Resurfaced Asphalt Driveway One Year Later

It has been a year (almost) since our driveway was resurfaced, and eight months since I applied two coats of sealer. Having been exposed to all four seasons, I decided that this would be a good time to document for myself, and for my YouTube audience how well our driveway is holding up so far. Also, for those of you who have not yet viewed my asphalt resurfacing and sealing videos, or just want a quick refresher as to the work that was done, I include 30-second clips of these two videos at the end of this video.

Many viewers of my “A-Pak Paving Resurfaces Our Asphalt Driveway” video criticized the workmanship of the contractor, some predicting that the asphalt would fall apart within a year’s time. Fortunately, that prediction was incorrect. That’s not to say that I don’t have any concerns about its longevity, which I point out in this video. If the driveway does begin to deteriorate sooner than the seven years that A-Pak Paving told me it would last, then I will certainly document that too.

Thank you for watching my videos and for your comments!

Asphalt driveway repairs
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Ger Unkwon
What am I doing with my life? I am so easily entertained.
I dont why I've become so personally invested in your drive way, but I have.
Steve Stanley
Sealcoating a brandnew driveway with emulsion sealer not the best idea
The trick is not to park car on it..
Random randomness
Well , we are at 2 years ..... How's it holding up ?
Clorox Bleach
It looks great! I longboard so I have a great appreciation for smooth asphalt!
Daniel Pearson
It's so course because it's the asphalt used for a base coat not the mix that's used for surface
they could have rolled it sooner also to get a smoother finish
Pete Heslop
People in California could've used that water.
who tf did that for you? Dem edges doe... call me bro. lol
Dave White
Considering, they did not dig and re surface underneath, this is a good job... not much to seal, and the 2 trouble spots you had are still showing again because they did not dig deeper and remove them Seems like a good investment so far.. Keep it sealed..
and why did you use a squeegee? use a 2 foot push broom. no edging. start at top. go side to side and pull down as you go. the edges will be perfect with practice and the coat will be even and nice.
like this.
start slide broom sideways slightly up with sealer, then broad across, spinning broom slowly as you near other side, then sideways down. same in reverse.
Jason A
you shouldn't need to seal a driveway after it was just done. They used a basecoat as finish. They probably undercut a quote you had from another company and bought basecoat to make a profit.
Oscar Gonzalez
Precious water!

Did you consider concrete?
I liked the bit with the asphalt.
My old Council house has a concrete driveway,        I only occasionally swept and garden hosed it for over twenty six years,       And it looked better with age as the flint aggregate that was mixed in that sat on the surface wore smooth to a polish,      So although I like the look of an asphalt driveway and I have seen quartz and marbled chips added in for a flash look,       I do think from my own experience if you are looking for sheer strength and longevity it`s concrete
How much did this cost you, I'm looking at getting a driveway installed myself
Danny Standish
konkret is better
So, my driveway is in really good shape. no real need to tear up any of it. I simply would like to raise the height by about 4 inches, maybe 6.

The question is how well will the top coat hold? I saw you did a portion (probably most) of the driveway as a top coat also. It looks like it sticks really well. Any tips on that?
Elchin Mammadzada
and very clean
John Dziubinski
Fill that sharp edge in. The corner is the weakest part of the asphalt
Tony Baines
melt some bitchamin and pout it with a watering can
Possible Kim
Nice video 😘
the openness can be a few things from raking too much or the mix was commercial or base and not finish grade which has more sand
Evert Scholte
... the viewers were right.
Evert Scholte
David Christensen
The AC was not hot enough. That is why it looks so course. Only cars drive on this it was minimal thinness and not the right temp when laid.
mike hunt
But Can u do burn outs on it?
Do a couple more coats of driveway sealer to fill in all those tiny cracks. Add about 10-15lbs of Black Beauty sand blasting medium for extra filling power and traction. I have done this method and works like a charm. The Black Beauty medium is 8 bucks for 50lbs at Tractor Supply and well worth it. I use a drill and power mixer to agitate the sealer and medium.
Moon Pie
There are a couple grades of asphalt. Make sure you specify the fine grain asphalt for the top layer. Asphalt should be done in two layers one right after the other. Looks like you got the larger gain asphalt on the top layer, what they use for roads. But not as good for a drive.
Don't use too thick of a sealer, thinner allows better penetration. Better to apply 2 coats of thinner stuff than one of thicker... Add heavy dirt to the edges to support the drive, else you will get chucks eventually breaking off. Asphalt needs attention, if you seal and repair regularly it should last if don well. If you let it go the drive will deteriorate far sooner. And don't over seal either.
Jeff Lepard
Excellent video! I've got a video of my own paving a driveway by hand.
and why did someone say it wouldn't last? they are retarded. ignore them. 2-3 years minimum.