £10 iron from a local store and not burn burn things. Just an idea.
Nathan L
Louis Rossmann in 2019 turned faith seeding into tech repair seeding. Keeping the faith in repairability since 2007.
Master Bait
Legend says he's still opening/ closing the laptop
Jensi Oquendo
Surface Laptop 2: *keyboard glued onto the entire chassis*
Microsoft: Okay, this, but humanely.
Surface Laptop 3: *keyboard now detaches off the chassis*
You've convinced me. As I replace my apple products, I'm going to migrate back to Microsoft. They should give you a commission. I'll let them know that when I buy my new products.
I give Microsoft the "Most Improved" award. Last generation, they were manufacturing Surface laptops that were less serviceable than a Macbook air, and had cloth covering the keyboard and palm rest, so that you're only option was to scrub-in before using your laptop.
Leighton Elliott
This is a great step in the right direction.

Sadly, we have become up to this point time a disposable society. Basically if it breaks we are required to buy the new and *improved* product, where the cycle repeats.
Protip: Microsoft's lying
man... i saw recaps of this event and none of them clipped that part where he took the keyboard off like that
At a time when we're talking about saving the environment being able to repair products to prolong their life cycle helps much more than recycling a dozen Dixie cups. All those big corporations who claim to care about society and environment should design their products so they are more repairable, but corporate greed gets in the way.
I like this, no matter the reason. However, I am curious where it falls on the scale between the philosophy of repair vs the philosophy of anti-Apple.
Mister Keys
They're still Microsoft - they're still disgusting - but man oh man credit where credit is due. Genuinely good job MS! Keep it up.
It's like Microsoft knows apple's weak points and is chipping away at them with Apple playing catch up now with pen input etc.
Microsoft are making damn nice devices this year. They’re literally flipping the lid at Apple.
Dopamine rush happens when I'm able to repair something which wasn't working as supposed to work, same thing happens when Louis shares new, exciting videos with us! Thanks mate, keep up the great work!
Grote Lul
Ive never had any issue with ms since their out of warranty replacement is dirt cheap

A surface replacement is only 400dollars
Anibal Perez
It's pretty sad when Microsoft is out doing Apple in the design and repair ability side of computing
These new Surface devices really look good, better than Apple IMO, and can be somewhat repaired?
Old Man Jim
Convinced a friend to send her Macbook in for repair, she ended up buying a new one, but I convinced her to send the other one in anyway and use it as a backup (for her business)
Kurosaki's Corner
Mr. Rossman, I just want to say I 100% got that hit of dopamine when I started watching your channel and then fixed the malfunctioning keyboard on my MBA after watching one of your tutorials. Thank you for keeping on your journey and taking us with you!
Hopefully it isn't just marketing wank.
Also being to able to repair something is one less step of throwing stuff away. And eventually saves on material and good for the planet.
Hud's POV
He looks like Michael Scott's brother xD
"For our commercial clients'"
Tom Servo
The first dopamine 'hit' I got was whenever my flat screen's HDMI function stopped-and I was stuck watching network television. It motivated me to research and watch videos on various repairs. Problem was a 10 cent capacitor in the power module that stuck out like a sore thumb. (Notoriously cheap Chinese made caps that are put in EVERYTHING.) I had an old PC-and salvaged a capacitor within the range set by the table of 'Volts and micro Farads'. Soldered it all up nearly 6 years ago and it's worked fine since. It's also what made Louis first show up as 'related searches'.

