How to repair dead dry battery at home , Lead acid battery repairation

How to repair dead dry battery at home , Lead acid battery repairation

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How to repair dead dry battery at home Lead acid battery repairation
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Zakk Gardner
This plot better thicken quickly.
W Collins
You don't suppose telling people exactly what kind of "Salt" would help do you ???
I have never tried table or rock salt and I'm guessing that's
"Epsom Salt" from the looks ???
Little details like that make a whole lot of difference!!!!!!
And always use distilled water in a battery !!!!!!!
The minerals in some household water can kill a battery.!!!!!
Ahmad Ahmad
Thank you.
It is better if you talk instead of these music. 👍🏽👍🏽
Gert Vanpeet

Adding salt do only Harm to a battery. Device by putting 15 v dc or more on the poles. Restrict the current to 10%of the capacity. Battery heats up, but that helps!
Poluru Eswar
How long it will work. Life time for battery.
I've done this to a car battery using epsom salts (magnesium sulfate Mg2SO4), so is this epsom salts and not table salt (NaCl)?
Aaron Singh
Maybe the battery was out of charge, maybe should've just charged it...n then try. Batteries can run out of charge for your info. 🤭
Hai VK 2019
If I change water and sand (1) by acid HCL (2). Time use longer between (1) and (2)?
Ernesto Caamano
Begins at 1:41. Wondering if Epson salt would have worked better than regular table salt. Ends 10:23
Stuart Poovey
Or just buy a new one
Tamir Tamir
the video is too loog, you could cut it in half , plus the music is terrible🙃
Mubiito Oyo
What if its a bigger battery like 160 amp hour
Dinesh Pratap
merit be tariff Khartoum he Nokia mobile Kippford ka
Muhamed Safatli
After charging, how long time will the battery hold charge?
I think a little time.
Ervin Manzanares
salt plus sulfuric acid may alive your battery
Kostas Beverly
ναι 12 volt αλλά πόσες cc a
m c
In voltage checking you are using other checker and connecting other checker and in checking the led you are changing the terminals of battery So,100%fake
mark torregosa
its a distilled water and salt its working i try it in my battery in my bike
David Lee
you did not give a full view to show the testing cables are connected to the multimeter.
Anthony not nice Tosh
I really hate the music why do you need to play music just explain wat you doin
Use distilled water and epson salt (magnesium sulphate) for best results
Duane Shuster
What can you put in to clean plates?
Then I think you would want to clean out and real add but even if you did it wouldn't be as good as a new battery . It would only light up a led or a bulb put a radio or 12v device on it it would drain quickly. Lol😂
tepui acopan
?anyway ~

