How to repair vinyl flooring!

I'm a jack of all trades master of none, so I am no expert in any particular trade but watch as we repair vinyl flooring at my mother's place.

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Terry Thomas Whitley
Good Job On the Repair mate.. I have damaged vinyl flooring twice after moving Refrigerators ......Thanks for sharing.....
Fenderbender 789
What is the glue or repair kit called and is tuck tape 2 sided?brand?Thanks for vid!
Guinea Pig
Very helpful video. Thank you ☺
Candace Weir
Thank you Roomie. Good job "paying it forward." I have two cuts or rips in a bedroom right in the doorway. They have been there a while and dirt has collected under the flooring. My big concern is lifting the edge of the vinyl with out damaging it further, and prepping the sub surface and actual vinyl. I suspect that it is glued down. I am hesitant to start. Doyou have any words of encouragement for me, please?
Daniel Solowiej
That's good. And you heat to soften and better accept the glue ?
very cool -