Perhaps Microsoft is using Apple as a business model of what NOT to do-Apple cult aside it will gain them lots of customers.
Dora Nku
There are always cheers when the tops come off.
This is actually one of the best things that could come from Microsoft, hopefully this change will happen to a lot of system manufactures and start the chain effect
Thor Lindberg
I don’t really get why they didn’t change to a unibody design for the metal Surface, but they did live up to everything I wanted 🤷🏼‍♂️
NO they dont, they had to for enterprise sales, and still make it difficult for consumers, they still solder the memory, and make it difficult to change the battery.
But they do allow this new format ssd to be upgraded, online ebay prices are 256 $50 512GB $75, I am guessing they will charge about ten times more at their service centers if they have any.
Someone finally trying to step away from the Apple trend and hitting them were they lack
Michael Hinz
When I chose a "standard computer" for my place of work in 1998 I went for the Compaq EP series just because of a design like this - you could service it with barely a tool (all thumbscrews to get into the case, and from there it was snap in with screws that were *screwed into the front plate* so you don't have to look for them to add a harddrive, but once the screws are in mounting and removing the drive can be done without any tools). In addition the user could chose themselves if they wanted a (albeit fat) desktop or a minitower configuration, all they had to do was turn it 90 degrees. I loved that design, it made my network of about 60 PCs manageable for a single person (me), in addition to running the servers, administering the user base etc. pp.

HP still has a page for it, but did they learn from that design? Not really (and I can say that, having used both a Z240 and a Z610 the last few years).

I never saw a PC that was that nice to service personell since then.
Alleyway Mind Hook
Now if only they had this kind of respect for their customers' experience at the OS level...
John S
Ok, I may now really be getting rid of my ipad!! Damn serious, I have had 1st gen iphone and ipad, and about every macbook since I can remember. This is what I have been longing for, please MS don’t disappoint!
Him removing the keyboard lid to expose the internals appears to be the equivalent of popping the hood on a McLaren. You're exposing the engine bay area but you arent going to be doing any wrenching. Seems like fluff.
Stefan K.
A bit off-topic:

What mic are you using for such voice overs?
It sounds damn good.

And damn, have you given the idea of ASMR Apple destruction videos a second thought?
Adam Baldwin
For a second there, I thought we were going to get caught in another Chia Pet loop.

But seriously, it's important to recognize when a company acknowledges the importance of repairability and strives for it in their designs, because they can talk all day long about it but if everyone pretends they're not listening, then they're not going to keep pushing for it. So thanks for being vocal about this. Every little bit helps.
Dušan Barlík
Will Louis' voice be a part of Google TTS 🤣
Steven-Jelle Meijer
Atleast they made the "pseudo vacuumcleaners" servicable that you can take the dust and cat hairs out easy.
Simon-Pierre Dubé
Just the audience reaction to seeing how it opens is actually good news for me, people are enthusiastic for repair again. We might not have again an era of repair-ability as wonderful as the 80's and some part of the 90's, where often you would open your amplifier to find out the schematic is in the cover, but it's real nice to see.
The Nintendo Switch is leading the way in this.
Mike M
My Device is fixable, that's why I've never gone to a store to fix it, see how that works?
Naleb Makoto
after removing battery from a surface today, I say they have a long road to go!
The irony in all this ask Microsoft for their source code
Suraj Grewal
year later, you'll have no replacement parts available, despite the design
They almost HAD to do something like this after the repair attempt video made for that surface laptop a while back. The heat gun was melting the keys!
Michael Taylor
They literally just sent a guy to prison for making copies of free Windows Restore discs that he was using to fix recycled tech.
For me, I get that dopamine rush whenever I put something back together that was perfectly functional however I wanted to make a small modification, and it still turns on afterwards.
Eli Carpenter
I was laughing so hard when Microsoft said that the Surface Laptop 2 had a removable hard drive.
what the
2:22 "for our commercial customers". Not that it is bad but he gives their motivation.
They should make things more difficult to repair so we get more interesting videos.
Terminal Insanity
We should encourage this
Soooo, can I upgrade the ssd and the ram. Until this happens I refuse to buy one.
I'm keeping an eye out for a Fanspin t-thirt on
I totally thought of you when I saw him do that.
aldo s
I wish they use standard parts that could still be obtained 5 years down the line
Thomas Riedweg
Finally a Laptop where I can clean the fan in a easy way. This was my first idea when I opened up my first laptop. Could had told them 30 years ago that this is a good idea ^^
jim jimx
The problem is that, it still runs Microsoft.
This guy looks like some sort of Paul S / Anel hybrid to me...