Tips & Tricks For Installing Allure Vinyl Flooring From Home Depot

How To Install Allure Flooring from Home Depot, tips, and tricks to help your flooring installation go smooth. I have to apologize, the camera battery died at the end and I didn't catch it.

In this video, I'm going to help you with your Allure flooring installation. There are some things that the Home Depot Allure flooring video won't show you.

In the beginning, I go over the tools you'll need. Don't start a flooring installation without them. Few things are as frustrating as getting started then realizing you don't have all the tools you need!

Tool List:

Speed Square - -
Rubber Mallet - -
Sharp Utility Knife - -
Knee Pads - -
Work Gloves - -

While this video is specific to Allure flooring, the tips and tricks here will help you with other types of vinyl plank flooring!

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Brian Miller
Good tips. Things I would not have considered. Thanks for passing on info that can only be found thru experience.
Ty for the tool list. Very helpful. I was getting concerned about some angle cuts I'll have to make so was glad you mentioned that angle tool. Glad too about your recommendation on the saws. This 67 yr old granny is going to attempt the install this wknd. Say a prayer for me!😘
Jason Michel
That suck the concrete wasnt level , could of ground down the high spots for a more clean look
you shouldn't have pieces that short , cut some off the start of your row so you have a longer piece like 12 in at the finish end. also a roller is a much better tool for pressing the seams.