Driveway Repair - Patching and Filling Cracks and Sealing My Driveway

Ok, my driveway is in desperate need of an improvement. I have some monster size cracks and the blacktop is starting to fade. I'll likely need a completely new driveway installed in a couple of years. However, I decided to delay the inevitable by patching / filling some cracks and sealing the driveway with some epoxy driveway sealant.
This is what I did:
In week 1, I used an elastomeric compound to fill cracks around the driveway.
In week 2, I used some SealBest 400 heavy duty driveway sealer to seal the driveway.

All told, it took about 3-4 hours over a 2 week period. I got all equipment from Menards.
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Xavier Holland
That was the thinnest sealcoat I've ever seen..... It requires the surface to be wet from start to finish. You do not brush it in with the squeegee. You soak the surface and drag it over the blacktop. Then you wait 24hrs and let it get some good sun. And repeat the process until it looks smooth with no visible lines or cracks.
Rich B
You've effectively shined a turd..haha.
Hard work tho. nice job. this helps keep water out of those areas.
NightForce 1
I like the finished results but would have liked to see more detail fixing the cracks.

Good luck!
OikoEco Productions
Thanks! We'll see if it helps. I haven't cut my hair in about 4 years :)
Scary Fear
Looks great so much shinier now. And cool you have long hair. My husband does too.
Rosalinda Johnson
Thank you very much for teaching us about this process. Really helpful! And where did the helper end up after 3 hours?
Dodo Woods
those cracks will come back next year!
Bennie Harrison
You are
Kwok Sing Tse
Can you use this product on concrete driveway?
Wish Bringer
the time and material cost for adeivewaylikethat,and in that condition, I did the math, I delayed it for 3 years, putt the cost I would of paid for material in the bank and the 3rd year had my drive really paved. 1650,00 and is now new be terr looking and good for 20 more years.
Geeman Funman
Didn’t trim the grass back. Uneven look.
Sean Ross
I  used gallons of this product on my driveway last fall . It does not hold up at all ove rthe winter.  Do not pay extra for this product.

It will make your driveway look good and black for a few months...that is it.  I am disappointed in the product. 
Bennie Harrison
You are wasting your money by applying that to your driveway
Hi. How is it holding up?