José Ramón Avila
Muy buen experimento para recuperar las baterias de 12V / 5hamp
Rohan dahal
ramro bhai
Battan Electronics
बाइक बैटरी को चार्ज करना सीखें देसी जुगाड़ से
tathagato sarkar
What about current in ampere or mA or MA
Gourav singlaa
Bhai Loog Junk Video Hai Science Ke Maa Bahan Karde Issne Too ........🤨🤨🤨
Nohar Patle
Sir battery 🔋 charging ne hou
Chanvibol Pen
Not long live.
Imonlyhalfnuts really
Is reparation a real word.
Are you trying to show a battery being repaired ? If you are trying to show a battery being repaired, then say that you are trying to repair a battery.
jack hijo
A lie .....deceitful.... deceit
Prasanta Pathak
Not charged battery so the lights are not glowing
Luis sandres Moreta recio
Ese es 100/ buen video hermano
K Lang
Here's an idea, just say pour salt water in it and charge for an hour.
oh my god!! Ok Im convinced its dead already!!!! had to leave the music drove me away!! guess Ill never know
Saravanan Saravanan
It is not possible because salt water conduct elecity but not charging capacity acid and distilled water is possible
Team awan 07
Thank you bro
Sós viztől életre kel az akkud? Nemhiszem! Teljesen halott! Hiszem ha látom a szememmel hogy újjáéled!🤔
Ghulam Quafir
salt is electricity
Thanh Son Tran
Hi. Charged for 1 hr. But how many amps
F 0000
Thank god he knows how to fast forward the 1 hr part at least
Appa Patil
Not possible to lead acid battery.fool
Mike Kinusya
In anyway battery water gets contact with metal looses electrolyte !!
louis jean marc pougnet
That is a joke...WATER AND SALT......The worst bull I
ever seen on youtube.
You have excellent content. There area lot of dead spaces in vid were nothing is going on. for example did you really need to show us how to remove every cap on the battery? It makes the video hard to watch. other than that great job!
sir add whater salt water or sugar water pls explain
Ethan Hunt
salt water conduct electricity.. So?
Stig Veijalainen
Howe about an real lod, starting an engine?
jay viva
I tried this..but my battery got heat..after putting saltwater😀
hybrid green
...or pay 50 bucks for a new battery and save on hospital Bill's for askin grafts
No one can do prank
I tried but my battery was dad you are .....?
NY Noman
Where to buy those led.....
Tashna Azmi
Bogus video.... Voltage/current ka active ho jana badi bat nahi hai, battery backup milna chahiye...
Anu Boonkead
Sam J
This video can be 2 min long..please don't post on utube anymore..u have no respect to time.
Jane Anzaldo
Great idea...Amazing job Bro.
anthony reyes
There is a cut on the video what if you change the battery ....
deniz lander
it's not expire baatry date.just out of power only😏
Ivica Baksa
Key is in alternator not battery when is in active system so this is unusefull or not for very long time serving it purpouse.. tnx for watching!! :D
Nishar Hussain
You add common water or distilled water with salt.
Lui Iliev
This video could fit in 30 sec!!!
Leo Marbun LED & Accesories
Very Nice Sir... Now i'am reparation my batrey for moto bike n peace from Indonesia
Aslam Khan
dry battery mai jail hota hai
birungi enos
Wasted my 10minutes&23 secs!!!
bhatti zaheer
100 %fake two different batteries
Prakash Mohanty
Its 1000%fake
sindar siringoringo
Boom install .
reaper of souls
will not hold amps so no good.
Antutugit 2.0
100 years later...
Prabhakar A B
What are u used salt , good salt or other name pls
New battery it's to solve the problem! 😉🚔
Kiong 888
Wear gloves man. And glass.
Ghulam Quafir
salt is electricity
Martin Fiorello
this is fake because the voltage can always be enought but that battery doesnt get 5 amp end yes leds will burn because they need low amp
Πάρις Αζής
A) Salt destroys the lead acid battery. B) Only a few drops of electrolyte will never restore battery capacity. We talk about electrolyte. Not about medicine drops for curing caugh. C) Cutting the caps means destroying the mechanism of water reformation and increasing the possibility of electrolyte spilling around. D) This battery can only be used in vertical position only after that treatment. E) Charging for one hour and testing the battery for some seconds proves nothing about its health. You should measure its internal resistance before and after that treatment in order to reach a safe conclusion...
Ashutosh Singh
Inverter ki battery ded ho gyi keese recovery kare please tel me
لااله الا الله محمدرسول الله
الف الف شكر ياكذاب
mitch pender
Wow zero volts ... that would be the first time i have EVER seen that .. obviously a faked video , when a battery fails its usually due to sulfation , a situation that cannot be rectified unless the sulfides are removed from the plates on each cell
Randys Workshop
CAUTION!!!!!!!! Sulfuric acid and salt water produce a very toxic gas if breathed. Not recommended.
Prakash Pithamal
Bekap time dekhana padega ase
Nahi chalega sir
Mustafa yapıcı
how long can we use it?
Mister Febrian
this theory cant be used to start you motor
Eric Dlamini
Hi mzanzi I WOR with all types of fireplaces
leo cintron
ok the batt dead move on all ready
Ajmal Khan
Pahle hi charge kar leta
Bapi Mohanty
by how much volt battery your charging the lead acid battery
tathagato sarkar
Please no more noise u idea good works
Anurag maker
Super idea bro
Cecilia Soto
American Tech
: Why drill the 6 plugs?
mohamed salah
When had salt became acid
Tools & Timber
Oh yes. Great idea. Next time try reviving the battery with mixture of camel and pigeonshit. Then add some Trump tweets and youbare good to go.
ElectricZion #05
Good job bro I like it
جدير جدير
ما معني كلمة salt
fake захуярил акум даже не пробуйте. автор видео ты гандон
Desmond Bagley
.......I see the terminology for a dry cell as opposed to a wet cell has now changed.
Entertainment Channel
🔴🔴 *useful video*
Joy Kumar
how much times it's going no light is on
Tony Ann
This will only work if none of the cells are shorted out.
I can't fathom the addition of salt though. I would use aluminium sulfate which would probably work better