DIY Windshield Chip Repair

With the right tools, glass chip repair is not as scary as you might think. Josh McCooey from Glass Mechanix shows us the proper way to repair stone chips found on almost every car on the road today.
(This is a reposted video from Season 3 of Drive Clean)

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Vic Yu
the title maybe wrong ? this is not call DIY .. this is professional =\
Delightful Douschebaggery
DIY.... After you spend a few hundred on equipment. .JA
Alfonse Capone
@1:15 what happens to your windshield when you get a rock chip??? Answer: the history of windshields...
These videos are so soothing all my worries disappear when I watch these videos
DIY? Yeah right! Just pay and get it done is more like it!
DIY? I don't think so.
It's not like people have these tools in your kitchen drawer or buy them for a individual repair...
Jaime Jr Gallegos
Ammo NYC > Chemical Guys
THIS IS A REPOSTED VIDEO FROM SEASON 3 OF DRIVE CLEAN. I will be reposting all of season 3 on my own channel. Changes are being made to the Drive Channel and I decided to retain the videos from season 3. Thank you!
Thx my windshield shattered👌🏻
DIY Windshield Chip Repair...for professionals.
I dont even own a car.. yet i watch.
Sean Slater
Hey Larry,

Have you ever posted a video on how to remove wiper burn AKA windshield scratches?
I just bought a used car and its fantastic, however the windshield even after cleaning is streaking / fogging light from the scratches on it.
I've seen the two episodes where you talk about glass cleaning and you use a buffer on it with a thin microfiber cutting pad.
However these cars didn't have the type of severe scratching I have on my car... And I fear that buffing would take a good minute to finish.

I saw two videos out on YouTube, one showing a man sanding / buffing / polishing an older Ferrari, and one of a rando guy buffing wax (thats right, wax) into his windshield.

On a side note the rear window on my car has that annoyingly cheap tint that gets all hazy after summers heat, will need to get that removed. Would do it myself if it weren't for the rear defroster.
Ready to see some new videos Larry! Love all of your posts though!
This channel is incredible! I like your approach and you don't hold back on the details we really want to know. Thanks!
Great vid, thanks Larry!

Just a comment regarding the replacement of factory windshields. From someone who used to work for one of the large US based automotive glass companies, let me tell you first hand you want to do everything in your power to keep your original windshield!

Aftermarket Repair Glass (ARG) is NOT manufactured to the same standards as OEM supplied glass. There are often distortions present that would never pass OEM inspection, and on occasion if there are quality control issues with OEM glass production, it's often considered "good enough" to ship out as OEM replacement glass, so even buying new glass from your dealership is not a guarantee of good quality.

This situation is worsening with more and more ARG product coming in from overseas where quality control, and even the quality of the raw glass itself, are not up to OEM standards. This happened with my Mother's car, which now has a large wavy distortion right in her field of view.

Folks, look after and repair your original windshields if at all possible... if you go to your local auto glass replacement facility for a replacement windshield you usually have no idea what type of product you'll get. Fix the chips before they become cracks!
Sam's luvin
DIY with all the absurdly expensive equipment only a shop will usually be able to afford.
great video Larry.
i noticed your porker has small chips over the whole front window.
will you show us how to smoothen out the windshield? i suppose a correct wax would do the trick with some kind of compound..
Silly Plamen
I love your channel! You've saved me so much time+money and headaches! Thank you for all your countless hours spent seting up cameras and what not just to make sure we the viewers get a quality product/lesson.
ruben angulo
“What actually happens when you get a rock chip”

* proceeds to tell a history of car glass *
Blake's Garage
I wish I could fix mine but its toast. I got a huge crack the other day and it keeps growing. I did 40K before I got a nice crack so I guess I'm lucky.
Jim Gargiulo
insurance companies cover this 100% you pay for the service in your insurance anyways
Just like doing a minor surgery
Blaine Bugaski
I have seen these professional repairs pop out. I'm not sure how it happens but it did happen to one of my windshields.
Realtime Reviews
👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼I wish you made a video on how to remove pitting/chipping and glass imperfections👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
4:16 Say awwww.
CV 47
You can check ChrisFix channel hes channel is a diy car videos and he got a video on how to repair a windshield chip and you'll love hes channel too
Acrilic glue, and repair home. 😂
Looks better than when I got my windshield repaired. I can still see the small lines from the crack.
Doly Sinaga
the monochrome black belt looks great man
wow. I actually understand the why and how now. I've watched other vids but this guy actually explained in detail. really good diy video.
Ian Clarke
Best to seek professional help when one needs windshield repair or they will end up wasting their time trying to do what the pros do.
Thank you Professor Detail
replacing a windshield is usually free if the damage is bad
Neat process. I never knew how this worked until now.
Hey Larry thanks for the awesome content! Are you ok with a business using your videos in order to teach new and existing clients about services?
Michael Hinchey
Science is so cool.
geeking out.
Carolus Rex
I tried this then i realized i had no porsche, nor a car, nor a windshield..

