Allure Flooring Problems - Tara Boettger

Any allure flooring problems? Tara Boettger () responds to the question, including if she noticed a smell or odor. Tara also share some of her lessons learned from installing allure flooring. This is a short clip of Tara's full allure flooring review which can be found here: (Tara Boettger's full allure flooring review 2015)

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Allure Flooring Reviews

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i used this product three years ago in my kitchen and laundry room. i didn't use a roller. my laundry room flooded 4 times and not one singke plank has come up. my kitchen is still perfect as well. i installed over the existing sheet vinyl. I'm now installing in my hallway. LOVE IT!
The previous owner installed allure flooring throughout the whole house. I use my vacuum on it plus my grandkids drive all around with their cars. I've never had a problem with tire scuffs or marks.
Free Beck
When you installed, did you install the Gripstrip or Click lock? Also wondering if you used a hand or floor roller to help seal it?