How To Replace Click-Lock Vinyl Flooring

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Need to replace one of your Click-Lock Planks? There's no need to worry - replacing a plank is a quick and simple process. Follow the instructions in the video to replace your Click-Lock plank in just minutes!

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i probably should have watched this first.
Thankyou for this post! Very helpful!
Lelo Kong
what happens when i need to replace the piece i glued in?
Motley Stew
That was awesome. Thank you.
Would this method work using engineered wood flooring (not hardwood)? Also, because of all of my wood floor tiles being interlocked, would cutting out the 2 damaged pieces damage all of the wood floor tiles around it?

Long story short, my dad redid my floor in my room. He put sponge on top of the old floor and clicked all the pieces of new floor on the sponge. Would this method still work? Would I be able to glue the new pieces on the sponge instead of concrete? Can I hire a professional to do this for me because I'm not a handyman? I'd appreciate if you can answer my questions, thanks.
Carlos Torres
Nice video thanks learned something new.
Ron Sheely
Great help. Thank you!
Andrea McRae
Thank you for a fast, to the point explanation. This was very helpful
cut out the cheesy music so i can hear what you said very hard to hear
El’s Cichlids
Will this work for laminate floor too ?
Michael Burnworth
doesn't work
Tommy Hjelmgren
Does this include Lifeproof flooring? It appears Allure makes Lifeproof...
Julie Dempsey
Jay knowlton
Kristen Baumgartner-Tucker
do you have any suggestions to fix creaky floor upstairs that have allure flooring on???
Rose rose
What kind of adhesive?
Matt Edgley
Any recomendations on the adhesive for this job?
clic floors are crap, glue down vinyl do not break like this, repairing clic floors keeps me in business-so for that i'm grateful!
Tim C
There is a simpler way!