I have a pebble tho.
Kevin spacey
wish my window repair guy fixed it like this.. I was in I95 and had this huge rock hit my windsheild..the size of a quarter.. it left. i paid a company to fix it but i have all those spider cracks on mine.. But i guess its better then it ruining my entire windsheild
Just had my windshield repaired today at Safelite. They apply the cost towards a new windshield if or when it comes to a full replacement which is kind of cool. It's probably inevitable since I drive a Jeep Wrangler! Ha
The Crack Cat
Thanks Larry for posting this. Saw it the summer of 17, attended SEMA 17 to research companies, and now have a thriving glass repair business in Kansas. Thanks.
Ammo: I'm a pioneer in the windshield repair business, having learned this trade in 1982. I'm able to repair most rock damages without drilling!!
Tim Murphy
I have had a rock chip in my windshield for 4 years now. It's staying! :P
great vid! is it possible to fix hairline scratches in auto glass that are similar to what you would find on the clear coat?
I do a lot of these repairs with a very similar system, but the length of time he holds the drill seems too long for me? I do 1-2 second bursts to stop going through to the laminate. but nice job, as stated the repair is about strength, not cosmetics but even still sometimes you can achieve incredible results. Good video
Mark James
my windshield is covered with sand damage - tiny little pits visible when I'm driving towards the sunshine -doubt it can be fixed
I use the same equipment at my work, I am new to it so this was very helpful. Thank you, liked and subbed
Mike Forward
This is very close to the same process the belron group use just with different tools and some subtle differences.
Don't forget that most insurance company's will pay for a pro to do it for free
heng heap
i still see the whole happen, and i know how much they charge for customers.
bring him on again! I'd love to hear what he knows about removing pitting.
Josh Dugan
Fast repair glass care
Clarke's Spotless Windshield Crack Repair
This is not a DIY. This is professional windshield repair.
Ray721 14 GT
Absolutely love your videos Larry. I plan on starting my own detail side business in 2016. Gonna start with friends and family. I'd love to go at it full time one day. Your videos are an inspiration. Keep them coming!
Ivo DiNicolo
thanks for the video Ivo
Alex Hearn
His voice is so relaxed😂😂😂
I've always admired the precision involved in glass chip repair. Definitely not something I'm cut out for!

I'm going to have to see if I can find this guy for some advice. I have a few chips, but what really annoys me is the faint scratches the windshield wiper somehow managed to leave in the glass. I've been over them with razor blades, steel wool, sandpaper, even tried buffing them out with a microfiber cutting pad and some really heavy cutting compound to no avail. I have no idea how rubber could do that much damage when abrasives won't touch it...
I'm going to say it - it's time to go 4K.
Genti Dauti
How do u remove wrinkles from leather
Alexander Sun Lee
DIY is a great title to promote your business.
This guy looks like that dude from linus tech channel.
Josh Macveagh
Thank u so much larry for the help.
Not really DIY...
Little Man Huerta
I'm glad I found his channel cuz he has a lot of great videos
Md. Rafiqul Islam
I want to buy the product pls let me know how i can buy
The repair costs some times more than a new glass. For my audi a4 a new window costs 80 usd and the replace 50 usd
I took my car to get a chip on my window fixed, the guy landed up putting to much pressure and cracked it. Got a free windshield.
ltwargssf R
if my windshield has millions of little rock chips( pitted) can I just get some glass resin and go ham?
There are many usernames but this one is mine.
even his glasses look spotless
Saad Kadhi
1:15 Comet Retro?
Glass Treatment Channel
Hallo emmo nyc... I'm Specialist glass treatment..
These tools are pricey for DIY, $10 rainx kit from walmart worked great for me
I want you to detail my car, but not likely to happen since I'm on the other coast and in a different country... + it's only a s4
HeroiK RED
will this repair help with bullet impacts to the windshield? don't ask, long story.
ya hoo
Ilias •
I got a star on the inside???! Lol
Ryan P
could this work on head lights and tail lights?...
Adam Lukes
Not really diy
Eric Bruce
This is good info.
Frank Bags
you can still see it
that car is from Westchester county i have the same yellow pba sticker it was nice to see the process i'm having the same thing done on my windshield very soon from safeliite
Adam Leger
That repair mech is SOOOO old
DIY if you maybe already do it for a living...
How much for that kind of repair in a shop?
James Evans
In the uk there’s a national company that actually does chip repair for free
Josh Kinsler
That Firebird in the back thooo
pacsoul Pavon
Ya i wouldnt be able to do that my self.
David Li
Florida law requires insurance to cover this with no deductible. Probably one of the reasons why our insurance rates are so damn high but at least it's covered.
rain x window repair kit !!!! try that
Step 1: Don't try this at home.

Fascinating video though
Luke Beacon
Thanks, great educational video!
Raed Fares
U can inject alcohol first to remove any dust and let it dry with warming lamp,that will make a clean field !!
Jorge Chávez
so satisfying
John Dozier
Pit filler resin can NEVER "harden as strong and clear as the original glass" Overtime resin will cloud and loose it's bond from the glass and the damage will show up again. Also why is the title of this video "DIY Windshield Chip Repair" DIY stands for Do it yourself. Unless you are saying you can do it yourself after spending 8 times the cost of the windshield for this kit.
Mike Balroop
last windsheild I replaced I took it to my local recycler, no landfill required
couldn't this technically apply to phone screen repairs?
I don't know what everybody's so happy about. seems to me this guy turned a small crack into a rather large one with this spring loaded hammer and then even made it bigger with his pick shipping out the glass you could see a run happening on the left so he decided to stop. good idea.
THEN he says how careful you gotta be and not drill to deep and he just eyeballs it? seems to me this guy makes a lot of money just winging it because his products and tools are very good. that windshield Guru looked amateur at best.