How to Repair a damaged plank in a Real Wood Floor

A short film which shows you how to repair a damaged plank(s) within a real wood floor.
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MsDusty Dennis
l like this one the best ,you go to point and fix it ,nicely done
great video, but you need to turn off your auto-focus.
Darlene Bowers
You are awesome 😄
No subfloor. Help.
C.T.O클럽팀 오크밸리
Good video toturial~.. What`s the name of machine?
Mia W.
Camera needs to be closer.
Eduardo Tarusov
Dumb music... and autofocus needs to be off
The African woman
You would make a lot of money if you came to kenya. My house was poorly done. This kind of fine expertise is not here
John Woodmansee
Hey Brother great information, what's the name of the song?
Felix R
What hand circular saw is that?